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For many, when we buy a car, it becomes part of the family — a trusted member who makes our hectic lives manageable and keeps our loved ones safe. For the automakers, however, that sentimentality isn't a factor in their business decisions. When a certain model doesn't make economic sense, it's cut, and, usually, a new model is rolled in to take its place. In this quiz, we'll be taking a look at the vehicles that won't be around in the 2020 model year.

It's always a little sad when a car line is discontinued. The vehicles are the result of thousands of hours of work by professionals who design, prototype, test, manufacture and market the model to the auto-buying public. When that public rejects their work, for whatever reason, it's literally back to the drawing board to figure out what happened. In some cases, it's because the car didn't meet the needs of its target demographic; in other cases, the demographics shifted, and the car that would have been — or was — a great seller just a couple of years earlier struggles to find an audience. Whatever the case, the automaker needs to make sure the next model makes bigger waves in the hyper-competitive market than the previous model did. 

For this quiz, let's take a moment to remember all those vehicles that won't be coming with us into the 2020 model year. Some were only available for a few years, while others have been flagship products for their companies during their production runs. How many of these vehicles do you know — and remember? Cue the sad music and let's find out!

The new models have gotten rave reviews, but you'll have to go to Europe to see for yourself. Which of these vehicles won't be sold in North America in 2020?

As part of its "almost all truck and SUV" business strategy for North America, some of Ford's beloved passenger cars are slated for discontinuation in 2020, including the Fiesta. The car has gotten great reviews, and the new model year looks promising, but there'll be no Fiesta for North America.


With a lineage that stretches back to the 1950s, which of these cars is getting put on the shelf in 2020?

The Chevy Impala has been one of the automaker's best-selling cars during periods of its long production life, but those numbers started to soften in recent years, as sedans are losing ground to trucks and SUVs in the American market. With the exception of the periods between 1985 and 1994 and 1996 to 1999, the Impala has had a place on Chevy's roster since 1958.


One car enters; one car leaves. Which of these luxury cars will leave to make room for its successor in 2020?

The production run of the Cadillac CTS reached its final destination in mid-2019 as the last model rolled off the line. The removal of the CTS from the Cadillac line makes room for the CT5 sports sedan, which the company hopes will find a bigger audience than the CTS was able to gather.


It was here, and then it was gone. And then it was here again! And now, as of 2020, it's gone again. Which of these vehicles follows this story?

One of the most recognizable cars in the 20th century, the VW Beetle went away for a while toward the end of that period, but then it was resurrected in 1997, reengineered and streamlined for the 21st century. That new chapter is coming to a close, however, as VW designs electric cars and other vehicles that fit the profitable SUV profile. Something tells us that we haven't seen the end of this lovable little car, though.


Pity the poor station wagon. Which of these wagons won't be carrying anything in 2020?

SUVs and trucks have put a hurting on the station wagon segment — so much so that Volkswagen is discontinuing the Golf SportsWagen, making it the first time since the mid-1960s that the automaker hasn't had a wagon in its lineup.


Which of these vehicles, which hasn't seen major updates since its introduction in 2012, won't be making it into 2020?

Although it had some minor face work done, the Toyota Prius C in 2019 wasn't that different from the C of 2012, when it was introduced. The smaller, less expensive version of the automaker's game-changing Prius, the C will be replaced in 2020 by the Corolla Hybrid, which is larger and more fuel-efficient.


Although another variant will still be made, which of these vehicles won't live to see the dawn of the 2020 model year?

While the company is keeping the 370Z Coupe for the 2020 model year, Nissan is retiring the Roadster version of the vehicle. The Roadster sold just over 3,400 in 2018 and hadn't seen a major update since its introduction in 2009.


After only six years, this car is on the chopping block for 2020. Can you name it?

Although the ATS got good reviews when it came out in the 2013 model year, sales really didn't keep pace with Cadillac's expectations. Designed to take on the BMW 3 and Mercedes C-Class series, the car wasn't what the public wanted. The ATS is going to be redesigned and rechristened as the CT4 for 2020.


It was the wrong size for the 2020 lineup, so Hyundai has decided to ax which of these vehicles?

The Hyundai Santa Fe came in two flavors: the five-seater Sport and the seven-passenger XL. With the mid-sized crossover Palisade SUV entering the lineup in 2019, it's time to say goodbye to the XL. The Sport will simply be known as the Santa Fe.


Its sister vehicles will see the 2020 model year, but which of these hybrid models is not going to be along for the ride?

The sales figures weren't stellar for the Nissan Rogue Hybrid, introduced in the 2017 model year. While its sister Rogue and Rogue Sport vehicles each have a spot on Nissan's 2020 roster, the automaker decided to cut the Hybrid from the team. Part of the problem was probably that the Hybrid got an average of only 5 mpg better fuel economy than the Rogue.


One chapter ends, and a new one begins. Which of these vehicles is being discontinued in 2020 but is rumored to be reimagined as a supercar?

The Vanquish took a spot on the Aston Martin line in 2001 and stayed until 2007 when it was retired in favor of the DBS V12. It returned in 2012 but has been again retired, this time for the DBS Superleggera. Is this the true end of the Vanquish? The company has dropped hints that its next mid-engined supercar might have a very familiar name.


Which of these cars and its electric stablemate won't be around when the 2020 model year starts?

The Fiat 500 was the car the company used to reenter the North American marketplace, but the little city car and its electric cousin, the 500e, won't be around when the time comes for the 2020 model year. This is also true for the convertible 500 and the Abarth, which was the high-performance entry in the lineup.


It is small, fuel-efficient and ... not going to be for sale in North America in 2020. Can you name this tiny vehicle?

It was a bold idea — a car built strictly for transportation, fuel efficiency and not much else. The Smart ForTwo, which was made by Mercedes (!) in a joint production with Swiss watchmaker Swatch (!!), was always a tricky fit in the U.S. marketplace. Mercedes is pulling the plug on the car (which went all-electric in 2017) for the American market in 2020.


Fans of a certain type of driving will be bummed to hear that this car will not make it to 2020. Which is it?

Having a manual transmission wasn't an option when Jaguar released the F-Type in 2012, but there seemed to be enough demand that the automaker included a manual option in the 2016 model year. Sadly, there wasn't, with only 4% of buyers going for that option. The F-Type will be all automatic for the 2020 year.


Which of these compact cars could its maker just not find room for on their 2020 slate?

While it will still see production for the Argentinian and Chinese markets, the Chevy Cruze has run its final mile in the North American and South Korean showrooms, without news of a replacement. This isn't a surprise to many, as the car-buying public is increasingly choosing SUVs over compact vehicles.


Since the automaker is shutting down the factory that makes it, which of these cars is also getting shut down?

Infiniti, which is the luxury division of Nissan, wanted to compete in Western Europe, but Toyota's Lexus brand was just too strong. The company decided to focus on other more profitable markets instead. Since the QX30 was made in Sunderland, England, that marked the end of that line.


Which car — once one of its maker's biggest names — will be put out to pasture for the 2020 model year?

The Taurus was once one of Ford's top sellers, but the company's decision to focus on trucks and SUVs put a lot of vehicles on the shelf, and the Taurus is one of them. The last of these flagship vehicles rolled off the assembly line on March 1, 2019.


While it won't be going away entirely, this vehicle won't see typical showroom floors in 2020. Which is it?

The Lincoln MKT — closely related to the Ford Flex — has been a big seller on the fleet sale market, but not so much on the consumer side of the business. Come 2020, the MKT, which seats seven and is popular as livery vehicles and funeral hearses, will be marketed directly to the fleet audience.


Which of these luxury vehicles got pulled from the 2020 lineup, along with two of its sister cars?

The BMW 640i Gran Turismo was a bit of an odd duck, not fitting into the sedan, hatchback or SUV market. As a result, it had trouble finding an audience. BMW is pulling this 6 Series Gran Turismo, along with the 3 Series Gran Turismo and the 6 Series Gran Coupe, out of its lineup for 2020.


While the nameplate will be pulled, which of these vehicles is getting a redesign and a new lease on life under a different designation in 2020?

After retiring the MKC moniker, the 2020 Lincoln Corsair will be the smallest SUV in the Ford brand's luxury lineup. The MKC debuted in the 2015 model year and got a bit of a facelift for 2019. For 2020, the company, wanting to get away from the "MK" naming convention, decided that the vehicle needed a refit and a new name.


Expensive to make, which of these hybrids will be discharged in 2020?

The Chevy Volt — not to be confused with the Chevy Bolt, which a lot of people have done over the years — hit the world stage in the 2011 model year, after being teased in 2007. It was expensive to make and never found enough of an audience to make it economical for the company, so the Volt is being unplugged in 2020.


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