Can You Identify These SpongeBob SquarePants Characters From a Screenshot?


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Image: Nickelodeon Movies and United Plankton Pictures

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Do you have any idea who's the fish that's always screaming "My leg!"? Or what the names of SpongeBob's parents are? Get ready to dive into many seacrets about your favorite Bikini Bottom residents!

The brains behind SpongeBob SquarePants is Stephen Hillenburg, a former marine biologist who loved to draw. While you've likely always known SpongeBob as SpongeBob, did you know he was originally going to be called "SpongeBoy"? As it turns out, the name was already claimed for a mop, so Hillenburg kept the first half of the title (he was worried children might mistake him for a block of cheese) and thus the SpongeBob title came to be!

SpongeBob SquarePants started as a television series in May of 1999, and after exploding in popularity, transformed into an empire. SpongeBob SquarePants can now be enjoyed in ways such as movies, comic books, video games, theme park rides and even a musical! Today, the TV show is known for being both the longest-running and highest-rated Nickelodeon series in existence.

Think you have what it takes to name all 40 aquatic animations just a screenshot? Then we have just one question for you: ARE YOU READY?!

(And don't worry — you don't have to know if mayonnaise is an instrument to take this character quiz!)

Owner of the Chum Bucket, this tiny character is known as the show's main villain. What's the name?

Full name Sheldon J. Plankton, he's Mr. Krabs' most iconic rival. While the two might be sworn enemies, Mr. Krabs and Plankton share more in common than just a love for Krabby Patties — their birthday!


It's no mystery how SpongeBob fell so quickly in love with this creature. Do you know who it is?

In the episode, "My Pretty Seahorse," SpongeBob nicknames this horse-inspired sea character Mystery, though he toyed with other names (including Grace and Debbie). SpongeBob ends up sacrificing his own wants to let Mystery go and live free in the wild.


A fellow Magic Conch believer! What sea creature is this?

This character appears in the "Club SpongeBob" episode, where SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward all find themselves lost deep within the Kelp Forest. At last, this forest ranger shows up and turns to his trusty Magic Conch Shell for what to do next (which is ... nothing). All hail the Magic Conch!


She makes a mean holographic meatloaf! Her name is?

Karen lives alongside her husband Plankton, and the two work together in a series of attempts to steal the Krabby Patty's secret formula. Karen was named after the wife of the creator of the show, Karen Hillenburg.


He'll never stray from SpongeBob's side (so long as there aren't any pocket cookies around). Who do you see here?

Gary's full name is Garold Wilson Jr., though SpongeBob often gives him the nicknames "Gare" and "Gare Bear." Gary was adopted by SpongeBob SquarePants from the pound, and his favorite food is Snail-Po.


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? (We know you sang it!)

The star of the show! SpongeBob SquarePants was born in 1986, making him in his 30s today. SpongeBob's character was designed by Stephen Hillenburg (an animator and former marine biologist).


Catch this character visiting her dad at the Krusty Krab (or better, the Kuddly Krab). What's her name?

Like all whales, Pearl is a mammal and needs to breathe air, so to do this she keeps a supply of oxygen stored in her nose to keep her comfortable underwater. Since she was a baby, Pearl has slept in the same bed that her father bought for just $30.


You could have a hint, but it'll cost ya! This money-hungry crustacean is known as?

Full name Eugene Harold Krabs, he's the sole owner of Bikini Bottom's favorite restaurant, The Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs is the only main character of the show that's a parent (his daughter being Pearl Krabs).


After his crown was stolen, this royal fish sent SpongeBob and Patrick out on a seemingly impossible quest. What's his name?

King Neptune's character in the show is based on the Roman god of the sea. While King Neptune is commonly associated with "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie," he actually first appeared in season one in the "Neptune's Spatula" episode.


Everybody's an idiot, except for him. What clarinet-loving character do you see here?

Squidward Tentacles may be known for being bitter, but he's also a self-proclaimed master of many fine arts, including sculpting, painting, interpretive dance and, of course, playing the clarinet. Before going bald, Squidward had a head full with blonde, luscious locks.


SpongeBob's most dedicated fan! Who's this character?

Patchy the Pirate is more than just SpongeBob's biggest fan — he IS SpongeBob! Patchy is played by a man named Tom Kenny, who also just happens to be the voice for the star himself, SpongeBob SquarePants!


He's known as the leader of the Jelly Spotters, and, no, it's not a hat! Who do you see here?

Kevin C. Cucumber is a sea cucumber, though his appearance is based more on a regular, landlubber cucumber. Kevin claimed to only be a member of the Jelly Spotters for fashion-related reasons.


If you've kept up with SpongeBob's driving education, then you'll shorely recognize this fish. Who is it?

Do you know why Mrs. Puff continues to try and teach SpongeBob to drive, even after multiple failed attempts? It's because she made a promise to never give up on teaching "as long as a student is willing to learn," as mentioned in the episode "Doing Time."


Keep watch for this character flying around in a spooky ghost ship! Can you tell us the name?

The Flying Dutchman's beard is claimed to take 1,000 years to grow, and he doesn't like when it's shaved off (for fear of acne). The Flying Dutchman says he hasn't put on a pair of shoes in 5,000 years, but he still keeps one "dining sock" around.


Do you know the name of this notoriously buff crustacean?

Larry the Lobster lives in Bikini Bottom, spending his time as a lifeguard at Goo Lagoon, weightlifting, or simply just hanging at the beach. He lives such a chill lifestyle that he's even coined his own mantra: "living like Larry."


Where are Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy when you need them?! What underwater villain do you see here?

Did you know that Man Ray was created to be a parody of Black Manta (Aquaman's nemesis)? Man Ray has proved to be very ticklish, so one surefire way to stop this evil mastermind is strapping on the tickle belt.


When his creativity gets a little out of hand, SpongeBob has to battle his doppelgänger drawing. What's the name?

For the most part, DoodleBob speaks in complete gibberish, aside from one eerie line he says in English while challenging SpongeBob: "You doodle! Me SpongeBob!" There was even a book published in 2014 about DoodleBob, titled — you guessed it — "DoodleBob."


She's great at baking cookies, telling stories and giving kisses. Can you tell us her name?

Grandma SquarePants is the paternal grandmother to SpongeBob (with her son being Harold SquarePants, or SpongeBob's dad). It's said that Grandma SquarePants is so old that she can't even remember exactly how old she is.


Despite blowing up in popularity, this character only appears on one episode. Can you guess it?

While you might think a measly bubble couldn't cause any harm, SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy got into some serious trouble during this episode. Some of the issues the town had with Bubble Buddy included giving bubble money to Mr. Krabs, backing up the beach bathroom for two hours, and even causing a fish to drown in high tide (however THAT'S possible!).


While she may lack gills, her intelligence certainly makes up for it. What critter is this?

Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel from Texas who's made quite the change in scenery by moving below the surface. Sandy is credited with introducing the Christmas holiday to Bikini Bottom.


This character is known for being fancier than Squidward. What's this cephalopod's name?

Squidward Tentacles first met Squilliam Fancyson III during high school band class. Squilliam went on to be an outrageously successful, multimillionaire band director while Squidward, well, didn't, leaving plenty of reason for why there's always been tension between the two characters.


You likely know the name as being in all caps (appropriate considering the size of this character!). What is it?

The Alaskan Bull Worm terrorizes Bikini Bottom, eating buildings (including SpongeBob's house), Sandy's tail and a fish's butt (two times). Do you know what the Alaskan Bull Worm's only line is in the entire series? "Ouch."


He's the sidekick of SpongeBob's most idolized superhero. Any guess on who this character is?

Barnacle Boy (real name Tim) is the crankier of the superhero duo featuring Mermaid Man (or "old coot," as Barnacle Boy often calls him). At his prime, Barnacle Boy supposedly became a sidekick sometime during the 1960s.


What's the name of SpongeBob's favorite sea-bound superhero?

Mermaid Man's real name is Ernie, which comes from the name of his voice actor, Ernest Borgnine. Mermaid Man claims that all of his powers (including controlling sea creatures, super strength, and of course, being capable of living underwater) come directly from his costume.


You might recognize this character as SpongeBob's father. What's his name?

Harold SquarePants is the father of SpongeBob, and Margaret SquarePants is the mother. It's claimed that SpongeBob has Harold to thank for his impressive jellyfishing skills, as he got them from his dad.


Do you know the name of this elderly citizen of Bikini Bottom?

On top of his straw hat, Old Man Jenkins seems to be a wearer of many other hats as well! He's known for being a farmer, sailor, miner and even a stuntman. Old Man Jenkins has a strong disliking for "flying machines."


Do you recognize this horrifying hitman?

Any fan of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie will know (and likely despise) Dennis, who was hired by Plankton to get rid of SpongeBob and Patrick in this film's plot. Dennis was voiced by Alec Baldwin.


The best of the animated, aquatic good boys! Who's this lovable little guy?

When Gary ditches SpongeBob to hang out with Patrick (or rather, the cookie in Patrick's pocket), SpongeBob tries to make up for the loss by adopting Rex the worm, which is Bikini Bottom's version of a dog (just as snails are meant to be cats). The replacement "pooch" doesn't end too well, as Rex only sticks by SpongeBob for about a whole 25 seconds!


Even the bravest and toughest fish fear this character! Who's shown here?

While known as the "Tattletale Stranger," he is also referred to by the first name Mac by Patrick when the two share a jail cell. The Tattletale Strangler manages to fool everyone with a simple fake mustache disguise.


What's the name of this prehistoric take on the show's main character?

In the episode "Ugh," SpongeGar, Patar and Squog end up empty-handed after fighting over a fire only to have it go out. Likely some of the first signs of bubble blowing, SpongeGar partakes in this favorite activity by using a log filled with soap to create bubbles.


The Sash-Ringing, Trash-Singing, Mash-Flinging, uh ... what's this character called?

Yep, as it turns out the haunting Hash-Slinging Slasher from the "Graveyard Shift" episode that shows up to the Krusty Krab is just a nervous applicant named Richard. At first, Richard's nostrils look like a menacing pair of eyes, which is one of several reasons for the Hash-Slinging Slasher mixup.


Hello, Bikini Bottom! Coming to you live, it's the name of what reporter?

It's the Bikini Bottom News with Perch Perkins! Perch is known as the field reporter for the underwater city's popular news publication. Perch first appeared in the "Ripped Pants" episode, where he was the announcer for a Goo Lagoon surfing competition.


Squidward paid a pretty penny for this pet. What's her name?

Snellie the Snail appeared in the episode "The Great Snail Race," where the pets of SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward all competed in a race (where surprisingly, Patrick's pet rock won). Squidward claims to have paid a whopping $1,700 for Snellie!


Make sure to check twice for pickles! What's this sneaky sea creature's name?

Some of Bubble Bass' talents include trickery, strength and the uncanny ability to hide things under his tongue (like pickles — twice). Throughout the series, Bubble Bass is known to live with his mother.


You might only recognize this character for his voice, which is often heard during Bikini Bottom disasters. Who is it?

Yep, there's actually a name for the iconic "My leg!" character. This two-word line is known for being the most popular gag, having the most appearances in episodes that any other of the show's running gags.


In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick figure out the hardships of parenting. What's their child's name?

SpongeBob and Patrick become an unlikely parenting pair when the two discover a baby scallop lost in a coral tree. As the "mom," SpongeBob is once shown wearing rollers on his head to curl his hair, which appears to be orange in this episode.


Long, tan and handsome ... what more could a fish want? What name is this character known by?

Octavius Rex is known for being Pearl's ex-boyfriend. Octavius first makes an appearance during "The Chaperone" episode, where he invites Pearl to dance with him. Pearl declines, opting instead for SpongeBob's dance moves (more specifically, "Doing the Sponge").


As SpongeBob's best bud, this guy makes for one iconic "star" of the show! What's his name?

Patrick Star is known for being SpongeBob's right-hand man, and the two are often seen doing everything together (especially jellyfishing!). Patrick's parents are Margie and Herb Star, and he even has a sister named Sam.


This character terrorizes SpongeBob and Patrick for a certain sweet treat. What's his name?

You may know him for his famous "chocolate" line, but this fish has made several appearances on the show. Tom Smith is also the character seen in the "Pizza Delivery" episode, where SpongeBob and Squidward are in charge of delivering Tom's Krabby Patty pizza.


When it comes to chocolate, this character's always hated it (though for ageless skin, she's willing to give it another chance!). Who is this?

SpongeBob and Patrick manage to convince Mary's very elderly mother to buy chocolate with the promise that it'll keep her living forever. She even makes a second appearance on the show in Season 11, so you could say the chocolate worked!


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