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On September 4, 1981, the music world was changed forever. This is the day that pop icon and R&B legend, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, was born. As a child, it was clear that she was destined for stardom. In fact, the young musician started focusing on her singing when she was only 7 years old.

After getting her big break with Destiny's Child, Beyoncé went on to win award after award and collaborated with other huge names in the business. She's gone on to release an astounding six solo albums that debuted at the top of the music charts. And we're sure there's more to come!

Beyoncé's success made her a household name long ago, but how much do you truly know about the singer's discography? Are you able to recognize her music videos based on the setting, costume or who else is in the video? If you consider yourself to be a Beyoncé expert, then it's time to prove yourself through the questions in this quiz. 

From "Dangerously in Love" to "Lemonade" and every album in between, this quiz will look at Queen B's extensive videography and push your Beyhive knowledge to the limit. Will your results be fierce, or will you flop?

Which song was inspired by Beyoncé's daughter?

The music video for "Blue" serves as a video scrapbook of Blue Ivy Carter vacationing with her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The clips come from footage taken during their time in Rio de Janeiro.


Which song was seen as a sequel to Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable"?

Beyoncé was inspired to reenact a high school prom because she never went to hers. She was also not the prom queen in the video since she was never a prom queen during her time in high school.


Beyoncé featured on which hit?

"Telephone" was originally supposed to appear on Britney Spears' album, "Circus", but Spears decided not to include it. Spears was eventually supposed to be the featured artist on the song, but Lady Gaga went with Beyoncé instead.


There have been many parodies of this music video, including one starring Joe Jonas. Which Beyoncé music video is this?

The choreography for the "Single Ladies" music video was inspired by a routine created by Bob Fosse, called "Mexican Breakfast." The routine and lackluster setting allowed Beyoncé to release a simple music video.


Beyoncé takes on the role of a beauty pageant contestant in which video?

"Pretty Hurts" was not originally intended to be recorded by Beyoncé. In fact, the song was first written with Katy Perry in mind. It was offered to both Perry and Rihanna before Beyoncé eventually recorded it.


According to VH1, the song that goes with this music video was the "greatest song of the 2000s." What song is it?

When Beyoncé originally met the producer, Rich Harrison, he was hungover and late to their meeting. Harrison was then left alone to compose and write the song in two hours.


A flooded neighborhood can be seen throughout which video?

The "Formation" music video referenced and brought to light to quite a few sensitive and controversial topics. Connections can be made between the video and Hurricane Katrina, racism and police brutality.


Of the following options, which music video focuses on role reversal?

The popular music video drew inspiration from the comedy, "Freaky Friday." The idea behind the video is that actions taken by a woman in a relationship are more heavily scrutinized when they are unfaithful than a man's actions.


Which video opens on a beach, with waves crashing against the sand?

Since the video itself is very sexual and was even described as "porny," it's ironic to learn that it was shot in Golden Beach, Florida, at a rented manse. A manse is a house that either is or used to be inhabited by a minister.


This video was nominated for VH1's Soul Vibe Award for Video of the Year in 2007. Which video was it?

Beyoncé's mother helped out with this music video as the stylist. By the time filming was completed, she had made outfits for 50 extras, in addition to 60 outfits for Beyoncé alone.


Which video did Beyoncé collaborate with Shakira for?

This video had to be shot in a short amount of time and ended up only taking two days to complete. There was no structured choreography, and Beyoncé simply learned some belly-dancing from Shakira for the video.


Which video starts with the famous line, "Bring the beat in"?

In addition to winning a few different awards, "Love on Top" is famous for another reason. It was while performing this song at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards that Beyoncé told the world she was pregnant.


In which of the following videos does Beyoncé wear a leather bodice?

There can be similarities drawn between "Diva" and Beyoncé's older video, "Crazy in Love." Both videos include elements of cars being lit on fire, and they were both filmed in the same location.


Beyoncé can be seen wearing a vibrant mustard-colored dress in which video?

"Hold Up" was well-received in the music community, and earned Beyoncé an MTV Music Award. It also ranked in the top five songs in Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands and Denmark following its release.


Which song was originally known as "Beautiful Nightmare"?

"Sweet Dreams" was the second music video made from 'I Am ... Sasha Fierce" that was completely in color. This video was created in order to make Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce, seem powerful.


This video has a Coachella sign as a backdrop. Which one is it?

Unlike other videos, "Feeling Myself" first premiered on Tidal, a music streaming platform. The music video was never formally uploaded to YouTube, but there is a lyric video available.


This music video features Beyoncé sporting a dramatic leopard-print eyeshadow. Which video was this?

Part of Beyoncé's album, "B'Day", this song was never released as a single but gained popularity when it began playing on the radio. At one point, it was ranked #66 on the Hot R&B charts.


This video has a dance routine that resembles something from "Flashdance." Which option is it?

"Halo" proved to be a very successful song for Beyoncé, as it won Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammy Awards and Best Song at the MTV Europe Music Awards. It also topped charts in a number of countries.


Beyoncé is best described as a "screen siren" in which of her videos?

With a film noir appearance to the music video, Beyoncé can be seen channeling a 1920s femme fatale type. Her "Dance for You" character was modeled after singer and actress Marlene Dietrich.


A roller rink is the setting for which video?

Instead of filming the video in a random roller skating rink, the rink used is near and dear to Beyoncé's heart. The Fun Plex, located in Houston, was frequented by a young Beyoncé during her childhood.


The song referenced by the music video in the picture was remixed with vocals from Kanye West. Which Beyoncé song was this?

Following the release of "Halo", "Ego" was released as a single from "I Am ... Sasha Fierce." The remixed version that included Kanye West was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the Grammys.


This music video has Beyoncé dancing in different colored bodysuits, complete with a striped hat. Which of the following videos has this costumes?

Beyonce is given quite a few different looks in the "Countdown" music video, but one of her obvious influences is Audrey Hepburn. The idea behind the video was to mix classic with modern.


Which Beyoncé music video has clips from "Austin Powers in Goldmember"?

This music video was for the lead single from the movie soundtrack for "Austin Powers in Goldmember." Beyoncé plays the role of Foxxy Cleopatra in this film, alongside Mike Myers.


A mobile home was a setting used in which music video?

Most of the music video was filmed in a trailer or in other areas of the Oakdale Mobile Home Park in New Jersey. The video was described as a mix of trailer trash and ghetto fabulous.


Beyoncé sports a heavily jeweled bodysuit in which video?

The video was inspired by Beyoncé seeing a provocative show with her husband, Jay-Z. She used the video to showcase that it was possible to have a child and still be seen as sexy.


Taken from home video, which video starts with a clip of Beyoncé as a young girl?

The creative direction of this video focused on incorporating clips from Beyonce's childhood and teen years. The surprising thing is that any clips from her as a teenager were filmed the same day as the rest of the video.


The opening to which video was an homage to Beyoncé's first group, Girls Tyme?

The end of the video completes the story of Girls Tyme by showing the end of the "Star Search" episode. Girls Tyme lost to the Skeleton Crew when they were given four stars, trumping their three stars.


The setting for which Beyoncé music video was a mansion?

This song was originally created as a means to promote the Beyoncé's movie, "The Fighting Temptations." Beyoncé was joined by Missy Elliot, MC Lyte and Free to collaborate on the song.


Released in 2011, which music video was awarded the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography?

The choreography in this music video took the input of eight different choreographers. A dance group called Tofu Tofu from Mozambique was also a significant contributor to the video's final choreography.


The wardrobe choices in this video had Beyoncé in a swimsuit that had a black mesh midsection. Which video does she rock this look in?

The music video had some bizarre costuming, including full-length body socks, mixed with close-up shots of Beyoncé's face. One critic even described the video as a "Cover Girl ad with full-body condoms."


The song for this music video took pieces from Donna Summer's song "Love to Love You Baby." What song was it?

"Naughty Girl" was originally recorded with the intent that it would be the lead single released from the album, "Dangerously in Love," but it was "Crazy in Love" that was chosen.


Which music video resembles a black and white silent film?

Throughout the black and white video, Beyoncé can be seen acting as she would in everyday life, not as her celebrity self. She can be seen drawing inspiration from Barbra Streisand and Marilyn Monroe.


The first words heard in which video are "Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation"?

The opening voiceover for "XO" was taken from the audio that was recorded on the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded. Amidst backlash, Beyoncé had hoped that people would remember that life can change in an instant.


A single word, apathy, is seen on the opening screen of which video?

The "Sorry" music video had features that other Beyoncé videos did not. She incorporated the spoken word of poet Warsan Shire and tied in a cameo appearance by the famous tennis player Serena Williams.


Which song was originally called "Nothing but Love"?

Unlike her other music videos, "1+1" was very simplified. There were no catchy costumes or big dance numbers. The video did make use of psychedelic effects, at some points resembling a kaleidoscope.


Which video appears to be a continuation of the story started in "Partition"?

While "Partition" was all about pleasing the male character, "Jealous" is the story that unravels when he's not around. Various scenes depict Beyoncé's character waiting for him to come home and looking for him on the streets.


Which video was nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Music Video?

The music video was set in the 1960s, with Beyoncé playing the role of B.B. Homemaker. This character was a nod to what she was doing in personal life, as she had taken a break from music at this point.


The very first seconds of which video show a skyline appearing during a sunrise?

The city in the opening scene of the music video is none other than Beyoncé's hometown, Houston. The creative direction of this video was to showcase everything that the city had to offer.


Which music video was shot in Rio de Janeiro?

Beyoncé, the featured artist on this Alicia Keys song, was on tour during the timeframe that Keys was looking to have the music video shot. For convenience purposes, it was shot in Brazil since that's where Beyoncé was touring.


This music video begins with Beyoncé wearing men's clothing. Which music video matches that description?

In addition to Beyoncé pole dancing, this music video also shows Queen B doing tricks on a mechanical bull. She can be seen turning around and lifting her foot while staying on the jerking contraption.


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