Can You Identify the NBA Team If We Give You 3 of Its Greatest Point Guards?


By: Jonnathan Chadwick

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Point guards are arguably the most important position on the basketball team. They are floor generals that are tasked with controlling the flow of the game. The entire plan comes down to their execution. They aren't always the most famous, flashy or popular, but they're definitely the most essential.

Some of the greatest duos in history, like Kobe and Shaq or Pippen and Jordan, simply wouldn't have worked without a point guard controlling the flow of the game. Can you imagine Kobe running the point on that Lakers team? Who knows what would've happened if Michael Jordan had to play point during his career. Without a solid point guard, a team is doomed.

Today's teams can experiment with centerless rosters and seven-foot lineups, but the one thing you'll likely never see is a team without a point guard. There have been hundreds of guards in the NBA since its beginning, and the position has evolved tenfold since the 1940s. The earliest point guards could barely dribble with both hands and rarely settled for long-range jump shots. Today's point guards can dribble with each finger and regularly pull up from half-court. The game is completely different, but the position is the same. How much do you know about NBA point guards? Can you guess the team based on three legendary point guards?

Can you name the franchsie Bob Cousy, Nate Archibald and Rajon Rondo led to a championship on different occasions?

Bob Cousy won his first title with Boston in 1957 and went on to win many more. Nate Archibald won a ring in 1981, and Rondo led the team to a championship victory in 2008. Rondo now plays in LA with LeBron.


What legendary franchise did Tony Parker, Avery Johnson and Patty Mills play for?

Avery Johnson played point guard for the Spurs in the '90s and won a championship with the team in 1999. Tony Parker picked up from there and won four rings with the Spurs, and Patty Mills joined Parker for the team's most recent championship in 2014.


What franchise lists John Wall, Gilbert Arenas and Earl Monroe as legendary point guards?

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe is most remembered for his days with the New York Knicks, but he began his career playing for the Baltimore Bullets. The Baltimore Bullets became the Washington Bullets and, eventually, the Washington Wizards.


Where did Kyle Lowry, Jose Calderon and Alvin Williams all play as point guard?

The Toronto Raptors are a fairly new NBA team and haven't had many superstar point guards play on the team. Kyle Lowry is the team's best point guard in history and helped lead the squad to their first-ever championship in 2019.


Where did Jason Kidd, Deron Williams and Kyrie Irving play?

Jason Kidd and Deron Williams both played point guard for the New Jersey Nets and are two of the team's best-ever point guards. The Nets moved to Brooklyn in 2012, and Kyrie Irving took over the point guard role in 2019.


What squad lists Victor Oladipo, George Hill and Mark Jackson as star point guards?

George Hill was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in 2008 but was famously traded to the Pacers in 2011 for Kawhi Leonard, who ended up being a superstar. Jackson played two seasons with the Pacers and is one of the league's best-ever point guards.


Do you know where Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and John Paxson played point guard?

John Paxson played point guard on the Bulls with Michael Jordan from 1986 to 1994. He was also one of the best three-point shooters on the team. Hinrich played several seasons in Chicago, and Rose won the NBA MVP Award in 2011.


Can you name the franchise Kemba Walker, Muggsy Bogues and Baron Davis played for?

Tyrone Bogues (aka Muggsy Bogues) is the smallest player in NBA history, standing just 5'3''. At one point in his career, he played alongside Manute Bol, who was the tallest player in NBA history, towering in at 7'7''.


Do you know where Mark Price, Ron Harper and Kyrie Irving played point guard?

Before LeBron James arrived, the Cleveland Cavaliers were hopeless. They never had much talent and had never made an NBA Finals appearance. He and Kyrie led the team to its first finals appearance and victory.


Where did Allen Iverson, Maurice Cheeks and Ben Simmons play point guard?

Allen Iverson led the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals in 2001 where they faced the Shaq and Kobe-led LA Lakers. The 76ers ultimately lost but not before winning one game against the Lakers, who hadn't lost all post-season.


Do you know what team Oscar Robertson, Sam Cassell and Sidney Moncrief played with?

Oscar Robertson is one of the best point guards in NBA history. He's the first player to average a triple-double for an entire season when he did it in 1961. He was the only player ever to do it until Russell Westbrook did so in 2017.


Where were Steve Francis, Kenny Smith and James Harden all-star point guards?

James Harden is one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA. He was named the NBA MVP in 2018 and the NBA Sixth Man of the Year when he played for the OKC Thunder in 2012. Smith won back-to-back rings with Rockets in 1994 and 1995.


What team did Magic Johnson, Jerry West and Derek Fisher play for?

Magic Johnson is widely considered the greatest point guard in basketball history. Jerry West is literally the NBA logo, and Derek Fisher once hit a game-winning buzzer-beater with just 0.4 seconds left on the clock.


What franchise is Gene Shue, Guy Rodgers and Steph Curry associated with?

Gene Shue was drafted by the Philadelphia Warriors way back in 1954. He was the No. 3 overall pick in the draft, but he never won a championship with the team. Guy Rodgers was drafted two years later, but he also wasn't able to win a ring.


For what franchise did John Stockton, Jeff Hornacek and Rickey Green play?

Only a couple of players are considered better point guards than John Stockton. Stockton is the league's all-time leader in assists, but he was never able to beat Michael Jordan and the Bulls to win a championship.


Where did Mike Conley Jr., Jason Williams and Mike Bibby play point guard?

Mike Conley Jr. was the highest-paid NBA player at one point, and is the best point guard in Grizzlies history. Jason Williams (aka White Chocolate) was one of the most exciting point guards to watch and played several seasons with the Grizzlies.


Where were Derek Harper, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd point guards?

Jason Terry played alongside Jason Kidd in 2011 when the Dallas Mavericks stunned the basketball world and beat Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Derek Harper played most of his career in Dallas and was a defensive specialist.


Tyus Jones, Ricky Rubio and Jeff Teague are three of the best point guards for what organization?

Although Derrick Rose played on the team for one season, nobody considers him a Timberwolves player. Stephon Marbury played his first three seasons on Minnesota. Teague and Rubio have both had recent success on the team.


Can you name the franchise where Steve Nash, Kevin Johnson and Jason Kidd all played as point guards?

Jason Kidd is one of the best point guards in NBA history and found success on multiple teams. He was an all-star on the Phoenix Suns and led the league in assists multiple times while on the team. Kevin Johnson helped lead the team to the finals in 1993.


What franchise is Damian Lillard, Damon Stoudamire and Rod Strickland associated with?

Damian Lillard has played his entire NBA career in Portland and is currently one of the NBA's best point guards. He was the Rookie of the Year in 2013 and has been selected to four All-Star teams during his career.


What team are De'Aaron Fox, Nate Archibald and Mike Bibby known for playing with?

Nate Archibald played with the Kings when the franchise was known as the Cincinnati Royals and with the Kansas City Kings way back in the early '70s. De'Aaron Fox was drafted fifth overall in the 2017 NBA Draft.


Do you know which franchise lists Chris Paul, Baron Davis and Jrue Holiday as star point guards?

The New Orleans Pelicans are the NBA's newest franchise, as it was founded in 2002. The team drafted Chris Paul in 2005, and he's the best point guard in franchise history. He was Rookie of the year in 2006 and has won countless awards with the franchise.


Can you name the franchise that Fat Lever, Andre Miller and Ty Lawson played for?

The Denver Nuggets have never won a championship and have never even made a finals appearance in their 42 years in the NBA, so the team isn't known for many superstars. Lafayette "Fat" Lever played in the '80s and was one of the team's best point guards.


Do you know where Steph Curry, Tim Hardaway and Baron Davis all played?

Before Steph Curry became the greatest three-point shooter the NBA had ever seen, Tim Hardaway and Baron Davis were the best point guards in Golden State history. Steph Curry once hit 402 three-pointers in a single season, which is the record.


What franchise lists Lenny Wilkens, Jeff Teague and Trae Young as all-star point guards?

Trae Young was drafted by the Hawks in 2018 and almost won the Rookie of the Year Award his first season. Jeff Teague made his only all-star appearance back in 2015 when he played on the Hawks. Lenny Wilkens is a basketball legend.


Do you know where Penny Hardaway, Scott Skiles and Darrell Armstrong played?

Anfernee Hardaway is regularly known by his commercial character's name, Penny. Shaq and Penny were just as popular as Jordan and Pippen or Stockton and Malone in the 1990s. Scott Skiles holds the record for most assists in a single game with 30.


On what team did Goran Dragic, Mario Chalmers and Tim Hardaway play?

Tim Hardaway will forever be known as having one of the best crossover moves in NBA history. He started his career in Golden State but was traded to Miami after several seasons. Chalmers won back-to-back titles with the Heat in 2012 and 2013.


Isiah Thomas, Chauncey Billups and Dave Bing all got their numbers retired by what organization?

Isiah's No. 11 , Chauncey's No. 1 and Bing's No. 21 are all retired by the Detroit Pistons. Isiah and Chauncey both won championships with the team. Thomas won back-to-back in 1989 and '90 and is one of the few legends to best Jordan in the post season.


What historic franchise is associated with Walt Frazier, Mark Jackson and Stephon Marbury?

Walt "Clyde" Frazier is the best point guard in New York Knicks history by far. He led the team to its only two championships in 1970 and 1973. Jackson was drafted by the Knicks in 1987 and won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.


Where did Russell Westbrook, Gary Payton and Nate McMillan play point guard?

Gary Payton and Nate McMillan both played point guard for the Seattle SuperSonics. Payton is one of the league's best defenders in history, and led the team to the finals in 1996. The SuperSonics moved to OKC in 2008.


What team connects John Lucas, Calvin Murphy and Kenny Smith?

John Lucas was selected by the Houston Rockets with the No. 1 pick in the 1976 NBA Draft, but never won a championship with the team. Calvin Murphy played his entire career with the Rockets. Kenny Smith won two titles with the Rockets.


Can you name the franchise associated with Dick McGuire, Stephon Marbury and Derek Harper?

Dick McGuire was one of the team's first all-stars. The franchise was founded in 1946, and he joined the squad in 1949. He never won a ring, but the Knicks have only won two championships in history. Marbury played many seasons with the team and was a fan favorite.


Where did Norm Nixon, Nick Van Exel and Gail Goodrich play?

Gail Goodrich played a few seasons with the Lakers, went to the Phoenix Suns and then went back to the Lakers where he won his only championship in 1972. Van Exel was drafted by LA in 1993 and played many seasons with the team.


On what franchise has Terrell Brandon, LeBron James and Mark Price played point guard?

Mark Price is considered one of the best point guards in NBA history, but he never won a championship with the Cavaliers. LeBron James isn't officially a point guard, but he was allowed to play the position whenever he wanted.


What franchise did Chris Paul, Lou Williams and Norm Nixon play point guard for?

The L.A. Clippers have been known as the younger sibling of the L.A. Lakers for a while. They haven't had much success securing historic talent, and Chris Paul is the best point guard in the franchise's history.


Which franchise is associated with Mookie Blaylock, Doc Rivers and Spud Webb?

Doc Rivers never won a championship with the Atlanta Hawks, but he won one as a coach for the Boston Celtics. Spud Webb stood just 5'7'' but was one of the NBA's most exciting dunkers. He won the NBA Dunk Contest in 1986.


Where did Larry Costello, Hal Greer and Eric Snow play point guard?

Larry Costello led the Philadelphia 76ers to the team's first NBA championship in 1967. Hal Greer also played point guard and shooting guard on that championship team. Eric Snow backed up Allen Iverson in 2001 when the team made it to the NBA Finals.


What team connects Sleepy Floyd, Kenny Anderson and Michael Ray Richardson?

Michael Ray Richardson made four All-Star teams and led the league in steals three times. He played for the Nets from 1983 to 1986. Eric "Sleepy" Floyd was drafted by the Nets in 1982. He got his nickname from the sleepy look on his face.


Can you name the team that links Michael Adams, Chauncey Billups and Andre Miller?

Chauncey Billups is most recognized as a Detroit Piston, but he was actually drafted by the Celtics, sent to the Raptors and then sent to the Nuggets in his first three seasons. He went to the Pistons for several seasons and then back to the Nuggets in 2008.


Can you name the team Dennis Johnson, Jo Jo White and K.C. Jones played for?

The Boston Celtics have won the most championships in NBA history with 17. K.C. Jones won eight championships with the Celtics between 1958 and 1967. Both Dennis Johnson and Jo Jo White won two rings with the Celtics.


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