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Minecraft is a world filled with blocks. Some that you can mine, others you can craft and others that will attack you. On that first night in your survival world, you're faced with some of the most basic of blocks that can help you survive the night. You learn the dirt, cobblestone and water. You might even craft yourself a tool or two. But what blocks come next?

Moving on up throughout the world, you find that you're faced with many new blocks. Venturing into the mine, you'll discover flint, coal and ore. If you dig deep enough, you'll even encounter the elusive diamond ore that is so sought after! But another essential part of mining is knowing what the proper tools to use are on each block. That's another key to success in the Minecraft world. Eventually, you'll venture to the nether, where you'll encounter new blocks and mobs. There are some useful blocks in this realm to take advantage of. And don't forget your precious emeralds for trading!

So, do you consider yourself to be the most skilled of the Minecraft players? Now is your chance to show that you've got the mental handbook to all of the blocks. See if you could bust through the diamonds on this quiz!

Dry or wet, these blocks can be useful. What are they called?

Sponges are useful as they can absorb water, helping you remove it from anywhere that you'd like to get to. However, it can only absorb so much, then needing to be dried. You can do this in a furnace.


Smelting this can make it quite useful. Do you know what it's called?

Once this block has been smelted, you can turn all kinds of items blue. For example, if you're tired of the regular white bed, now it can be dyed. This is the block you'll want to mine if blue is your favorite color!


The block pictured here is one to fear. What's it called?

There are no specific biomes for this block, which is common to find deep inside of the overworld. While digging, it's one block to be afraid of, as it can spread like water and catch you on fire.


It's an item of interest in both real life and in Minecraft. What is it?

Gold ore is a great find in Minecraft, but don't get too pickaxe happy when you see it! It has to be mined with either an iron pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe. Any less, and it disappears!


Which block pictured here is mainly found naturally in caverns?

If you're going mining, be prepared to run into more than a few of these blocks. If you want some and can't find any, you'll need some cobblestone, diorite and a crafting table to make them.


Finding a sheep is one way to get this block known as what?

The most common of the different colors of wool is white wool. The best way to farm the wool is by shearing the sheep, as killing it will only give you one block. The rarest color of sheep to find naturally within your world is pink unless you dye your sheep a specific color.


You can get flint out of this block, but do you know what it's called?

When digging through gravel, you have to watch out for it falling and be aware that it can do so. However, one benefit of shoveling it out is that sometimes it will drop a piece of flint that you can use in your furnace.


Made out of something of the same name, what is the block pictured here?

Made out of regular bricks is the Brick Block, which can be used for building. Instead of making them yourself, it's also possible to buy them from individual villagers throughout the world. Otherwise, craft them using four bricks in the bottom left.


It's not your ordinary dirt! So, what is it?

If you're looking for this block, it's best to go where the mushrooms are. Mushrooms most commonly spawn on this type of block, which breaks quite easily, just like dirt. The darker coloring at the top of it sets it apart from regular dirt.


A block that's basically an eject button — do you know its name?

Droppers eject items or feed them into an adjacent container, for example, a chest or maybe a hopper. If an item is dropped, it will be as if the player had dropped them, and they will disappear after five minutes.


Grab your scuba gear if you're looking for some of this. This underwater block is called what?

Prismarine populates the beautiful underwater world of Minecraft. It's the perfect block to use for building with for its beauty and strength. It's even possible to make stairs out of the block for your underwater temple!


Perfect for that sunroof you've always wanted would be this block called what?

Glass is a beautiful addition to any home and can create windows and openings to light up your home. If you're into art or just want a pop of color in your Minecraft home, you can dye the glass to a color of your choice.


This unique block is known by which of the following?

Slime blocks can be quite helpful at times. Easily mined, they can also break your fall by absorbing some fall damage. If you want to craft a block of it, you'll need nine balls of slime in your crafting table.


This beautiful block goes by which name?

Like many other forms of ore, emerald ore will drop one piece of emerald for you. One important thing to note is that you have to use the correct pickaxe of either iron or diamond in order to mine it.


This block can burn eternally, but what's its name?

Nether brick is only made from netherrack, which is obtained by visiting the nether. Netherrack acts similar to dirt in that it is a large part of the terrain in the area. Make sure you bring a pickaxe!


Probably one of the first blocks you've ever encountered, which one is this?

Found almost anywhere in the overworld, this is one block that you'll never fall short of. Despite being so common, it can be useful in creating the terrain you desire. You can make flat ground or towering hills with this versatile block.


A Minecraft home is nothing with out which block pictured here?

"How do you turn a Minecraft house into a home? A warm hearth, a carpeted floor and some pictures on the walls all help. But for me, the crowning glory of a well-appointed residence is a jukebox." - Duncan Geere


These pretty stones look similar to some other ones. Can you name them?

Moss stone is covered in exactly that — moss. One great place to find this type of stone is inside of dungeons, where it exists in large quantities. However, it is also possible to find it elsewhere.


This is the type of block you might have around if you love enchanting. Can you name it?

Bookshelves can be quite useful for doing some enchanting. It's all about the placement, however. In fact, if you're missing some coal, you can throw a bookshelf into the furnace for some easy smelting.


There's no worries when your house is built of which stone pictured here?

End stone is a great building tool to use if you want a virtually indestructible house. It's so strong that even the powerful Ender Dragon can't harm it. If it looks familiar to you, it might be because the stone has a similar design to cobblestone.


Important in the furnace, can you name this block?

A naturally generated stone, it's relatively easy to find and collect, and it's also very useful. Using it as fuel in your furnace can help you create new blocks and items. When mining it, it gives you a coal drop rather than the entire block.


If you're into farming your animals, this is one important block. What is it known as?

Hay bales are most useful for farming in Minecraft, as they help your animals to start breeding to get new animals. Not only will this happen, but the young of your animals can also grow much faster if they get their daily nutrition!


You'll need to bring that diamond pickaxe along to mine which of these blocks?

Obsidian is tough and hard to come by as it is naturally made when water touches a lava spring. One useful thing you can do with obsidian is to create the nether portal, which leads you into the nether where you can continue your mining adventures.


Perfect for growing things is this block known as what?

Podzol is yet another type of dirt in Minecraft, which is also great for growing. You'll have to venture into the jungle biome to find it. It's even possible to purchase some from villagers instead.


Travel into the nether and you'll find which of these blocks?

Grab your shovel and run to the nether to start mining this block. Great for creating potions, it's the block you'll need to grow the nether wart. They're also useful in designing your own wither.


If you're hungry, then this is the block to mine. Can you name it?

Melon is the perfect snack for you on a hard day of mining, but you'll have to mine it as well before you can reap the benefits. In fact, you can plant melon seeds if you can't get enough of their awesome taste.


Your heart might skip a beat when you come across which block shown here?

Finding blocks of diamond ore is no easy task, but you can be sure that when you do find it, you'll be pretty happy. One thing to be careful of while looking for diamonds is lava, which can burn up your hard work if your diamonds fall into it!


Can you name the block pictured here that exists in cold biomes?

Snow blocks are easy to mine and give snowballs once they break. Making the snow block requires four snowballs, which are placed in the bottom left-hand corner of the crafting menu. Did you know that you can even make a Snow Golem?


Bring your skates! Which block is shown here?

Ice looks great and is easy to break when you've got a pickaxe on hand. Running on the ice can make you slide away. In fact, it has many uses, and you can even turn it into water by melting it.


Which block shown below can't be pushed by Pistons and can't interact with Hoppers or Droppers?

An ender chest can hold specific items just like any normal chest, but it shares the inventory with other ender chests that are anywhere, including in other dimensions such as the nether.


Easily collected, do you know which block this is?

Blocks of leaves grow on the trees all around the map. When destroying most leaves, saplings will typically drop out that can be replanted. But if you destroy oak leaves, there is a chance you'll get an apple instead!


Mine it, and it turns to dust. What is it?

Glowstone is an interesting stone that turns to dust when mined, but you can easily pick up that dust. If you want to get it, you have to venture to the nether, the only place that it can be found within the game.


There's only one place to get this. Can you name it?

The nether is your only source of quartz within the game but can be relatively simple to find. It occurs over a large area of blocks making it more common to come across and mine. It's best mined with a pickaxe.


In survival mode, you won't want to waste your diamond pickaxe mining away on which block?

Bedrock is the hardest block in the game. To get to it, you have to dig to the bottom of the map, where it lies as the foundation. It was among some of the first blocks to be included in the game.


You can plant these on End Stone, but what are they?

Chorus flowers are beautiful purple and white blocks that can be planted and grown once they've been harvested. The flower itself only grows until it reaches the age of five and stops growing afterward unless it's replanted.


Don't forget your shovel when mining these blocks that go by what name?

You'll usually find these blocks near or around water and sand, but make sure that you equip the shovel if you plan to mine them. It will end up giving you pieces of clay that you can use for crafting.


Which of the following is the name of this log in the woods?

Birch wood can be found in a few places throughout the game. The sizes of the trees vary at around six blocks tall, with many more leaves. It's also possible to turn them into planks to craft other items as well.


What is this block that is perfect for growing known as?

Farmland is easy to get, as all you need is a block of dirt and a hoe. But that's only the first step, as hydrating it and planting your crops or trees are very important as well. If you're patient, you can always wait for the rain!


You can venture out to the desert biome to mine this block known as what?

While it's possible to find the bone block when you're out and about in the desert biome, it's also possible to craft it. You can do so by placing nine blocks of bone meal into the crafting menu to get the block.


Which block below goes BOOM?

OK, maybe this question was a bit too easy, but we just couldn't help blowing your mind with this little block. With just a little gunpowder and sand, you are well on your way to creating this explosively exiting block!


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