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While it may not be as popular as the NFL, college football has been around for well over 100 years and has millions of dedicated fans. College football is often fast-paced, high scoring and can lead to some outstanding and unbelievable statistics, especially in the passing game. Passing stats and records are much higher in the NCAA than in the NFL, which leads many of these collegiate quarterbacks to become legends among their fan bases.

The stellar quarterbacks have won their teams dozens of national championships and Heisman trophies over the years. We know you know the players, but how well do you know where they played their college ball? If we give you three great college quarterbacks, will you know what school they played for? If so, or if you'd like to learn, this quiz is for you. 

This quiz is going to take you through some of the best college quarterbacks of all time. Some went on to have great NFL careers and become some of the best of all time, while others fizzled out soon after being out of college. Without any further ado, run out of the tunnel and get ready to take the field against our quiz. Will you throw a touchdown or get picked off?

Of the following schools, where did Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart all play?

The University of Southern California is one of the most popular schools in the NCAA, and it is easy to see why. It has produced many incredible and popular players both at quarterback and across the field over the years.


Troy Aikman, Tommy Maddox and Billy Kilmer all played for this West Coast school. What is it?

The UCLA Bruins have over 600 wins as a team, and Maddox, Aikman and Kilmer were responsible for a lot of those wins. Despite the success, however, the team has only one national championship banner in the stadium.


Drew Brees, Len Dawson and Bob Griese are all legendary quarterbacks from which school?

Lots of schools claim to have the best QB class of any university, but Purdue might be at the top of that list with Drew Brees, Drew Bledsoe and Len Dawson. Despite their great QBs, their all-time record is barely over .500.


This college, known for its academics, has also played host to some great quarterbacks such as Andrew Luck, John Elway and Jim Plunkett. Which college is it?

Stanford is known for its high-quality academics and the fact it is one of the top universities in the world. However, it is also pretty good at breeding quarterbacks. Any school would be proud to produce the likes of the three quarterbacks listed above.


Which popular university was home to Tony Banks, Earl Morrall and Kirk Cousins during their college careers?

Kirk Cousins is the most recent of the great quarterbacks to come out of Michigan State and its football program. The team is very notable but hasn't won a national championship since back in 1966.


Which ACC school has had the likes of Deshaun Watson, Trevor Lawrence and Tajh Boyd start at the QB position?

One of the single best NCAA teams over the past decades has been Clemson. Boyd, Watson and Lawrence all played for the Tigers at one point or another and helped achieve their recent success.


Which university has played host to QBs like Matt Ryan, Doug Flutie and Matt Hasselbeck?

While Boston College hasn't had the most success in recent years, it has produced some of the most talented quarterbacks in both recent years and past seasons. Matt Ryan is an MVP who many think will win a Super Bowl before his career is over.


Vince Young, Colt McCoy and Bobby Lane all played quarterback for which legendary school?

These three quarterbacks we mentioned all played for the Texas Longhorns. As of the start of the 2019 NCAA season, Texas is one of only 4 schools to get over 900 wins throughout its history.


Eli Manning, Archie Manning and Chad Kelly all played for this university. What is it called?

While Peyton Manning didn't go to Ole Miss, both his father and his brother did. Ole Miss has been the college many standout NFL players attended, but they haven't been able to capture a national championship since the 1960s.


Which state school has had the likes of Brad Johnson, Charlie Ward and Jameis Winston play QB for it?

The school that these three men played for was Florida State. Funny enough, both Jameis Winston and Brad Johnson went on to eventually play professionally in the state, and Charlie Ward would actually end up in the NBA.


This school, which has achieved a lot of success, has had the likes of Matt Stafford, Aaron Murray and Fran Tarkenton as its starting QBs. Which school is it?

These quarterbacks all played their college football at Georgia. Georgia has one of the highest winning percentages out of any NCAA football programs, with over 65% of the games in school history being victories.


Which college team did Brady Quinn, Joe Montana and Joe Theismann play for during their college careers?

The team that these three players led is none other than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Notre Dame is one of the most iconic college football programs and has won titles, as well as had more players drafted into the NFL than almost any other school.


Of the following universities, which has had Aaron Rodgers, Craig Morton and Jared Goff suit up at the quarterback position?

It has been a very long time since the California Golden Bears have won a national championship, but they have still helped develop two of the best QBs in the NFL today in Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff.


Of the notable schools listed below, which has had Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor and Braxton Miller play as QB?

Troy Smith, Braxton Miller and Terrell Pryor all played QB for THE Ohio State University. Funny enough, despite the fact that they played well and were on good teams, two of these players went on the play as wide receivers in the NFL.


What northwest school has had the likes of Warren Moon, Mark Brunell and Chris Chandler lead its team?

The aforementioned quarterbacks all played for Washington. Washington is among the winningest teams in NCAA history, and holds the record for the longest unbeaten streak at 64 games.


A variety of great quarterbacks like Johnny Unitas, Teddy Bridgewater and Lamar Jackson have played at this school. What is it called?

While Louisville is known more for its basketball, its football team does have a positive record and has had some great years. It also recently got its very first Heisman winner when Lamar Jackson won the award in 2016.


At which college did Steve Young, Ty Detmer and Jim McMahon all play their college careers?

Despite not having an outstanding history or reputation in college football, BYU does have a national championship and has produced a lot of NFL talent including the three quarterbacks mentioned above.


Sam Bradford, Jason White and Baker Mayfield all played at which college?

The three mentioned quarterbacks have all played for the Oklahoma Sooners. Since World War II, Oklahoma is one of the most successful college football teams, with seven claimed national championships and a winning percentage better than 75%.


This school has had the likes of Jason Campbell, Cam Newton and Pat Sullivan line up under center for it. Which school are we talking about?

The school we are talking about is none other than Auburn. Auburn has won multiple national championships, with its most recent coming in 2010 when Cam Newton led the team to victory.


Patrick Mahomes, Graham Harrell and B.J Symons have been the gunslingers for which college team?

While its basketball team is fresh off an NCAA basketball national championship berth, Texas Tech also has a long history when it comes to football. In particular, it has had some pretty prolific passers.


Tim Tebow, Rex Grossman and Danny Wuerffel all played at which university?

The Florida Gators are one of the most popular and beloved NCAA football programs in history. Tebow, Grossman and Wuerffel are among their greatest quarterbacks. The team has won three national championships during its history.


Known primarily for its defense, which school did JaMarcus Russell, Matt Flynn and Zach Mettenberger play for?

These men all played QB for the LSU Tigers. LSU has been one of the most successful breeding grounds for quality NFL players as there are currently dozens of Tigers players on NFL rosters as of the beginning of the 2019 season.


This school played host to Dan Marino, Nathan Peterman and Tyler Palko during their collegiate careers. Which is it?

This crop of QBs, led by Dan Marino, played for the Pittsburgh Panthers. During the 1910s and the 1930s, the Panthers won several national championships, but haven't experienced a ton of success recently.


For what southern school did the likes of Sammy Baugh, Kent Nix and Andy Dalton play quarterback?

The TCU Horned Frogs are the team that these three quarterbacks played on. While national championships have evaded the team since the 1930s, it has consistently had great seasons throughout the 21st century.


Which successful program has had the likes of Kerry Collins, Milt Plum and Todd Blackledge start at QB for its team?

These quarterbacks all suited up for the Penn State Nittany Lions during their collegiate careers. Penn State has one of the best team records in bowl games and has won two national championships, both in the 1980s.


Of the following powerhouses, which had Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar and Vinny Testaverde play at the quarterback position?

If you guess Miami (or better known as the "U"), you're right. While it is known for many defensive players like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, Miami has also had its fair share of talented QBs. The Hurricanes have won five national championships!


Which popular school was home to Tom Brady, Elvis Grbac and Brian Griese during their college careers?

The school we are talking about is, of course, Michigan. In addition to producing arguably the greatest QB ever in Tom Brady, the Wolverines also have more wins than any other program in NCAA football history.


Which school had the likes of Joe Namath, Ken Stabler and Bart Starr as its QBs?

These legendary quarterbacks listed all played for the famous Alabama program. They are regularly one of the best teams in the NCAA and have won nearly 20 national championships, with five since 2009.


While this school is known as a breeding ground for great offensive linemen, its quarterback roster includes Tommie Frazer, Eric Crouch and Steve Taylor. Which school is it?

The school where those three players played was the University of Nebraska. Nebraska has been one of the most prolific college football programs in history, as it has won almost 900 games and 5 claimed national championships as of the start of the 2019 season.


The quarterbacks room at which university once featured the likes of Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Leaf and Mark Rypien?

While the team hasn't been super successful during its NCAA history, Washington State has been able to produce a number of great and successful college QBs like the ones listed here, as well as several others.


This well-known and respected institution has had Roger Staubach, Keenan Reynolds and Ricky Dobbs player quarterback for its football team. Which school is it?

These three talented players suited up for Navy during the college playing years. Every year, the Navy Midshipmen compete against the other major service academies for the Commander-in-Chief's trophy.


Of the following schools, which one has had its offense led by Andrew Ware, Kevin Kolb and Case Keenum?

The aforementioned players all played for the Houston Cougars. Despite only being around since 1946, Houston has had an impressive history with a good winning percentage and several members of the College Football Hall of Fame.


Philip Rivers, Jacoby Brissett and Mike Glennon all played for this school at one time or another. What school are we talking about?

The school where these players threw the ball during their college years is NC State. Despite having a winning record and being around for well over 100 years, the NC State Wolfpack has never won a national championship.


Boomer Esiason, Frank Reich and Neil O'Donnell were all members of which college during their NCAA football days?

The right choice is Maryland. In addition to having great QBs, Maryland has had many other great players go onto the NFL from the school. In total, it has had 16 different players make it to the professional level.


This school has had Dan Fouts, Kellen Clemens and Norm Van Brocklin start for its team, which school are we talking about?

All three of these quarterbacks started for none other than Oregon. While the team has made it to two national championship games over the years, it has never been able to capture the trophy.


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