Can You Identify These Books of the Bible If We Take Away All of the Vowels?


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How well can you recognize books from the Bible if we just give you consonants? You know Bible books well, right? So you need to use your wits and speed to pick the right Bible book.

In exchange for identifying the best book, we'll reveal so much more about the scriptures you've grown to love. This lovable challenge is an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted with the names of scriptural sources. Take the famous verse "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want" as an example. It's more well known than the actual spelling of Psalms, the book from which it comes. No kidding! In less-reputable corners of the internet, the book name has been spelled Pslam, Salm or even Palm (like on a hand!).

Watch what happens when a Bible name has more consonants than vowels. Corinthians, Thessalonians, Lamentations and Ecclesiastes look more like Crnthns, Thsslnns, Lmnttns and Cclssts on this quiz. These vowel-less, consonant-heavy terms look more like Latin words, wouldn't you agree? So perhaps some Latin wisdom or a good decoder ring will go a long way on this exercise. You never know!

In sum, speed and superb familiarity with Bible book names get the big score here. Now go on and score big!

What book of the Bible references Esau's grave misdeed? H_br_ws

The New Testament book of Hebrews (12:16) likens Esau, a prominent Old Testament figure, to a "fornicator, or profane person ... who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright." Through Aholibamah, Esau had three sons: Jeush, Jaalam and Korah.


Do you see the synoptic gospel among the options? L_k_

Though the book of Luke is a New Testament synoptic gospel, its message was intended initially for a high-ranking government officer named Theophilus. The secondary purpose of the book was to dispel myths and erroneous reports about Jesus's life.


Jesus is a divinity in what gospel book? M_rk

Jesus as the holy and divine son of God is the main gist of the New Testament book of Mark. The book's message implores believers to repent and adhere to a spiritual understanding of life.


Which book lists a harsh prophesy? M_l_ch_

Malachi was a prophet whose eponymous book served as a severe warning. His verse, "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse," is considered one of the harshest biblical scriptures.


What is a short Old Testament book? H_gg__

The short Old Testament book of Haggai depicts the results of obedience and disobedience. Little is known about the prophet Haggai, aside from his book. Ezra mentions him briefly in association with Zechariah regarding the rebuilding of the temple.


In which book is the tribe of Judah addressed? Z_ph_n__h

Judah is the intended target of Zephaniah's message concerning looming judgment. You'll find familiar moments depicting impending misery in this book, as with Zephaniah 1:3: "I will consume man and beast ... I will cut off man from off the land, saith the Lord."


What is the biblical text that dares to question God? H_b_kk_k

Habakkuk interrogates God's righteousness through bouts of lamentations. Yet despite the sorrow expressed throughout the book, the prophet ends with a prayer of praise and an affirmation of God's sovereignty.


In which book is the fall of Nineveh predicted? N_h_m

Nahum predicts the fall of Nineveh, which, according to the book, occurred in 612 B.C. Biblical scholars have suggested that Nahum was contrived sometime before 612 B.C., under the reforms of Josiah in 622.


Where are good tidings for Judah and Israel mentioned? M_c_h

Micah predicts future blessings bestowed upon Judah and Israel. Micah's writings are similar to those of Isaiah, a longer book in the Old Testament. Allegedly, Micah's followers penned the book many years after the prophet's ministry.


God humbles his people in which book of the Bible? J_n_h

Jonah's authorship is not well established, though it is highly probable that the prophet Jonah is responsible for the book's intimate observations concerning God's people. Perhaps most notable about the book is its admonishment that God's people not exalt themselves above others.


It's one of the first prophetic books. Can you recognize it? _b_d__h

It is widely believed that the Book of Obadiah was formulated early in the mid-ninth century B.C. after raids of Arabian and Philistine factions during King Jehoram's reign. The date classifies Obadiah as one of the first prophetic biblical texts.


Justice is the major theme of which book? _m_s

Amos is a collection of the prophet's oracles that were primarily about justice. Unlike other prophets, Amos's ministry was relatively short, and his oratory prophesies are dated around 754 B.C.


Can you name the book that begins after Joshua's leadership? J_dg_s

Judges is a book that chronicles the existence of Israel between the death of Joshua, who led God's people to the promised land, and the rise of Israel's monarchy. The book explores in detail the people's rise against the Canaanites, who drove the Israelites out of the land.


Ezra may have authored which book? N_h_m__h

Nehemiah's authorship has been contested. Some scholars believe that the prophet relied on his memory to pen the entire book, especially given the book's first verse, "The words of Nehemiah, the son of Hachaliah." Still, others contend that Ezra wrote the book based on Nehemiah's memoirs.


In which book do the Israelite exiles return? _zr_

In Ezra, the exiles return, and the prophet reaffirms the fulfillment of God's promises to the people. These promises include the people's return from Babylon, the rebuilding of the temple at Jerusalem and the restoration of ritual practices.


Paul preps for his journey to Italy and Spain in what book? R_m_ns

Apostle Paul is responsible for many of the epistles, including the book of Romans. His purpose in writing Romans was threefold: to beckon Jews and Gentiles to live in harmony, to catalogue methods of faith for believers, and to prepare the Romans for his journey to Rome and Spain.


What New Testament book counters false teachings? G_l_t__ns

Galatians was Apostle Paul's deliberate attempt to counter false teachers and their teachings in the early church of Galatia. Paul called for salvation "by the faith of Jesus Christ" and not merely by "works of the law."


Do you know the book that records the festival of Purim? _sth_r

The Old Testament book of Esther chronicles the annual festival of Purim so that the ritual may persist for generations to come. The festival recalls the salvation of the Jewish people during the rulership of Xerxes.


Can you choose the book that reveals major themes pertaining to salvation? R_th

Ruth's book recognizes the inclusive nature of God's salvation promise among all people of the Earth. Ruth promotes God's desire that both Jews and Gentiles believe in him. Loyalty and redemption are major themes in Ruth.


Do you recall the last book of the Bible? R_v_l_t__n

The book of Revelation begins and ends with words like, "Blessed is he that readeth" and "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words." The judgment contained in Revelation is not merely for nonbelievers, but for "every man."


Which is the New Testament book that borrows heavily from the Old Testament? J_d_

Scholars have remarked that Jude is one of the Bible's most scholarly writings. Jude was motivated profoundly by Jewish law as communicated through Old Testament scriptures. He regularly rebuked false teachers of his day with spiritual lessons borrowed from the Old Testament.


What book mentions God's presence in Jerusalem as a blessing? J__l

Repentance is a major theme in Joel's biblical book. The prophet also intended to comfort believers by promising future blessings. In Joel 3:17, he mentions the "Lord your God dwelling in Zion"; it is God's presence in Jerusalem that facilitated blessings for the whole land.


God is both wrathful and compassionate in which book? H_s__

Hosea offers a balanced portrait of God as both a jealous ruler quick to discipline and a compassionate sovereign who desires an intimate relationship with believers. The book has five major sections that start grimly but finish with a positive message.


Godless times are highlighted in what Bible book? D_n__l

Prophet Daniel's book is renowned for recording the ordeals of God's people during the godless times of the Gentiles. Through his writings, Daniel communicates that God remains supreme above all despite prevalent unrighteousness.


Paul was imprisoned close to the time that he wrote what scriptures? T_t_s

In Apostle Paul's letter of Titus, the teacher shifts the cause of salvation from the individual's own pursuits of righteousness to God's love and kind works. Paul allegedly penned Titus during the period between his two Roman imprisonments.


What book targets heresy in the New Testament? C_l_ss__ns

Heresy is Paul's main issue in his epistle to the Colossians, found in the New Testament. To counter heretic claims pervasive in the early church, Paul continually affirms Christ's image as God's supreme image. In verse 3, he reminds, "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth."


Do you know the book that's named for the leader who succeeded Moses? J_sh__

In his book, Joshua reminds the chosen people not only to adhere to faithfulness regarding God's covenant with them but to pursue righteousness in their daily lives. Joshua succeeded Moses, who was not permitted to lead God's people to the promised land due to his disobedience.


A prophet speaks to exiles, in which text? _z_k__l

In Ezekiel, the prophet attempts to awaken God's people born in exile to sins of the nation that were the cause of the people's degradation. Moreover, Ezekiel encourages his people to revel in the glory of the Davidic monarchy of the time.


What text did King David's son author? _ccl_s__st_s

Solomon, son of David, authored the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes toward the end of his life. Solomon declares a recommitment to following a righteous path in the book and encourages others that resist vanity to do the same.


Weeping is synonymous with what Bible book? %0DL_m_nt_t__ns

Lamentations offers greater context to suffering by highlighting why people suffer and pinpointing the purpose of it. The Old Testament book uses the national suffering of Judah as an example.


In which book can you find the story of Apostle Paul's conversion? _cts

Some biblical scholars perceive Acts as a transitional book from the gospels that explain the events of Jesus's life to the ordeals of the early church. Paul, a former persecutor of the early church who was instrumental in growing it eventually, experiences divine conversion in the book.


A prophet appealed to returning exiles in what book? Z_ch_r__h

Born in Babylonia, Zechariah was both a priest and a prophet who was included among those who returned to Judah in 538 B.C. In his writings, Zechariah tasked returning exiles to rid themselves of the sinful ways they grew accustomed to while in exile.


Which of these options is a New Testament gospel? J_hn

Of all four gospels, John, which is not a synoptic gospel due to its style and selection of events concerning Jesus, makes the strongest case for Christ as a deity. To this end, John emphasizes the miracles of Christ in the book.


Do you recognize one of the most celebrated books of the Bible? Ps_lms

Psalm 150:6, "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord," is one of several popular scriptures out of the book. The Old Testament book is a collection of responsive verses written in poetic language that expresses an emotional range from joy to sorrow.


Can you guess the first biblical book? G_n_s_s

Genesis, which means "beginning," describes how God made the earth and all the creatures and plant life that dwell within it. In Genesis, God creates Adam and Eve, the progenitors of the human race that ate forbidden fruit — an act that set all subsequent events of the Bible in motion.


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