Can You Identify at Least 11 of These Hunting Supplies?


By: Heather Cahill

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Part of having a good hunt includes bringing along the necessary tools to make it happen. Bringing your rifle or bow is essential, but there are many tools to make things easier and more comfortable in the bush as well. On a trip to Cabela's, you probably find yourself picking up all types of items to make the hunt of a lifetime, but the most crucial part is getting the essentials. Do you think you can name all the things you'll need to pack for your trip?

One important thing to remember when heading out to hunt is to pack food and water! You need to stay full and refreshed while out in the wild. After that's checked off your list, you'll want to think about all types of other items as well. You'll need the standard bullets or arrows to suit the rifle, bow, or shotgun that you choose. But you'll also need some tools to bring in the game you're hunting.

Have you spent enough time in the wild to know what you need to bring along for your hunt? Have a look at all of these items that should be on your list and see if you can name them all!

Hunting with a rifle can make it hard to carry through the bush. Which item shown here can make it easier by putting it on your shoulder?

Gun slings are a must-have if you're planning to be walking to a stand or just throughout the bush. While still keeping your gun at easy access, it's a more comfortable way to make your way through the trees without slowing you down.


Preparing for the hunt starts for many even before the season opens. What item shown here can help you scout out what is in your area?

Trail cameras can get you quite excited for the season ahead, especially when you see that huge buck or bull in your hunting area! It can also help you assess the time of day or night that the animals are moving.


There's no missing this when you see it in the bush. Can you name it?

Orange tape is a must have for anyone going into the forest to hunt. Tying it around trees can mark a path in and out so you don't get lost. When you see orange tape, you probably know that it leads to something important.


Every rifle needs one of these to be accurate and effective. What is it?

A scope is an important piece of your rifle. Helping you make a good shot at long ranges, it's also very important to sight it in before going out into the field. Knowing your scope, your rifle and how it all works together makes you the best shot you can be.


If you're in an area you don't know well, it's a good idea to have one of these. What is it?

A compass is a handy tool to have in case you're not good with direction or don't know an area. It can be easier than you think to get lost in the forest, so it's better to be safe. It can also help in other areas in the bush, such as tracking or directing a hunting buddy to the right place.


Many sports have their own special clothing, even hunting! What do you call these?

Hunting boots are an important part of hunting because you need to be comfortable and prepared for the elements. You'll often find yourself walking through swamps or snow, so you need a water resistant boot that is also supportive.


Placing this around your area is sure to attract some big game. What is it?

Decoys can be a helpful tool in luring out an animal from the woods. Paired up with a call, this can be a great combination for bringing in an animal. Set up your decoy in front of your blind or stand, then get to work at bringing in game.


Once you get your game back home, you might use this item known as what?

Scales are great to keep at home for weighing your game. Getting a precise weight on your kill can be effective in telling you how large the animal truly is. Often, you'll need to find a scale that is suitable for the average weight that your animal should be.


Once you've taken the shot, the real work begins. This item is good to have handy, especially when hunting big game. What is it?

When you take a big moose or elk, you'll haul in hundreds of pounds of meat. It can be especially hard to get out if you took the shot in a difficult place. A sled can be helpful in transporting the meat out of the area so you can enjoy it in your kitchen.


This is something that you probably use before the season starts, but can you name it?

Feeders are something that hunters think about before the season opens, preparing it to shoot out food for the animals so that they know it is there and keep returning to the area. It's also great for getting a look at the beautiful wildlife.


Worn for visibility and safety, can you name the item pictured here?

While orange vests aren't a requirement around the world for hunting, in many places they are required to be worn for everyone's safety. When you're hunting near others, it can be dangerous if you aren't visible, making you more likely to get injured by someone else.


These little devices are used alongside a few other items within a muzzleloader. Can you name them?

Percussion caps help to ignite and fire the bullet out of the barrel. Without them or the other parts, such as black powder, the gun would not fire properly. They act quite similar to flint and serve the same purpose.


Best used when sprayed on yourself, can you name this helpful tool that keeps you hidden?

Scent eliminator can be helpful when hunting, as it can mask your human scent from any animals around you. Scent can often be the factor that gives you away, especially if the wind happens to be blowing the wrong way.


You're in your tree stand, but now you need your gear! You can use this item known as what?

Lift cords are handy for hunters who spend much of their time in the tree stand. It can be ineffective to climb up and down into the stand bringing in your equipment, so tying it to the lift cord and roping it up can provide lots of benefits and save time.


When out on the hunt, it's always a good idea to carry which of the following items?

Hunting knives are great to have on you while hunting for a few reasons. The main reason is for dressing your animal, but it can be handy in situations when you may need to cut something. You never know what might happen while out hunting!


If you're hunting small game, you'll want to use this weapon. Do you know what it is?

Shotguns are perfect for close range small game, like rabbits or turkeys. A 12-gauge shotgun can also double as a great option for deer or other big game with a change of the bullet you use. A slug can take down a deer, while turkey load will do the job for just that.


Looking around an area is much easier with this item that most hunters bring with them. What is it?

Binoculars are a helpful tool for when you're not preparing to use your rifle but scouting out the area instead. If you see an animal, you can easily bring them up to check out if it's legal to harvest or one you should let go.


What is the name of this item that you can either buy or make?

Hunting traps are great for catching small game. Licenses are also needed to trap and snare animals legally. Typically, these are set up and left in certain areas with the trapper checking on them frequently.


Checking out the distance surrounding you is a good way to judge where you can shoot and where you can't. Can you name this tool that helps accomplish this?

Rangefinders are effective in giving you an accurate idea of how far an object is from you. You can use it to see the range of animals, or the see the range of objects around you. It can help you determine if making the shot is worth it or not.


To be prepared in the woods, you have to carry some essentials with you. What is this one?

A backpack is a good place to store all of your miscellaneous stuff that you might need, such as extra bullets, binoculars or other items. You can even carry a lunch in there if you're planning on spending the day out making the most of your hunt.


Perfect to call in that dream buck or bull, can you name the item shown here?

Rattling antlers can be an effective way of bringing in the bucks or the bulls. It can even be a good idea to thrash the antlers against trees similar to how real bucks and bulls do it. Fake antlers can be purchased, or you can use antlers from previous game.


When you enter the field, you need a weapon in order to take your game. Can you name this shorter ranged option?

Compound bows are a great option for hunters who love to get a shorter ranged shot out in the woods. Paired with a good sight and the proper arrows, these can really pack a punch and get you a clean shot at your target.


Feeding animals in the area can be helpful to your hunt. What is this food called?

Salt blocks are a treat that many animals love to dine on. Deer are big fans of this block, which they'll often stop by a few times a day to lick. The tricky part is making sure they know it's there for them!


If you prefer to use a weapon that makes a longer shot, you might choose this one. What is it called?

When you're out hunting, you don't always get a chance at a close shot. With a rifle, you might feel more secure making a longer shot, while accounting for the drop of the bullet, of course. It's always important to make sure that there isn't anyone or anything behind your target before making the shot.


This little device is more useful than you might expect. What is it?

This turkey call is one that you don' have to carry around, and you can even use it while walking into your hunting area. Once you get the hang of this call, you won't want to go back to the manual ones!


When out in the bush, this can keep you comfortable. Do you know what it is?

A cushion is great for many reasons when you're out in the bush. Not only does it make the day a little more comfortable, but it can also keep you warm while you hunt. It beats sitting in the snow or even on a log!


Using this item is helpful when you need to change the spread of your pellets. What is it called?

A shotgun choke is useful in altering the spread of pellets in a shell. There are many types of chokes, such as full chokes and modified chokes. It's important to choose the right one for your hunt.


Archers need this crucial part equipped to their arrows. What is it?

Broadheads are an important part of an arrow and are attached to the shaft for shooting. There are many different types of broadheads, so choosing one that works best for you and what you intend to hunt is always a good choice.


Can you name this tool that is used if you bag an animal?

A bone saw is a piece of hunting equipment you'll want to have handy after you've made the shot. Used to help when dressing your animal, it's not something that you'll probably carry with you while hunting, but you should always have one available after the hunt.


Used for shooting a muzzleloader, can you name this item that hunters might take with them?

Black powder is important for hunters who like to hunt during the muzzleloader season. It's a crucial part in loading the muzzleloader so that it's prepared to shoot. It's one item that you don't want to forget!


Carrying bullets can be made more effective by using which item shown here?

Belt cartridge holders fasten easily to a belt, keeping bullets out of the way, but easily accessible when you need them. Typically, they hold more than enough bullets than you'll ever need in one hunting trip, so there's no need to worry about not taking enough.


When hunting with others, communication can be helpful in many ways. Can you name this item that can keep you in touch?

Two-way radios are a great way to communicate with others in the area in which you're hunting. Since cellphones likely won't get service where you are hunting, if an emergency happens, these radios can really help.


Like many things nowadays, this item has been turned into helpful technology. Do you know what it's called?

Hunters don't have to call the manual way anymore. Electronic calls are quickly becoming popular and make for an easy way to call in animals. Preset with a selection of calls for each species, you'll find this method is as easy as pressing the button.


Hiding yourself can help you to complete a successful hunt. If you're sticking to the ground, you might use this item known as what?

Getting into a ground blind has many benefits, including keeping you hidden from the animals. But if you're an avid hunter, you know that conditions aren't always perfect! A good ground blind can keep you dry from rain or snow as well.


If you're a bow hunter, this is an important part of your equipment. Can you name it?

A quiver is a must-have for bow hunters because it holds all of your arrows. You'll usually carry this on your back or have it next to you, if you're in the tree stand or blind. Having it handy is always a good idea for those quick shooting situations!


Can you name this hunting supply that all archers need to make their shots more accurate?

Arrow rests are crucial for hunters who want to make a clean and accurate shot. Giving the arrow a stable rest when shooting can make the shot go that much smoother. It attaches to the bow, but you can choose whichever one suits you the best.


Keeping warm and dry in the bush makes the hunt that much more comfortable. You might wear these that are known as what?

Gaiters are handy to have on while walking through wet or swampy areas. They are also great for when you're hunting in the snow. Even a little snow or rain getting in your boots can make the rest of the day pretty uncomfortable.


Outside elements can affect many parts of a hunting trip. Do you know the name of this device that can help you in the woods?

This little device can help you determine la lot about the wind. It gives you the wind speed and the direction, which can help keep your scent hidden from the animals and help you position yourself in the right place for the hunt.


You've dressed your animal and brought it back home. You might use this item called what to hang it?

A gambrel is helpful in preserving your animal by hanging it after it has been dressed. It's also extremely useful when skinning your animal. It keeps the meat clean and out of the dirt while waiting to bring it to the butcher or while you work on skinning it.


If you find yourself with an unsteady grip on your rifle, you might bring one of these with you. What is it called?

Shooting sticks are lightweight and easy to carry into the field to help you make the perfect shot. It can be difficult to hold still for the amount of time you need, so this will give your arms a break as well as keep you steady while aiming.


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