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By: Beth Hendricks

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What would "Aladdin" be without Jasmine? "The Lion King" certainly wouldn't be the same without Simba. Can you even imagine "The Little Mermaid" without Ariel? These are the movies — and accompanying characters — we've come to know and love over the years. But they just wouldn't be the same separated. Could you even have "Monsters Inc." without Mike Wazowski? And don't get us started on "Toy Story" without that infamous cowboy/spaceman combination! 

Disney's animated classics and popular franchises have produced some pretty memorable faces. But what if we gave you just a screenshot of a single character from one of the flicks? Do you think you could match that person (or animal ... or even creature!) to its appropriate film? Just how closely have you been paying attention to the Disney universe over the years? And it has been years. Heck, Snow White is older than many of us —  75 years old! (She looks darn good for someone who's been around since 1944, doesn't she?)

Of course, we aren't going to lob all softballs at you. In the questions that follow, we've curated an assortment of popular and not-as-popular Disney characters. Can you place them in the movie where they belong? Let's see what you've got!

This Disney character has a way with shoes. What movie does this title character belong to?

It turns out that the right pair of shoes CAN change your life. Just ask Cinderella, the title character from the movie of the same name. Her glass slipper earned her an audience with royalty and a "happily ever after."


She has triplet brothers and a mean archery habit. What movie can you find her in?

Merida is from the Disney hit "Brave," adding to Disney's line-up of princesses with red hair. Merida is talented with a bow and arrow and also boasts the title of being the only Princess with biological brothers.


This little guy's quest for adventure got him in more than one sticky situation. What popular film is he from?

We meet Simba early in "The Lion King" when he's being introduced at Pride Rock by Rafiki, and we get to watch him grow (and fail and succeed) into adulthood when he finally takes his rightful place as Mufasa's heir.


Who's your daddy? This guy is the father of the title character in which of these films?

King Triton had not only Ariel, "The Little Mermaid" herself, but six other daughters as well. He was also tasked with oversight of the undersea world known as Atlantica, which he uses his impressive trident to rule.


Everybody remembers the clownfish, but do you remember the Pacific blue tang fish pictured here? Which movie is she from?

Dory is Nemo's forgetful friend in "Finding Nemo," and she became so popular she earned her own movie, "Finding Dory." The character is voiced by the uproariously funny comedian, Ellen DeGeneres.


She's a household object who really ticks off the Queen with her honesty. What movie is she from?

The Magic Mirror in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" really is more household object than character, but she plays a central role in fueling the Queen's jealousy of young Snow White. We just had to include her.


Did you know this pair were based on a traditional English nursery rhyme? What movie can you find them in?

John Byrom first introduced these words in a nursery rhyme: "Strange all this Difference should be/‘Twixt Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee!" They didn't become "people" until those words were used as names in "Alice in Wonderland."


Scout's honor! This nine-year-old wreaks havoc as a Wilderness Explorer in which of these movies?

"Up" tells the story of Carl Fredricksen, who's just trying to fulfill his late wife's wishes when Russell comes along and throws a kink in the works. The memorable image of this movie is Carl's house being carted off by 10,000 balloons.


He's a stinky character with a fragrant name. Which of these classics claims him?

He's the lovable "Flower," the skunk who is Bambi's friend in the 1942 film "Bambi." It's an ironic name, but it's one he earned when Bambi found him asleep among — you guessed it — flowers!


Sounding more like a disease than a character, which movie features this fan-turned-problematic-villain?

He used to be Mr. Incredible's No. 1 fan ... until he wasn't. Now, he's Buddy Pine, better known as Syndrome, the villain opposed to Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and their family in "The Incredibles."


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's grandfather was the inspiration behind this character from which movie?

"Moana's" Maui was inspired by the former wrestler's grandfather, Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia, himself a one-time wrestler by the name of Peter Maivia. Moana and Maui team up for an adventure in this movie.


This guy will take you "to infinity and beyond," but which Disney film does he belong in?

Buzz Lightyear is one of the foremost characters in the "Toy Story" franchise, right alongside his friend and polar opposite, Sheriff Woody. Together, the two lead a band of other familiar toys on numerous adventures.


They tried to take music away from him, but they couldn't stop the song in his soul. What movie is he from?

"Coco" is a 2017 Disney release about young Miguel Rivera, who is challenging his family's decades-long ban on all things music. When Miguel ends up in the Land of the Dead, things change quickly.


She's a fan of fur, but apparently not on puppies. What movie does this classic villain belong to?

Cruella de Vil is one of the all-time classic Disney villains. How could she not be when she kidnaps puppies?! Luckily, they're rescued before they can become de Vil's next wardrobe addition.


Only in this movie could you find an owl working together with a finch and a woodpecker to facilitate the adoption of this character. What movie is it?

When the owl, finch and woodpecker team up to help an orphaned fox find a home, we find ourselves being introduced to Tod, taken in by Widow Tweed. "The Fox and the Hound" is an older Disney film, released in 1981.


Disney's white cat with "blue eyes like sapphires" was voiced by famed actress Eva Gabor. What movie does she belong in?

"The Aristocats" was released in December 1970, in the midst of Eva Gabor's successful run on the television series "Green Acres." Gabor voiced the role of Duchess, the long-haired white Turkish Angora cat in the film.


Break down on the side of the road in this movie, and you're likely to see this guy. Which Disney flick is it?

"Tow Mater," or "Mater" for short, is a central figure in the 2006 animated film "Cars" alongside Lightning McQueen. The popularity of the first movie also spawned two sequels, released in 2006 and 2017.


He's the loyal sidekick who plays more than a "little" role. What movie can you find him in?

Robin Hood, the title character from the movie of the same name, relied on his sidekick, Little John, to help him rob from the rich and give to the poor. Little John, for his part, was a fine friend indeed.


You could argue this fairy has become more popular than the title character himself. What movie is she found in?

The movie may be titled "Peter Pan," but Tinker Bell has become a star in her own right. Though she's no Disney Princess, she leads the charge as part of Disney's Fairies franchise.


This movie has someone to tear it apart and this character to put it back together. What Disney flick is he from?

If you have a "Wreck-It Ralph," chances are you need a "Fix-It Felix" to repair the damages done, and that's exactly who this little guy is. "Wreck-It Ralph" is an arcade-game-themed movie released in 2012.


What a slug! No, really, she's a slug. Which of these movies is slug-worthy?

It's not a diss; Roz is really a slug and a character in 2001 film "Monsters Inc." Roz is an integral "monster" for the Scare Floor since she literally possesses the keys to get into each child's closet.


He's also known as Experiment 626 and is a title character in which of these movies?

Experiment 626, better known to you and Disney viewers everywhere as Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch," this little guy is actually an alien! He's no match for the little girl who takes him in, however.


This character's name shares a similarity with his movie's title. What film is it?

The movie is "Ratatouille," and the character is Alfredo Linguini, so it should be pretty obvious the connection here: FOOD! "Ratatouille" is a film about a food-loving rat who wants to be a big-time chef.


He's the bad guy, but he's no animal. What movie would you find him in?

"No one's slick as Gaston/No one's quick as Gaston ..." It's Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast," the villain everyone loves to hate. You'd think the Beast would be the bad guy, but that's simply not the case.


She's the only Disney princess who isn't the main character of her movie, but which movie is it?

The movie is titled "Aladdin," but we love Princess Jasmine just the same! It's true, though; she IS the only Disney Princess of them all who isn't the "star" of her own movie.


She's who the movie is about, even though its title might not immediately give it away. What film is it?

The movie is called "Tangled," but make no mistake — this is Rapunzel's story. In case you've forgotten, Rapunzel is the one with the extra-long hair, which certainly prompts a few "tangles" along the way.


What, you mean everyone doesn't have a Chinese dragon watching over them? What movie can you find this little guy in?

Whether she likes it or not, Mulan, the title character from the movie of the same name, finds herself in the care of Mushu. Mushu is an Eastern-style Chinese dragon and pretty tiny, so we're not sure how great of a guardian he actually is.


Who wouldn't like to have a trio of fairies watching after them? In which of these movies would you find Flora, Fauna and Merryweather?

The three beneficent fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, keep an eye out for Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty." They may appear somewhat curmudgeonly, but make no mistake: These ladies mean business.


He's worried, particularly about the sky falling. What Disney flick is he from?

"Chicken Little" first started as a well-known nursery rhyme, and Disney capitalized on it by making it an animated film. The movie's main character, Ace "Chicken Little" Cluck, is a bit of a worrywart.


His name screams irony, but which movie does he belong to?

"Zootopia" is full of all kinds of different characters, including this sloth whose name — ironically — is Flash Slothmore. If you know anything about sloths, you know they don't do anything ... in a flash.


There's no "maneuvering" around this fat and sassy caterpillar. What movie is he a part of?

Maneuver ... Heimlich ... get it? OK, bad attempt at a joke, but this fat caterpillar from "A Bug's Life" is a bit of comic relief. His name is Heimlich, and he's looking forward to being a butterfly. Aren't we all, Heimlich? Aren't we all?


The mother of this movie's main character is voiced by none other than Oprah Winfrey. Which of these Disney films was she a part of?

You get a Disney character! And you get a Disney character! Everybody gets a Disney character! Oprah voices the character known as Eudora in "The Princess and the Frog," the mother of the movie's main role of Tiana.


"Mittens" is a great name for a cat, but she belongs in a movie about a dog. What is its name?

Who says dogs and cats can't be friends? Bolt, from the movie of the same name, and Mittens the cat team up to help Bolt find his family. As it's revealed in the movie, the pair have more in common than they realize.


This character was the first to sing the iconic "When You Wish Upon A Star," but in which movie?

The song that has become such a part of the Disney brand, "When You Wish Upon a Star," got its start in the movie "Pinocchio." It was originally sung by a cricket — Jiminy Cricket, to be exact.


This primate "wants to walk like you, talk like you, too," in which of these Disney films?

It's King Louie who sings this song to the "man-cub," Mowgli, in "The Jungle Book," expressing his interest in being human. "The Jungle Book" was first released in 1967, with a live-action version hitting theaters in 2016.


Disney can even make grumpy goats funny. What movie is he from?

Jeb is quite literally "Home on the Range" in this 2004 film. He's generally grouchy, negative and doesn't like his stuff to be messed with, which sounds a lot like us before we've had our coffee.


This character is the closest her movie gets to having a Disney princess. What film is she from?

Though Esméralda didn't make the cut as an official Disney Princess, she does play a similar type of role in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The film, released in 1996, tells the story of the disfigured Quasimodo.


A tiny and unlikely best friend named Timothy Q. Mouse appears in this Disney hit. What film is it?

What could be a better "best friend" for an elephant than a teeny-tiny mouse? That's exactly the case in "Dumbo," with Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse. "Dumbo" has been realized both as an animated classic and a live-action film.


Let's make this question BOGO! In which of these recent Disney films would you find this popular pair?

Anna and Elsa go together like peas and carrots, so we just had to include them both. You'll find these gals, who are also sisters, in the wildly popular movie "Frozen," fighting and loving, well, like sisters do.


She shares a scary name with a Greek mythological character and shows up in which of these Disney flicks?

"The Rescuers" is an OG Disney film, released in 1977. It tells the story of two mice who work together to help people in need. This time, they're off to rescue a child from the clutches of Madame Medusa.


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