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Image: Håkan Dahlström from Malmö, Sweden

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Scoring in the 1990s started off hot before the Dead Puck Era set in, as the number of goals significantly decreased during the middle of the decade. But that doesn't mean there weren't plenty of stars during this time. After all, "The Great One" was still on the ice, and the hockey world was introduced to "The Russian Rocket." There were also elite defenders, who put their bodies on the line game after game. So if the NHL was anything during this decade, it was physical.

The stars of the NHL, of course, adapted to the changing times in the league. They got on board by being tougher on defense, not giving an inch unless it was earned by an offensive player. The players who did consistently put up goals always did it in elite fashion. Skating speed and agility along with puck placement were premiums in the '90s, and the most outstanding players learned to craft each of their talents to its finest.

Are you prepared to find out how well you actually remember the stars of the NHL from the '90s? Whether they were the top scorers or best goalies, this quiz covers them all. Get started and see if your hockey knowledge has survived the test of time.

Having scored 321 goals during the '90s, this is clearly one of the decade's biggest stars. Who is he?

Alexander Mogilny was known for his elusiveness on the ice, as his exceptional skating ability and puck control helped him navigate defenders. These skills along with his explosive takeoff meant Mogilny could generate offense at a quick rate.


Despite missing part of the '90s while battling cancer, which player shown here was still a dominant force when he was on the ice?

Mario Lemieux was still one of the best players in the NHL when he first retired in 1997. He not only made his fourth All-Star Game of the '90s but also won his sixth Art Ross Trophy by leading the league in points.


Known as "The Russian Rocket," every goal this player scored was a highlight. Who is he?

Because of his speed and agility, Pavel Bure was recognized as one of the best skaters throughout the '90s. He used his skating skills to gain separation from defenders as he could outrush anyone from one end of the ice to the other.


Few players were as exciting to watch in the playoffs as which left-hander depicted in this image?

Joe Sakic was one of the lucky NHL stars who got to spend his entire career with one franchise, though he was part of the team's move from Quebec to Colorado in 1995. The move benefited both Sakic and the team, who went on to win the 1996 Stanley Cup.


Even though he didn't make his NHL debut until 1995, how well do you know this player who still established himself as one of the biggest stars of the decade?

Despite being prone to injuries, Peter Forsberg wasn't afraid to implement a physical style of play on both offense and defense, which most likely shortened his career. However, he still ended up in the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014.


Can you identify this NHL star who could shut down opposing offenses?

Playing across four decades, Dominik Hasek was undoubtably one of the best goalies in the game and finished his career with the highest save percentage of any goaltender. Hasek's 1998-99 season was perhaps his best, as he put up the third best single-season save percentage up to that point.


Do you recognize this power forward who racked up over 1,500 penalty minutes as an enforcer for his team?

Brendan Shanahan was known for his 17 Gordie Howe hat tricks, which was a unique variation of the hat trick where a player scores a goal, sets up an assist and gets in a fight during the same game. He sits second on the list of players to achieve this feat.


Do you remember this legend who led the Calgary Flames during the '90s?

Standing only 5 feet, 6 inches tall, Theoren Fleury was far from the biggest player on the ice, but he made up for it with his physical play. He often willed his way into the spotlight and scored the 10th most points of the decade with 820 total points.


Are you familiar with this NHL star who had a season for the ages in 1993-94?

Sergei Fedorov spent his entire '90s career playing for the Detroit Red Wings, winning two championships with the team during the decade. He continued playing for the Red Wings until 2003 when he signed as a free agent with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.


Can you identify this defenseman who was elected as an All-Star eight times in the '90s?

Ray Bourque made his first All-Star Game in 1980, and he didn't let up for the next two decades, finishing his career with a total of 19 All-Star selections. 13 of those selections were on the First Team, while the other six were on the Second Team.


What's the name of this player who was a huge reason the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1993?

Patrick Roy finished the '80s by winning his first Vezina Trophy, an award given to the best goaltender in the league. He followed that up by winning the award in 1990 and again in 1992.


The top goal scorer in the '90s, is this a player you recognize?

Despite being an elite scorer, Brett Hull was often criticized for his play on the defensive side of the ice. He turned that reputation around in 1999 when he helped the defensive-minded Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup Finals with the best plus-minus statistics of his career.


Are you familiar with this NHL star who carried over his dominance in the '80s into the next decade?

Since Wayne Gretzky was undersized for a hockey star, he had to rely on his intelligence to make an impact on the ice, but he proved over time that he was one of the smartest players to ever take to the ice. His ability to read the placement of the puck was particularly strong and was a major reason he finished as the NHL's all-time goal scorer.


Do you know this player who won back-to-back Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings?

The ultimate leader on the ice, Steve Yzerman was named the captain of the Detroit Red Wings at the age of 21. He served in that position for two decades as he became the longest-serving captain in NHL history.


The winner of two Hart Trophies, who is this NHL star?

Mark Messier was the captain of the Edmonton Oilers when they faced off against the Boston Bruins in the 1990 Stanley Cup Finals. The Oilers won the series in five games, giving Messier his first championship as a captain.


How well do you know this player who began his career in 1990 with the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Jaromir Jagr finished his career as the third-highest goal scorer and second-highest point scorer in NHL history. He accomplished those feats while playing in 1,733 games between 1990 and 2018.


Select the name of this player who had a great career in the '90s despite several injuries that set him back.

After a successful junior career, Eric Lindros entered the 1991 NHL Entry Draft and was selected with the first overall pick. However, he decided to not play for the Quebec Nordiques, and the team eventually traded him to the Philadelphia Flyers.


Will you be able to identify this hockey star who could both score himself and set up his teammates?

A right-hander at the center position, Adam Oates was a playmaker with great vision on the ice. He finished his career with 1,079 assists, which puts him seventh on the all-time assists list.


There weren't many goalies as dominant throughout the '90s as which one shown here?

Despite a successful college career where Ed Belfour helped the North Dakota Fighting Sioux win the National Title, he went undrafted in 1987. He was eventually picked up by the Chicago Blackhawks and made their starting goalie in 1990.


A star who always showed up in the playoffs, who is this?

In four championship runs, Claude Lemieux won the only Conn Smythe Trophy of his career after his performance in the 1995 Stanley Cup Playoffs. That postseason, he scored 13 goals as the New Jersey Devils took home the championship by defeating the Detroit Red Wings in the Finals.


What's the name of this goalie who racked up 248 wins in the '90s?

Curtis Joseph was a journeyman who played for six different teams throughout his NHL career. Playing goaltender, Joseph racked up at least 30 wins with five of the teams he competed on.


Is this goaltender, who helped the Edmonton Oilers win the first Stanley Cup of the '90s, a player you recognize?

Bill Ranford won the first Stanley Cup of the '90s by helping the Edmonton Oilers defeat the Boston Bruins. He was named the MVP of the 1990 Stanley Cup Playoffs and awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy.


Which player depicted here once scored 50 goals in only 49 games?

Even though he was an excellent goal scorer, Cam Neely was just as well known for his physicality and wasn't afraid to drop his gloves to fight if necessary. His physical style of play eventually earned him the nickname "Bam-Bam Cam."


This defenseman could also score points when called upon. Who is he?

By 1991, only four NHL defensemen had scored over 100 points in a season, and Brian Leetch made that list during the 1991-92 season. That year, Leetch scored 102 points while playing for the New York Rangers.


Pick the correct name of this NHL star who was an instant offensive juggernaut from his rookie season on.

With incredible skating speed, Teemu Selanne received the nickname the "Finnish Flash," a reference to him being from Finland. To go along with his speed, Salanne was also an elite scorer and finished his career with more goals than any other Finnish player to compete in the NHL.


No player body checked opponents quite as physically as which defenseman shown here?

Scott Stevens was the captain of the New Jersey Devils when they won the Stanley Cup in 1995. In the series, the Devils dominated the Detroit Red Wings, sweeping their competition in only four games.


Did you have the chance to watch this goalie win back-to-back Stanley Cups in the '90s?

Tom Barrasso remains the only goaltender to ever go directly from high school to the NHL. He didn't disappoint his rookie season either, winning the Vezina Trophy during his first year in the league.


Can you identify this hockey star who played in more playoff games in the '90s than anyone else?

Larry Murphy twice won back to back Stanley Cups with two different teams in the '90s. His first two titles were with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991 and 1992, and his final two championships were with the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998.


A Canadian star player who shot left-handed, who is this?

Pierre Turgeon never won a Stanley Cup championship, but he did have a great run with the New York Islanders in the 1993 Stanley Cup Playoffs. During the run, the Islanders defeated the defending champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, before losing in the Conference Finals to the Montreal Canadiens.


Do you know this '90s star who excelled when it came to assists?

Only Wayne Gretzky has more career assists than Ron Francis, who finished his career with 1,249 assists. Francis also finished his career with a total of 1,798 points, which he accomplished in 1,731 games.


Part of a blockbuster trade in 1995, is this an NHL star you're familiar with?

Eric Desjardins had perhaps the best game of his career in the biggest moment when his team needed a strong performance in the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals. In Game 2 of the series, Desjardins became the only defenseman to achieve a hat-trick in the finals by scoring all three goals for the Montreal Canadiens.


What's the name of this elite goaltender who was twice in the running for the Vezina Trophy?

Kirk McLean had the best stint of his career with the Vancouver Canucks, who he played for from 1987 until 1998. During that time, he set numerous records for the Canucks including regular season and postseason wins by a goaltender.


Select the name of this player who had an incredible playoff run in 1994.

Named the captain of the Vancouver Canucks at the age of 21, Trevor Linden captained the Canucks during their run to the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. The Canucks went back and forth with the New York Rangers in the series but ultimately lost in seven games.


Are you familiar with this center who made five All-Star Games in the '90s?

Jeremy Roenick started off the '90s hot by making four straight All-Star Games between 1991 and 1994. He ended the decade with his fifth All-Star selection before going on to make four more appearances between 2000 and 2004.


This hockey star spent time with both teams in Pennsylvania during the '90s. Who is he?

After winning his first Stanley Cup in 1991 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Mark Recchi went on to win two more in each of the following decades. In 2011, when he won his third championship, Recchi became the oldest player to score in a Stanley Cup Finals game.


A star in Calgary before he joined the Detroit Red Wings, where he continued to be an elite goalie, how well do you know this NHL player?

Mike Vernon started and ended his NHL career with the Calgary Flames, who took him in the third round of the 1981 NHL Entry Draft. However, Vernon also spent time with the Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks and Florida Panthers between his two stints with the Flames.


Few players were as feisty on the ice as which elite center shown here?

Though he could score, racking up 793 points during the '90s, Doug Gilmour was also dominant on defense, where he earned the nickname "Killer." His 1992-93 season was particularly special, as he won the Frank J. Selke Trophy for his defensive play.


Can you identify this goaltender who carried over his success from the '80s into the '90s?

During the 1993 NHL Expansion Draft, John Vanbiesbrouck was the first overall pick, selected by the Florida Panthers. Vanbiesbrouck was already an established star in the league, and he continued to play well with the Panthers, who reached the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals with him leading the way.


A player known for taking care of his body year round during his prime, who is this?

Gary Roberts' career was nearly derailed due to a neck injury that forced him into retirement in 1996. However, he returned after missing one full season and was still a productive player until he retired for good in 2009.


Did you ever watch this star lead the Los Angeles Kings in the early '90s?

Luc Robitaille had three different stints with the Los Angeles Kings, and he took advantage of each of them to become the Kings all-time goal scorer, scoring 557 goals in his career with the Kings. To honor his contributions, the Kings retired Robitaille's No. 20.


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