Can You Identify All the Trucks You Can Get a Black Friday Deal on This Year?


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Black Friday isn't all about toys and electronics. Black Friday is a great day to buy a truck, too! With next year's models getting ready to hit the lot, automakers are ready for the current year's models to go. Don't just stay home watching the game, get out there and get yourself a great deal on a new truck. OK ... you don't have to do that, but you might want to after you identify all the trucks you can grab for a steal! 

Manufacturers like Ford and GMC are digging deep this year. In many cases, you can take up to $10,000 off the normal sticker price. Can you recognize them before you go for a test drive? As you go through this quiz, you'll see a picture of some of the year's biggest deals. Then, you'll be asked to pick the right name for it. Once you've reached the checkered flag, we'll let you know how you did. 

Will you get as many right as you think you will, or are you going to be stumped by some of the season's hottest limited editions? No matter how you do, you're sure to want to head to the dealership and test drive a few of them for yourself! Let's see how well you do first! 

For some, this truck is the only truck worth checking out on Black Friday. What is it?

Since 1948, the Ford F-150 has been setting the bar for all other trucks in the Ford family. This year, the automaker is offering a generous discount. You can take up to $6,500 off the sticker price!


Can you name this 2019 Truck of the Year award recipient?

If you're considering adding a new RAM 1500 to your garage, this Black Friday is a perfect time! With up to $4,985 cashback and employee pricing, you're sure to get a deal you'll brag about more than your truck.


What limited edition truck do you see in this photo?

The GMC Sierra 1500 Limited boasts 355 horsepower and 26 miles per gallon, but the Black Friday deal on it is even bigger. This year, you can expect to see prices drop to new lows. In some cases, GMC is offering over $9,995 off!


Do you know the name of this truck that gets up to 30 MPG on the highway?

Whether you're looking into the GMC Sierra or the GMC Sierra 1500 version, this Black Friday is a good time to buy. Every year, GMC offers 0% financing, making it more affordable than ever to drive off in a new ride.


The first generation of this truck was released in 1998. Can you identify this version of it?

The discount you can get on the Chevy Silverado this Black Friday will blow your mind! This year, you can take up to 20% off the manufacturer's retail price with quite a few sweet cashback options.


Can you correctly pick the name of this truck? It comes with a 200 horsepower 4-cylinder engine.

Since 2003, the midsize GMC Canyon has been made in Louisiana. You don't have to wait to get a good deal on it! GMC is having Black Friday for the entire month of November. Head to your local dealership to see what they have to offer!


Which truck pictured here replaced the Chevrolet S-10 for a while?

The Chevrolet Colorado is one of the biggest competitors in the small truck market. During the entire month of November, Chevy is offering up to 20% off the sticker price, and Black Friday could offer even more savings.


V6 engines are standard on which truck you see here?

The Chevrolet Avalanche might be smaller than the trucks in its family, but it boasts up to 30 miles per gallon out on the highway. On Black Friday, you can look forward to grabbing one at employee pricing.


A 4,050-pound payload defines this truck. Do you know its name?

RAM really wants to send you home with a new 2019 2500 this year! If you're fast enough to get to the truck lot before everyone else on Black Friday, you'll be able to snag an almost $5,000 discount.


In Japan, it was called the Forte. What is it called on American dealership lots?

Mitsubishi's only truck, the Triton, is included in Mitsubishi's month-long Black Friday deals. With leasing prices as low as $136 on some models, you could drive home with a new truck!


Can you figure out the name of this head-turning truck?

Whether you choose the 6.4 liter or 6.7 liter HEMI engine, you'll get the best deal on the RAM 2500 Kentucky Derby Limited Edition on Black Friday. RAM is offering 0% APR for qualified customers, but you'll need at least $39,000 to get started.


You can't buy this truck with anything less than a V8. Can you pick its name?

The Ford F-350 is the even bigger brother of the Ford F-150 and the Ford F-250. You can find a big Black Friday discount including 1.1% financing and complimentary upgrades this year.


The only truck in this maker's automotive family is called what?

The Jeep Gladiator is another classic from the Jeep family of vehicles. If you've had your eye on one, Black Friday is the best time to buy! Jeep is offering payments as low as $333 per month.


Which heavy duty truck are you looking at?

The RAM HD is somewhere between the RAM 3500 and the RAM 1500, and you'll love all its features. With up to $500 cash back on Black Friday, it's sure to turn your head!


Do you know the make and model of this heavy duty truck?

"Extreme by every measure," Nissan's Titan XD diesel is a truck like no other. A true workhorse with a minimum towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, the Titan XD could be yours on Black Friday with incentives like cash back and a lowered APR.


Since 1982, this truck has been a big Black Friday hit. Which truck is it?

Although the Chevy S-10 was pulled off the lot for a while, it came back looking flashier than ever. Chevy is offering huge Black Friday incentives this year. Watch your local ads for perks like no down payment and custom upgrades.


Do you know the name of the truck that's the largest in its series?

Even if you haven't made Santa's nice list this year, you deserve a Black Friday treat like the RAM 3500. With employee pricing and incentives that total $10,000, there's no reason you shouldn't drive one home.


It's not a Chevy, but once replaced the S-10 like another Chevy model. Can you identify it?

The GMC Sonoma might have replaced the Chevrolet S-10 at one point, but it's become one of the country's favorites. On Black Friday, you can enjoy a number of incentives, but you'll have to hurry. GMC's Black Friday deals end on Dec. 2!


Can you study the picture and choose the right name for this popular work truck?

The Chevrolet Silverado is tough, but its big brother the Silverado 3500 HD is even tougher. Pick up the extended, diesel version on Black Friday and you could save up to $11,000 off the sticker price!


What's the name of this special edition truck?

If the Ford F-150 fits your needs but you want a little extra, the F-150 Raptor is waiting for you. Even with all its bells and whistles, the Raptor still has a great Black Friday deal! Ford is offering huge discounts on upgrades this season.


Do you know which modernized truck you see?

Although the Ford F-150 Hybrid will not be available for purchase until 2020, you can try one out on Black Friday. You might even take advantage of Ford's generous low-interest financing on a different model.


It was first manufactured in Tennessee, but do you know which truck it is?

When the Nissan Frontier was first put out in 1997, it was a compact-sized truck. Now one of the major players in the big truck game, Nissan is offering Black Friday deals that rival its competitors.


If you need a truck that can handle anything, you need this one. What is it?

With 475 horsepower, an extended cab and up to 6,270 pounds of payload, the F-450 is one of the toughest trucks on the road. If you head out on Black Friday looking for one, you'll need at least $49,000 for the baseline model.


Savvy truck owners love the towing capacity of which model seen here?

In 2006, the Honda Ridgeline was named Truck of the Year. These days, it has been toughened up and restyled to meet the needs of any discerning truck driver. Honda doesn't often offer huge deals, but Black Friday is sure to be different.


This truck comes with an access cab or a double cab. Which truck do you see?

Made in America, the Toyota Tacoma has come a long way since its release in 2004. Now in its third generation, both horsepower and towing capacity have been increased. You can customize it to meet your needs!


What's the name of this small truck with a big Black Friday deal?

Are you looking for a small truck with big truck performance this Black Friday? Look no further than the Ford Ranger. Since 1983, the Ford Ranger has been on the forefront of the compact truck market.


It's not a Chevrolet, but what truck is it?

GMC is offering such deep Black Friday discounts that you might want to upgrade. Instead of test driving the regular Sierra, try out the Sierra HD. It's sure to meet all your heavy duty needs!


Which type of small truck could you bring home on Black Friday?

Since 1997, the Nissan Navara has been sold primarily in African countries. This Black Friday, you can get a great deal on this compact pickup! Now available in the United States, the starting price is only $19,900. You'll be able to get it for much less.


Which name is given to the special edition of this compact-sized truck?

Even Ford's special editions will be on sale during Black Friday. The Ford Ranger Raptor is the smaller version of the Ford F-150 Raptor, and you'll have to visit your local dealership to take in all its features.


The truck seen here didn't start as a full-sized model. What is it?

With the 2020 models coming out, spending Black Friday at any Toyota dealership could see you saving a bundle on a 2019 Tundra. Just make sure you know if you want two or four doors before you get there!


Which souped-up truck version is pictured here?

If you have some hard work to do, you need a Black Friday deal like the ones being offered on the RAM 2500. In some locations, RAM is offering up to 20% off most makes and models.


Which powerful workhorse of a truck is shown in this photo?

Based on 2018 Black Friday sales, you'll want to keep your eye out for Ford's offers on the F-250. Ford frequently offers 0% financing and employee pricing during the holiday season.


Are you auto savvy enough to name the truck you see here?

Although the Rivian R1T will not be officially released until 2020, you can get a preview on Black Friday. With a starting price of $69,000, you'll want to talk to a salesperson about future sales and discounts.


What name is given to this efficient American truck?

Just kidding! You would have to go back to the 1970s to find a Black Friday deal on the Ford Courier. It was the predecessor to the Ford Ranger, though. You can get deep discounts on those this year.


If you wanted to try out this truck on Black Friday, what would you ask to test drive?

When the Titan first hit the showroom floor in 2004, was a big success for Nissan! This year's Black Friday deals are sure to pave the way for the 2020 model. Ask your favorite Nissan dealer what discounts might be out there for you.


Can you correctly name this all-electric truck?

Tough as nails and all-electric, Bollinger's B2 release in 2019 has taken the automotive world by storm. You won't see much of a Black Friday discount from Bollinger, but you might find yourself a new ride.


Which edition of a Ford classic can you see in this photo?

With a regular starting price of $55,700, Black Friday's lowered sticker price could save you a lot of money on the Ford F-150 Platinum! Its 5.0L V8 engine will make you glad that you braved the huge crowds.


Which technology-packed truck are you seeing here?

Now that Tesla has entered the game, it has no intention of stopping now. The recently released Tesla Pickup will see a modest Black Friday discount, but you'll have speak with a salesperson to get the best deal.


What's the name of this German truck you can see on Black Friday?

For now, the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is nothing more than a concept vehicle, but it will be available to the public in 2020. While you're out shopping for Black Friday deals, give it a test drive and put it on the list for next year!


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