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Growing up, it's likely that you've heard stories about celebrities who have come from the same town as you. Not all celebrities are from Toronto, as many might believe! With the vastness of Canada, there is a great pool of talent who have been discovered, or they're just waiting for their big break into the worldwide spotlight. If you know your famous Canadians well enough, then now is your chance to prove it!

There could be a future famous Canadian in your hometown right now! Before becoming famous, these celebrities were regular people, just like you. They still are now, but they're just well-known worldwide now. They could have been the people you went to school with or met on a walk to the dog park. Maybe they were in a local band or acting club before their fame as well. Some may have moved away, while others may love coming back to their hometown roots. Some can be quite vocal about their love for the places that made them. Maybe you've even met them before they shot to fame!

So, think you know all about the Canadians who made it big? Now is your chance to prove it by guessing where they were born and raised!

Taking great pride in his hometown is Drake, who is from which city?

It's hard to forget where this rapper is from. Being born and raised in Toronto, Drake's father was a talented musician. He started his career off on "Degrassi," later pursuing his other love of music.


What scenic area of the country did Deadmau5 spend his childhood in?

Growing up, Deadmau5 started with music quite early and continued working in all aspects of it throughout the years. His first album was released in 2005, giving him his start as the famous musician we know today.


Celine Dion trained her famous vocals as a kid in which of the following cities?

Celine Dion was born in Charlemagne which is just outside of Montreal and Laval. Before hitting the big time, she was popular within Quebec as she primarily recorded French-language albums at this time.


As a child, do you know where superstar Justin Bieber spent his childhood?

Justin Bieber grew up in Stratford, Ontario living with his mother. This is where his interest in music started, and he picked up on many different instruments. In addition to this, he also started singing early in life.


Music superstar Alanis Morissette spent her formative years where in the country?

Alanis Morissette was born and raised in Ottawa, where she developed her love of music and acting. In her teenage years, she found herself in Toronto recording a demo that helped her launch her professional music career.


Will Arnett grew up in the limits of which of the following parts of the country?

Will Arnett's acting career was highly backed by his mother who felt that he could do it. With her support, he achieved his goal and ended up leaving his hometown for the Big Apple. His move proved to be worth it, as he found himself acting pretty quickly.


Born in Windsor Ontario, this famous country artist Shania Twain then moved to which city in Canada?

Shania's life wasn't too smooth as a child, but she made it through. By 13, she was on television and started pursuing music more seriously. After some good reviews, she started to gain recognition and quickly found fame.


Can you guess where in Canada Stephen Amell called home as a child?

As with many in the Canadian entertainment industry, Stephen called Toronto his home. His cousin, Robbie, is also another talented actor in his own right. Both have starred in multiple television and movies.


Seth Rogen spent his childhood years in which of the following Canadian towns?

Growing up in Vancouver, Seth Rogen always knew that he had a funny bone. He lit up the comedy clubs around the city with his jokes as he got older, which eventually paid off as he landed a spot on television.


Where did Paul Anka learn the notes that made him famous when he grew up?

Paul Anka grew up in Ottawa, where he often attended choirs. This had to do with his early love of music, and in fact, he recorded his first major song as a teenager. With such an ambitious attitude, it's no wonder that he shot to stardom!


Do you know where actor Jason Priestley of "Beverly Hills, 90210" fame grew up?

Growing up in Vancouver meant Jason Priestley was within the limits of an accessible entertainment industry. Commercial gigs were common for him until he hit it big on television shows that launched his career.


Ryan Reynolds lived a relatively normal life in which town before hitting the big screen?

Just as Toronto is, Vancouver is filled with a booming entertainment industry. There's no doubt that Ryan Reynolds felt right at home here! His roles in television eventually launched him into larger roles leading up to "Deadpool" and "Detective Pikachu."


Pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne hails from which Canadian city?

While Avril was born in Belleville, most of her childhood was spent in Napanee. She wrote songs and learned instruments from a very young age and was known for always singing. She always had music in her blood!


Famous actor Michael J. Fox is known to be from where in the country?

Acting ran in the family as Michael J. Fox's mother was also an actress. While being born in Edmonton, his childhood was filled with many moves all around Canada, meaning that he grew up in a few different places.


Where did the talented David Foster spend his years growing up as a kid?

David Foster grew up on the West coast but found himself traveling around the country throughout his youth. His travel brought him more success as he met people who introduced him into others to which he formed bands and lasting relationships.


Can you guess where superstar singer and songwriter Michael Buble is from?

Early on in his life, Michael knew what he wanted to do most. But he also found himself torn between his love of singing and of playing hockey. While both weighed down on his mind, we all know what he ultimately decided on.


Which of the following is the beloved hometown of the legendary William Shatner?

William Shatner attended post-secondary before becoming an actor, where he picked up interest in the business. There he started performing at festivals and other events around Quebec and Ontario until he was recognized, landing roles in television.


Before becoming a world famous movie star, Jim Carrey grew up where?

Jim Carrey comes from Newmarket, Ontario where he started doing incredible impressions. Despite experiencing some trouble trying to make his way into the entertainment industry, his family had his back.


Though his parents are of English descent, where did Mike Myers spend his formative years?

Growing up by Toronto meant that Mike Myers was close to Canada's entertainment industry. This made it easier for him to start work as early as two years old. Toronto proved to have a lot in store for Mike, where he landed a spot on a local network, really kick-starting his career.


You might have seen Ellen Page in her childhood if you lived where in Canada?

Ellen Page grew up in Halifax but spent a few years in Toronto as well before entering the entertainment industry full-time. As a kid, she landed a few roles in many Canadian productions, but one of her breakout roles was in "Juno."


What community was Sandra Oh part of before hitting the big screen?

Sandra Oh grew up in the big "O" of Ottawa, Ontario. She trained in ballet while she was a kid and later took up acting. Though she wasn't sure if it would all work out, it quickly did, and she found herself landing roles in no time.


The famous model Taylor Kitsch was part of which Canadian community before fame?

Despite growing up in Canada, his work took him to New York City as he got older. Though his move was important, it didn't come without hardships, which left him homeless for a time in the Big Apple. Fortunately, his success started to pay off.


In what city do you think artist and comedic genius Tommy Chong grew up in?

Born in Edmonton, Tommy Chong and his family later moved and went to Calgary. This is where Tommy started his music career, with recording singles and becoming part of bands. Later he became part of the iconic duo, "Cheech and Chong."


The talented K. D. Lang was neighbours with folks in which city?

Edmonton was the hometown of K.D. Lang who grew up influenced by music from a young age. She was a regular around cafes and other venues around the city and quickly made a name for herself, eventually leading up to her record deal.


The gifted actor Ryan Gosling spent the first part of his life in which city?

Before becoming an actor, Ryan Gosling was known to be a great singer around town. He truly pursued acting on his own in his teenage years after his work on "The Mickey Mouse Club" show with Disney.


Legendary singer Feist would have been neighbourly with those in what city as a child?

Feist was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia into quite the artistic family. Despite being born in Nova Scotia, the family moved all around, and Feist found herself pursuing the arts just as her parents had.


Do you know where in the country Neil Young lived as a child?

Neil Young grew up in Omemee, Ontario, where he learned the ukulele. Despite growing up in the small Ontario town, he decided to later move on to Winnipeg, where his music career really started to take off.


Do you know where in the country actress Rachel McAdams and her siblings grew up?

Rachel McAdams was born in London but raised in St. Thomas, just a short distance from London. Did you know that she almost became a figure skater? If it wasn't for her turning down the offer, she could be famous for this talent as well!


The famous "Ghostbuster" Dan Aykroyd is from which of the following cities in Canada?

Dan Aykroyd was both born and raised in Ottawa, and during his time in the city, he was quite involved. Fame runs in the family as Dan Aykroyd's brother, Peter, also became a famous actor in his own right.


Known for roles like Evan in "Superbad," Michael Cera calls what place his hometown?

Michael Cera grew up with a regular life in Brampton, Ontario. Did you know that aside from acting, Michael is also a gifted singer? He has been in Broadway shows that have put both of his skills to good use.


In what Canadian city was Pamela Anderson born and raised?

Pamela Anderson was destined to become one of Canada's biggest stars as she was born on the Centennial! Growing up in Ladysmith, she later moved away for work and ended up as a model in an unexpected way.


Born in this city, Bryan Adams was also raised in a few others. Can you name his hometown?

Bryan Adams had a childhood filled with traveling but ultimately was raised in Ottawa. When he kick-started his music career, he ended up dealing with bands in Vancouver to make a name for himself.


No stranger to the capital of the country, where was Tom Green born?

Tom Green is from Pembroke, Ontario, a short distance from Canada's capital of Ottawa. He first got into show business in his teenage years and like so many of the other greats, he did stand-up in local clubs.


What place does rocker Chad Kroeger call his childhood home in Canada?

Hanna, Alberta is the hometown of Chad Kroeger who grew up with his family here. His close family of his brother and cousin were both part of Nickelback, which was formed in the '90s. He's also known for producing records for many other famous bands.


The hilarious host and actress Caroline Rhea hails from which of the following?

Westmount, Quebec is the hometown of Caroline who moved away when it was time for her to pursue her career. First, she became a successful comedian later transitioning into film and television.


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