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Some of the most skilled Canadian football players made their way to America to play in the NFL rather than the Canadian version of the league, the CFL. However, a select few turned down the opportunity in favor of playing in the Great White North. Their hard work and dedication got them recognized by the teams in the league that were looking to sign them. Have you kept track of all of the Canadians playing for the NFL?

Many of the Canadian players in the NFL have played for both the NFL and the CFL. Some have even won a Super Bowl title or a Grey Cup title with their teams. The players in the NFL sometimes found themselves playing for multiple teams in the league, while others stuck with one team for their entire career. Most of the players had specific skills and often took home awards or received other recognition of these skills. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame was also quite an important part of their careers.

Do you study up on all of the latest and greatest NFL players or at least the players who come from Canada? Then you'll have no trouble kicking it on this quiz!

If this player wasn't a football player today, he would probably be practicing medicine! Do you know who he is?

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is a naturally gifted football player, which put him in high demand during the 2014 Draft. Before going to play for the NFL in America, Duvernay-Tardif spent his formative years growing up in Montreal where he first acquired his love of the game.


Before becoming a pro football player, he had his hand in baseball. Do you who he is?

Luke Willson was a star during his high school years for his incredible skills in the game. This was just the foundation of what was to come for him. He has spent most of his professional football career with the Seattle Seahawks, but he has also played for the Detroit Lions.


Now a broadcaster for the NFL, can you name this former player?

Nate Burleson started off his NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings and finished off with the Cleveland Browns. He also played for the Seattle Seahawks. Throughout his career, he scored 43 touchdowns. After his successful career, he took up broadcasting for the NFL as he had a lot of expertise to share.


Coming from a football family, it's no surprise that this player was drafted to the NFL. Who is he?

Christian Covington's father was a pro football player in the CFL and gained fame for his skills here in Canada. Christian's time to shine came in 2015 when the Houston Texans drafted him. He played in Houston for a few years before going to the Dallas Cowboys.


A long snapper who grew up in Montreal, can you name this Canadian NFL player?

L.P. Ladouceur has spent the majority of his career with one team, the Dallas Cowboys. Early in his life, his skills on the field earned him a football scholarship. His luck picked up again when he earned a tryout with the Cowboys and passed it with flying colours. The rest is history!


This player spent just two years in the NFL before returning to the North. Who is he?

Chris Schultz spent only two years in NFL with the Dallas Cowboys before returning to Canada to play in the CFL. He played for the Toronto Argonauts and helped his team bring home the Grey Cup title in 1991.


With a father and godfather both involved in pro football, there's no doubt this player was destined to become pro. Can you identify him?

T.J. Jones began his career with the Detroit Lions and later joined the New York Giants. He had a great reputation from the beginning of his high school career, being noted as an All-Star and someone for the league to keep an eye on.


This player was raised in America, but was born in Canada. Do you know who he is?

Mark Rypien is a legendary player who got his NFL start with the Washington Redskins. His family is also highly involved with sports. His daughter also played football, and his cousin was an NHL player. Did you know that Mark Rypien also had his own NASCAR team?


He played football to earn a scholarship. What is this player's name?

Selected by the Green Bay Packers, Tony Mandarich was on the team for a few years and later made a comeback with the Indianapolis Colts. Sports Illustrated gave him the nickname, the "Incredible Bulk."


A star for his skills in two of his high schools, can you name the player pictured here?

After playing high school football in his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, and then in Bear, Delaware, Eli Ankou was signed by the Houston Texans. That led him to the Jacksonville Jaguars and ultimately to the Cleveland Browns where he currently plays.


Pictured here is a highly decorated football player who has been playing in the NFL since 2015. Can you name him?

Brett Jones played for the CFL for a short time before entering the NFL. He won many awards, including a Grey Cup with the Calgary Stampeders. After his stint in the CFL, Jones signed with the New York Giants and then the Minnesota Vikings, the team for which he currently plays.


From Langton, Ontario, this talented player got his start in 2012 with the Minnesota Vikings. Who is he?

After the Vikings decided to lower their roster, Austin Pasztor found himself playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Most recently, he signed with the Tennessee Titans but is no longer playing with the team. While playing football, he was in school at the same time to earn a degree in business.


Earning a football scholarship put which of the following players on the map for the New York Jets?

Nathan Shepherd had a chance to prove his skills to the world when he was invited to play in the 2018 Senior Bowl as one of the best college football players. From there, he was drafted by the New York Jets, the team with which he has been playing since 2018.


This Stanford University graduate also played football at the school before being drafted to the NFL. Who is he?

Gary Pettigrew was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1966 and played with the team for eight years. He spent his last year in pro football playing with the New York Giants in 1974.


He spent eight years in the NFL and goes by what name?

Before Ian Beckles took up football, he played a lot of hockey while living in Quebec. His career in football began in 1990 when he was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent most of his football career with this team and in the end, played with the Philadelphia Eagles.


This player's father was part of the CFL and the NFL throughout his football career. His son, who followed in his footsteps, is which of the following?

Austin Collie got his love of football from his father, Scott Collie. He played for multiple NFL teams, including the San Francisco 49ers, but he returned to Canada to play in the CFL for the BC Lions.


This quarterback comes from Ottawa and appeared on a reality show after his football career. Can you name him?

Jesse Palmer's father played football in the CFL for the Ottawa Roughriders. Following in his father's footsteps as a football player, Palmer was drafted by the New York Giants and later the 49ers. He returned to Canada to play for the Montreal Alouettes.


He grew up in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, where he got his love of football. Do you know his name?

1990 was the start of Bill Hitchcock's career with the Seattle Seahawks who picked him during the 1990 draft. He spent four years as a lineman for the team, before retiring.


The player pictured here got his start in the NFL, then later moved to the CFL. Do you know his name?

Jim Mills was born in Vancouver, but after graduating from the university, he played for the Indianapolis Colts after he was drafted in 1984. After this, he played for numerous Canadian teams, such as the BC Lions and the Ottawa Rough Riders, until he retired in 1995.


Now a free agent, which of the following players who played for the Seattle Seahawks is shown here?

Drafted in 2017, Justin Senior joined the Seattle Seahawks where he stayed for a year. After his time there came to an end, he moved on to the Kansas City Chiefs who ultimately cut him. Today he is a free agent.


A firefighter turned talented football player, can you name the person shown here?

The 2011 draft brought Danny Watkins to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. After a few years, he moved on to the Miami Dolphins for one year, then decided it was time to return to being a firefighter.


Growing up in Toronto, this player found a love of football, even being awarded as an All-Big 12 player. Who is he?

Philip Blake was an All-Star when playing college football, launching him into his career in both the NFL and the CFL. He was first drafted to the NFL to play for the Denver Broncos and from there, he went to the Arizona Cardinals. He is back with the CFL and now plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


After retiring from football, this player took on a new career. Who is he?

Playing with the Baltimore Ravens for a few years, John Urschel decided it was in the best interest of his health that he retire from the NFL. He decided to take up a career in mathematics instead, a subject in which he has a Ph.D!


Despite being born in Vancouver, this player grew up in Los Angeles. Who is he?

Allan Kennedy was drafted to the NFL in 1981 to play for the Washington Redskins but found himself playing for the San Francisco 49ers instead. He went on to win two Super Bowl titles with the 49ers!


He won the Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who is the player pictured here?

Mitch Berger was drafted to the NFL in 1994 to the Philadelphia Eagles, but he moved to many teams throughout his career. One of the teams that he spent the most time with was the Minnesota Vikings, but he ended his career in 2009 with the Denver Broncos.


The Oakland Raiders picked this player in the 2003 draft. Who is he?

Teyo Johnson is from British Columbia where he grew up playing football and gained a reputation for his skills. It's no easy feat to be accepted into Stanford University, but he got it done! Teyo's brothers were also players in the NFL.


While living in Vancouver, this player was known to take great interest in a variety of sports. Do you know who he is?

Rob Meier had a career just shy of a decade with the Jacksonville Jaguars after being drafted in 2000. Despite growing up in Canada, he decided to go to school south of the border in Washington where he kept up his love of football.


Playing the position of kicker during his years in football, this player spent 20 years in the NFL. Can you name him?

Eddie Murray is a legendary football player who won many awards for his skills, including the Golden Toe Award. He played for several NFL teams, such as the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, the team with which he won a Super Bowl title.


First playing with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who then signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

While growing up in Quebec, Antony Auclair played football during his college years. This led to him being drafted to Saskatchewan in the CFL and then signed to the NFL by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


This player played handball for Canada in the Olympics. Do you know who he is?

In 1982, Luc Tousignant was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, but did not sign and did not play a game in the NFL. Despite this, the CFL was Tousignant's calling. He played for the Montreal Concordes as their quarterback.


He began his career in football as a player and also took up coaching. Who is he?

O.J. Atogwe first joined the NFL in 2005 when he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, where he played for five years, the most in his career with one team. At the end of his playing career, he took on coaching duties with the Memphis Express, a team that only lasted for one year.


He is known for his time with the New England Patriots. Can you name this football player?

Nick Kaczur was drafted by the NFL's New England Patriots and CFL's Toronto Argonauts in the same year. He ultimately played with the Patriots for only five years until he was released. Did you know that he grew up in Brandon, Ontario, and played for the local football team?


This NFL player went from Windsor, Ontario, to Dallas, Texas. Who is he?

Sports were a big part of Tyrone Crawford's life from a young age, but football was where his talents stood out. Since 2012, he has played for the Dallas Cowboys, and he has consistently proven himself to be a great player over the years.


He came to Canada to attend college. Who is he?

David Onyemata went to college in Winnipeg for a time, after which he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, the team for which he still plays. Before Winnipeg, he hadn't played the game on a gridiron field!


This cornerback played for three teams in the NFL before a hiatus in 2009. Do you know who he is?

Edmonton native Jason David got his NFL start with the Indianapolis Colts in 2004 and won a Super Bowl title with the team. He then played for the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions but has not played with a team since 2009.


A Montreal native who is now a free agent is pictured here. Can you name him?

Randy Chevrier played for multiple NFL teams since 2001, including the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets. He was also a star in the CFL and won the Grey Cup on three occasions. Two of them were with the Calgary Stampeders.


Pictured here is a player who was recognized as being extremely promising during his high school career. Can you name him?

Getting his start in the CFL, it wasn't long before Brent Urban was drafted to the NFL a year later. Since then, he has played for three NFL teams, including the Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, and the Chicago Bears. Urban grew up in Mississauga, Ontario.


Kent State University was quick to offer which of the following players shown here a scholarship?

Things came full circle for O.J. Santiago when he made a return to his university as a coach. Before that, he had spent a long career in the NFL and CFL, playing for teams like the Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders.


He was a football star at Queen's University. Can you name the player shown here who comes from Belleville?

Mike Schad joined the Los Angeles Rams in 1986 as a guard. After his time there, he moved on to the Philadelphia Eagles before returning to Canada to play for the CFL in Ottawa.


Playing the position of offensive tackle, this player was known for his time with the Buffalo Bills. Can you name him?

Did you know that before Justin Cross became a football player, he was a skier? He was drafted in 1981, and wasn't until 1982 that Cross played for the Buffalo Bills. He spent five years playing pro football and stuck with one team for his entire career.


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