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Go to a comedy show, and you'll realize comedians come in many forms. They can be loud and brash, sharp and witty, or even dumb and goofy. These skills fit in well with the cartoon world, which is why comedians are popular choices to voice cartoon characters. Do you know which comedians have taken up the challenge of voicing a cartoon character? Here's a quiz to find out. 

Comedians undeniably can make people laugh. That's literally their job, after all, to keep the jokes rolling and the bellies cramping. They spend quite a bit of time crafting these skills. From creating various character voices to finding moments to increase the pace and energy of a bit, the best comedians are masters of this craft. All of those skills, particularly the voice work, translates well when they enter a voiceover room. 

Are you prepared to match the top comedian in the business to the cartoon characters they voiced? There's an extensive list of cartoons to match, from animated series like "Family Guy" and "F is for Family" to movies like "Toy Story" and "Madagascar." 

When you're ready, get started and find out if you recognize the unique touch that a comedian like Robin Williams can add to a movie like "Aladdin."

There's no doubt that Ellen DeGeneres is one of the top television personalities around. Can you name the famous character she voiced, though?

Ellen DeGenerous discussed how hyperventilating was a problem for her when she was voicing the character Dory. In the film, Dory was always trying to catch up to the others, resulting in the need for panting, and thus, hyperventilating.


Can you name the character that utilizes the legendary voice of Robin Williams in "Aladdin"?

When pitching the character of Genie to Robin Williams, the animators used segments from Williams' standup routines and mixed them with Genie's mannerisms. They then showed this to Williams when he came to the studio for contract discussions, which was a major reason he signed on for the role.


"Shrek" wouldn't have been the same if Eddie Murphy hadn't voiced which of these characters?

Aside from Shrek, Donkey might be the most famous character in the "Shrek" franchise. Known for his constant chatter, Donkey started off as an annoyance to the green ogre before finally growing on him as he proved to be a trustworthy friend.


Seth MacFarlane not only created "Family Guy" but he also voices which character in the show?

Seth MacFarlane voices several characters on "Family Guy" aside from Stewie Griffin. Those characters include Peter Griffin and Brian Griffin, whose voice is probably closest to MacFarlane's.


From stage comedy to screenwriting, Adam Sandler is one of the most gifted storytellers in show business. Can you pick out the character he used those talents on in "Hotel Transylvania"?

Since Adam Sandler started Happy Madison Productions, most of the movies he's starred in have been produced by his company. "Hotel Transylvania" does not fall into that category, as the film was instead produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation.


Are you familiar with the character from "Wreck-It Ralph" that Sarah Silverman used her talents to voice?

After establishing herself as a comic and actress, Sarah Silverman received her own sitcom on Comedy Central called "The Sarah Silverman Program." The show helped launch her career forward, landing her roles like Vanellope in "Wreck-It Ralph."


Can you select the famous character from the "Toy Story" series that Tim Allen voices?

Buzz Aldrin is the inspiration for Buzz Lightyear's name, which was originally going to be Lunar Larry. Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, which made him the perfect fit for the character.


Do you recognize Mindy Kaling's voice in "Inside Out"?

Mindy Kaling's first major role was as Kelly Kapoor in "The Office," a show that she also wrote and produced for. She made the transition from "The Office" to her own show, "The Mindy Project," in 2012, at which time she started taking on more voice acting roles.


Few comedians display as much energy as Jim Carrey, who voiced which character in "Horton Hears a Who!"?

Jim Carrey is known for his slapstick style of comedy, and the audience usually has to see him to really understand his comedic touch. However, Carrey's voice has enough expression that he easily captures the eccentric personality of Horton.


"The Magic School Bus Rides Again" brings back the classic children's cartoon with Kate McKinnon voicing which character?

Though Kate McKinnon voiced the character Ms. Frizzle in "The Magic School Bus Rides Again," Lily Tomlin voiced Ms. Frizzle in "The Magic School," the original series. Tomlin was also a comedian known for her standup work as well as her theatrical performances.


Will you be able to identify the character that George Carlin, one of the innovators of comedy, voiced in "Cars"?

George Carlin changed comedy with his "seven dirty words" routine, which reflected on words not allowed on television. The routine became part of a Supreme Court case that decided on the government's role in regulating material considered indecent for the airwaves.


Will you be able to name the character that Seth Green voices in "Family Guy"?

As with many of the voice actors on "Family Guy," Seth Green voiced several characters in the show, aside from Chris Griffin. Another popular character he voiced was Neil Goldman, a nerd from high school who's in love with Meg Griffin.


Michael Cera came to prominence in comedies like "Juno" and "Superbad," but what cartoon character did he voice before becoming a comedic star?

Michael Cera voiced Brother Bear in "The Bernstein Bears" for 26 of the 40 episodes that the show ran. After his voice changed during puberty, he was replaced in the role by Michael D'Ascenzo.


Known not only for his standup but also as a television host, can you identify the character on "The Fairly Odd Parents" that Jay Leno voiced?

Like Jay Leno, the Crimson Chin was depicted in "The Fairly Odd Parents" as a late night talk show host. The hero gained his powers when he was bitten on the chin by a radioactive celebrity.


Jerry Seinfeld is one comedian who has the luxury of choosing his projects. Are you familiar with the cartoon voice he chose to play in "Bee Movie"?

Long before his role as Barry in "Bee Movie," Jerry Seinfeld created and starred in his own sitcom titled "Seinfeld," which ran from 1989 until 1998. The show made Seinfeld a household name, launching him to the forefront of comedy.


After starring in shows like "Saturday Night Live" and "Parks and Recreation," are you familiar with the character Jenny Slate voiced in "The Lego Batman Movie"?

"The Lego Batman Movie" was a spin-off of "The Lego Movie," which has turned into a series since these first two films were released. Aside from Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn, the film also features Will Arnett as Batman, Zach Galifianakis as The Joker and Michael Cera as Robin, creating a cast full of comedians.


Which of the emotions from "Inside Out" did Lewis Black voice?

Anger in "Inside Out" isn't the only cartoon character Lewis Black has voiced in his lengthy career. He's also voiced characters in "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated" and in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."


Who does Jamie Foxx, a well-versed actor in comedy and drama, voice in "Rio"?

Jamie Foxx, whose real name is Eric Bishop, changed his name because he thought it would give him a better opportunity during open mic night at the Comedy Store. His reasoning was that a gender-neutral name would allow him to be mistaken as a female when performers were being chosen.


How well do you know Aziz Ansari's role in "Epic"?

If you can't recall Aziz Ansari playing Mub in "Epic," you might recognize him for his Netflix series "Master of None." The series, which ran from 2015 until 2017, starred Ansari as Dev Shah, a struggling actor trying to navigate life.


Do you know which character from "Hotel Transylvania 2" was voiced by Keegan-Michael Key, one of the two stars from "Key & Peele"?

Keegan-Michael Key has made a name for himself as a character actor, which is why he excels with various voices like Murray in "Hotel Transylvania 2." He even used his talent at creating characters during the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner, where he played President Obama's angry translator.


Select the character that Norm Macdonald voices in the series "Mike Tyson Mysteries"?

As he worked on his standup early in his career, Norm Macdonald wrote for the show "Roseanne," which brought him some recognition in the entertainment business. Around this time, he got some of his first acting roles in sitcoms like "The Jackie Thomas Show" and "The Drew Carey Show."


Chris Rock has one of the most iconic voices in comedy. Do you recognize his voice from the "Madagascar" movies?

Marty from the "Madagascar" series isn't the only time that Chris Rock lent his voice to a production. The comedian created his own sitcom, titled "Everybody Hates Chris," where Rock provided the voiceover for the show throughout its run.


Known for his insult comedy, Ricky Gervais moved away from standup to voice who in "Escape from Planet Earth"?

Ricky Gervais used his comedic skills multiple times as the host of the Golden Globe Awards, an honor he has received four times. As the host, his insult comedy was at its peak, as he mocked many of the nominees throughout the award ceremony.


Whoopi Goldberg has worn many hats, including being the voice of which character in "The Pagemaster"?

"The Pagemaster" combines live-action with animation, with Whoopi Goldberg's character Fantasy only appearing in the animation segment of the film. Where Joe Johnston directed the live-action, Pixote Hunt was put in charge of the animation.


Name the character that Lisa Kudrow, formerly Phoebe in "Friends," voiced in "BoJack Horseman"?

Lisa Kudrow has done quite a bit of voice acting throughout her career aside from Wanda Pierce in "BoJack Horseman." She has had roles in various other animated comedies from "The Simpsons" to "King of the Hill," showing her versatility as a comedic voice.


You might not be able to see those signature facial expressions, but you can hear Gabriel Iglesias' unique voice as which character in "Ferdinand"?

Cuatro, which means four in Spanish, has three siblings. The other siblings are also named directly after Spanish numbers. Dos and Tres mean "two" and"three," while Una is the feminine for "one."


The comedian Wanda Sykes has quite a career in voice acting. Can you identify the character she provided her voice for in "Ice Age: Continental Drift"?

One of Wanda Sykes' greatest accomplishments came when she used her voice as a writer on "The Chris Rock Show." As part of the writing crew, she won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special.


With plenty of anticipation, "Toy Story 4" finally came out in 2019. Name the character voiced by Jordan Peele?

Jordan Peele's role as Bunny in "Toy Story 4" was his first appearance in the franchise. The film, which brings back many other voice actors from previous entries in the series, was created nine years after "Toy Story 3."


Jane Lynch has been in the comedy game for decades, which includes a voice role as who in "Ralph Breaks the Internet"?

Though she's voiced several cartoon characters, including Calhoun in "Ralph Breaks the Internet," Jane Lynch is probably best known for her role as Sue Sylvester in "Glee." This role earned her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.


Mel Brooks brought in the legendary Joan Rivers to voice what character in "Spaceballs: The Animated Series"?

Joan Rivers appeared as Dot Matrix in 11 of the 13 episodes of "Spaceballs The Animated Series." Rivers had previously played Dot Matrix in the film "Spaceballs," which was released in 1987.


Ali Wong is easily recognized for her Netflix comedy specials, but she's also been a strong comedic voice as who in "The Angry Birds Movie"?

Released on Mother's Day in 2016, Ali Wong's first Netflix special "Ali Wong: Baby Cobra" was filmed while the comedian was pregnant with her first child. She then released a second special in 2018, where she was pregnant with her second child during filming.


Name the character that Margaret Cho voiced early in her professional career in "The Rugrats Movie"?

Margaret Cho might be a comedian at heart, but that doesn't mean she had shied away from more serious film roles like when she played Wanda in "Face/Off." Unlike "Rugrats the Movie," "Face/Off" was an action film with stars like John Travolta and Nicolas Cage playing alongside Cho.


Bill Burr started his own animated sitcom titled "F is for Family," where he voices what character?

"F is for Family" paired Bill Burr with another famous comedian Vince Vaughn, the founder of Wild West Productions, the company that agreed to produce the show. The pairing worked out for both sides, as the show has run for three seasons, with the fourth season already being planned.


Kristen Schaal won an Emmy Award for voicing what character in "BoJack Horseman"?

Sarah Lynn from "BoJack Horseman" isn't the only character that Kristen Schaal has voiced in her lengthy career. The veteran comedian also voiced Louise Belcher in "Bob's Burgers" and Mabel Pines in "Gravity Falls," the former for which she won an Annie Award for her voice work.


Can you identify the character that Jim Gaffigan voiced in "Duck Duck Goose"?

Jim Gaffigan was a perfect choice to play a character like Peng in "Duck Duck Goose." Gaffigan, known for his clean comedy, has a kid-friendly demeanor, which comes across in a child-focused cartoon.


Like many comedians, Kristen Wiig gained popularity on "Saturday Night Live." Who does she voice now in the new show "Bless the Harts"?

Jenny, played by Kristen Wiig, is the main protagonist in "Bless the Harts," a show created by Emily Spivey. The show follows the Harts, a family from the South who don't have much money but find other ways to enjoy life.


Have you kept up enough with Kevin Hart's career to identify the character he voiced in "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie"?

Kevin Hart uses his fast talking comedic style to voice George in "Captain Underpants: First Epic Movie." The style works perfect for George, a 10 year old loaded with sugar-fuelled energy.


Which character in "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" was one of the last characters played by Bernie Mac before his early death?

Steve Harvey had what would be considered a late start in the world of comedy when he won the Miller Lite Comedy Search when he was 32 years old. After this, his appearance on "Def Comedy Jam" showed that he had a bright future in the business, leading to roles like Zuba in "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa."


What's the name of the character from "The Angry Birds Movie" that Maya Rudolph lent her comedic talents to?

Before getting into voice acting and comedy, Maya Rudolph was part of The Rentals, an alternative rock band. During her time in the group, she performed as a keyboardist, though she occasionally provided supporting vocals as well.


The host of "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon voiced who in "Arthur and the Great Adventure" in 2009?

Jimmy Fallon started his career as a talk show host in 2009 when NBC gave him an hour-long show called "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." During this time, he voiced Prince Betameche in the second and third films in the franchise.


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