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The holiday season is a time for family, friends and curling up on the couch, watching a great movie. Christmas movies have made their way into holiday traditions, and it's clear why — the holidays always fall during the coldest time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). There is nothing cozier than snuggling up with a giant mug of hot chocolate and watching a fun holiday film. 

Christmas movies are filled with magic, love and characters who learn a lot about humanity. These films give us hope in a season that can sometimes make people feel a little down. Even though these movies all seem to have happy endings, they still tug at our heartstrings and get us a little teary-eyed. Pass the tissues, please! The holidays are a roller coaster of emotions, after all.

We've found 40 of the most memorable Christmas movies of all time, and we want to know if you can name them. Fair warning: if you don't know which movie includes a family eating Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant, you may not pass this quiz. If you called it before you finished reading that sentence, check out these screenshots to see if you can identify the rest of these Christmas classics.

This Christmas comedy stars Will Ferrell. Can you name it?

Nothing beats watching "Elf" at Christmas time. It's a movie about a genuinely naive elf who learns the hard way that he doesn't belong at the North Pole. No one could have played this role better than Ferrell.


Can you name this movie that is both a Christmas and Halloween movie?

It's a musical, a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie all in one! There are some terrifying moments in this film, so you may want to watch it with your little ones their first time around.


Can you name the Christmas movie where Santa Claus dies and someone else has to take over?

"The Santa Clause" is the story of a divorced dad who has to relearn the spirit of Christmas while he learns how to have a relationship with his son. It's an interesting take on the magic of Christmas.


Do you know the name of this movie about two dads fighting over a present?

There is nothing like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger fight through the rampage that is Christmas shopping. In this film, he works toward getting his son the best Christmas present ever, fighting another dad for it.


What is the name of the movie that includes Santa's brother?

Vince Vaughn plays Santa's brother in this Christmas comedy that shows even Santa's family is a little dysfunctional. The holidays can be tough on Santa, since his brother is a criminal.


Can you name the sequel that brought back our favorite child star?

The first "Home Alone" movie was such a success that it spawned several sequels. In this installment, Kevin gets on the wrong plane and heads to New York. While there, he learns what life is like for those without means.


In which movie does Jim Carrey play a Christmas grouch?

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is a live-action Grinch movie that changes the game. The makeup and self-aware moments give a lot of insight into the character that simply couldn't have been found in the pages of the original book.


Can you name this movie about a dad who comes back as a snowman?

"Jack Frost" stars Michael Keaton as a father who loves his family but dies unexpectedly. When his children build a snowman, his spirit ends up in it. If we think about Olaf's song, we pretty much know how the movie ends. Grab the tissues!


Some networks have this movie playing for 24 hours straight on Christmas day. What is it called?

Everyone knows the character Ralphie Parker as a normal kid who wants a BB gun for Christmas. Though life has changed quite a bit from when this movie is set, in 1940, it does show Christmas from a child's perspective.


Do you recognize this Christmas classic from 1990?

Everyone remembers the iconic scene in "Home Alone" when Kevin puts on some aftershave. It burns — oh, does it burn. Though the movie is filled with plot holes, it's still one of the most memorable Christmas films out there.


Can you name this cartoon that's shown every year?

Of all the classics out there, this is the one you might know the best. Looking at this image, you can probably hear Frosty's voice, imagine him singing and see him dancing. This special is played every year during the holidays.


Can you name this holiday story about a con man?

"Bad Santa" stars Billy Bob Thornton as a con man who wants to run a Christmas con, ripping off department stores. There is only one problem — Billy Bob's character suffers from depression and alcoholism, so chaos is bound to ensue.


Do you think you can name this remake from 1994?

Remakes are not unheard of in the Christmas world, and in 1994 we were given a remake of the classic Christmas film "Miracle on 34th Street," with child star Mara Wilson. This film brought joy and warmth to every household.


Can you name this sequel?

What happens when you're Santa Claus and your son ends up on the naughty list? Tim Allen has to figure out the answer to that question in this sequel to the Christmas movie that only grows in popularity every year.


Do you know this holiday classic, starring Chevy Chase?

Not only is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" a cult classic, but it's also one of the most quotable movies of all time. Clark Griswold is a regular family man, but when he's around his extended family, he can fly off the handle.


What's the name of this Christmas classic that everyone loves to sing along with around the holidays?

There is something about watching old-timey movies around Christmas time, and what better movie to start with than "White Christmas"? Singing, dancing and a whole lot of Christmas spirit flood out of this movie.


In which Christmas movie do we see the Muppets play our favorite characters?

"The Muppet Christmas Carol" is a retelling of the Charles Dickens classic book ... except with Jim Henson's Muppets. This movie has hilarious jokes that may not be suitable for children, but it is fun for the whole family.


Ernest was a hero in the '80s and '90s. Do you know the name of his Christmas movie?

The list of "Ernest" movies that are available is long. Jim Varney plays Ernest, a guy who isn't very smart but has a lot of saving to do. In this movie, Ernest helps Santa with a very important job.


In this Christmas movie, Bill Murray plays a man who has to go through the trials outlined in Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." Can you name the movie?

"Scrooged" is a Christmas comedy about a man who worked his way to the top, giving up everything else that life has to offer. He has to learn the hard way that life isn't great at the top, and he'd much rather have his friends and family.


In which Christmas movie does Kurt Russell play Santa?

"The Christmas Chronicles" is the story of a family trying to pick up the pieces after the loss of the father figure. The two young kids learn the true meaning of Christmas in this holiday comedy.


Mila Kunis stars in this Christmas comedy. Can you name it?

The original "Bad Moms" gave people a little insight into what happens after school dropoff is done. The Christmas installment is no different, with action, adventure and comedy, all wrapped into a perfect package.


What is this movie about dueling neighbors called?

You can love Christmas all you want, but when your neighbor has a plan to put so many Christmas lights on his house that you could see it from space, you have to draw a line. Matthew Broderick and Danny Devito star in this family comedy.


This movie is all about several families. Do you know what it's called?

A couple who always plans to escape during the holidays finds themselves facing family meetings ... four times. "Four Christmases" gives you insight into what it's like to meet your significant other's family.


Do you know what this straight-to-video movie about dogs is called?

After "Air Bud" and the following "Bud" movies, Hollywood realized it had a jackpot when it introduced puppies, known as the buddies. There are several movies with these little pups, and they're all as well-trained as you'd think.


This 1974 horror film is all about Christmas. What is the name of it?

Sometimes you have to take the horror formula and apply it to the holidays. "Black Christmas" has it all, including sorority sisters, death and suspense. It's the perfect Christmas movie for people who love Halloween.


Not all Christmas movies are cheerful. Do you know the name of this one about a demon who punishes naughty children?

We know what happens when children are good around Christmas, but what if we take the naughty list a bit further? "Krampus" (2015) gives us some of the scariest visuals a holiday movie can deliver.


Can you name this movie about a songwriter and a divorced mother of three?

The truth is, people struggle around the holidays, and it's important to remember that not everything is magic ... until it is. "The Perfect Holiday" brings in romance and drama to create the perfect holiday movie.


Do you know the name of this corporate Christmas movie?

Although it didn't get the best reviews, "Office Christmas Party" is a fun comedy for adults to watch during the Christmas season. It really dives into the issues that plague corporate America today.


The "Harold & Kumar" movies were a hit. Do you know the name of their Christmas movie?

For some reason, creating Christmas specials and Christmas movies for franchises that are popular makes money. The strategy doesn't necessarily make a lot of money, but enough to keep the actors coming back.


This Christmas movie is about a journalist who travels abroad. Do you know the name of it?

While we might think that Hallmark perfected the Christmas formula, others have taken note. In "A Christmas Prince," we see all of the hallmarks of a perfectly predictable Christmas film.


What's the name of this animated film that was released in 2018?

Though there have been many renditions of Dr. Suess's Grinch character, "The Grinch" (2018) mixes interesting animation with a whole lot of heart. It's even narrated by Pharrell Williams.


Do you recognize this movie with a magical advent calendar?

Of all the things one can inherit, a holiday advent calendar may not seem like the most important. However, in "The Holiday Calendar" (2018), we see a young photographer get more than she bargained for with the antique piece.


This movie is filled with Christmas magic. What is it called?

In many Christmas movies, we see a magical device helping the protagonist learn the value of Christmas and the spirit of the season. In "Snowglobe," all it takes is a magical snow globe to change things around for the main character.


Jonathan Taylor Thomas starred in this Christmas film. Can you name it?

Johnathan Taylor Thomas was the kind of child star everyone wanted to see on screen. He made funny jokes and drew the attention of preteens everywhere. However, this movie brought out a different side of him, and audiences had mixed feelings.


When Santa doesn't deliver presents to a child, things get a little crazy. Can you name this movie?

Animated Christmas movies always get the attention of families. In "Arthur Christmas," we get to see the inner workings of Santa's entire operation ... and we get to see what happens when it fails.


What is the name of this 2007 movie starring Chris Brown?

Christmas is the time of year to get the whole family together, even if it's been four years. In "This Christmas," we meet the Whitfield family as they all come back together for the holidays after a long time apart.


Santa crashes his sleigh in this movie. Can you name it?

When it comes to watching Christmas movies, we often put our sense of wonder out there. We have to believe in Santa. In "Get Santa," we watch as the magical being loses his reindeer and gets arrested.


What is the name of this movie that takes a woman through her past relationships?

When a PR executive's client dies, the last thing she expects is to see her come back as a ghost and take her through her past relationships. This rendition of "A Christmas Carol" has a little bit of humor and a lot of love.


This movie is about a Christmas tradition with friends. What's it called?

When it comes to friends, you want to keep traditions alive. In "The Night Before," three friends uphold their tradition of meeting every Christmas Eve to have a bash. However, when one is getting ready to start a family, things change a little bit.


What is the name of this Christmas movie that involves a kidnapping?

All right, this might not be the only Christmas movie that involves kidnapping, but it is a hilarious movie. It's all about how no one has the perfect life, and the holidays will bring out the truth one way or another.


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