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Most people have a love/hate relationship with Home Depot. The haters only visit when they need hardware. The lovers can do almost all of their shopping there. It's not just a hardware or home improvement store. It has almost everything one could need when shopping. You can even find clothes in the aisles. They're designed for safety over style, but they're clothes nonetheless. Home Depot sells a lot of stuff.

A wise man once said, "you don't know what you don't know," and no store better embodies that concept than Home Depot. You might not know how easy it is to build your own patio until you realize you can rent everything you need instead of buying all the tools. You might not know you can control your entire house from your phone until you check out some of the smart home products. You might not know you don't need to buy a house with exposed brick to get exposed brick in your living room. And you might not know coyote urine will keep pests away from your garden until you see a bottle of coyote urine on the shelf.

How well do you know Home Depot? Take a look at these items and see if you can name them all.

What are these pieces of lumber commonly called?

A 2x4 gets its name because it's two inches thick and four inches wide. When buying 2x4s at Home Depot, you can get them cut to almost any length you want. If you're building an intricate piece of furniture and need cuts measured down to the decimal point, you may want to make them yourself.


If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to illuminate your house, you might opt for these bulbs. What are they?

LED stands for light-emitting diode, and LED bulbs are a lot more eco-friendly than other lights like high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal-halide (MH) lights. They will pull a lot less wattage from your power source than other light bulbs.


You might get these wooden structures for no or low cost if you visit Home Depot at the right time. What are these called?

Although pallets look like cheaply thrown together planks of wood, they are rather expensive to make. Because of this, Home Depot has contracts to return most of their shipping pallets, but sometimes you can find the company giving away some leftover planks for free.


There are several ways to spruce up a kitchen. What kind of countertop is this?

You can find almost any type of countertop at Home Depot, and if you want to skip the fake stuff, you can opt for a heavy slab of marble like this one. Other popular countertop options are quartz and granite.


Can you name this saw, used to make intricate or fancy cuts?

There are at least three dozen types of saws on the market, and the jigsaw is more of a specialty saw. If you just need to cut something in half, a hacksaw will do the trick. If you need to cut puzzle pieces out of a board of wood, use a jigsaw.


It's a good idea to use a pair of these when working with power tools. What are they?

You don't want to wear headphones and listen to anything distracting while working with power tools, but you might need earmuffs. These earmuffs are made to cancel noise, not to keep ears warm, so they resemble noise-canceling headphones.


What is coyote urine used for?

Many animals use urine to mark their territory, and coyote urine is terrifying to pests and rodents like skunks, raccoons and squirrels. When farming in your yard, you'll need to implement defense techniques, and this is a great way to do so.


If you don't want to build one of these, you can buy one already made. What is this?

Some of the most expensive birdhouses in the world can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, but at Home Depot, you'll find a wide selection under $20. If you want to splurge, you'll also find three-story, 24-room birdhouses in stock.


Do you know this tool, used to clean up spills, leaks and standing water?

It's pretty dangerous to run a normal vacuum over a puddle of water. You might electrocute yourself, or you might destroy your vacuum. You should only use a wet vac when sucking up water. Most models can also be used for dry vacuuming.


You can't do any woodwork without having one these. What is this?

It's near insanity to build a piece of furniture from unfinished wood and forgo the sanding process. No matter how much lacquer or varnish you use, it won't work. Wood should be sanded before being finished for the most effective results.


If you want to mount your TV to your wall, you might have to use one of these first. What is this?

You can usually find wall studs just by knocking on your wall until you hear a solid sound versus a hollow sound. If you don't trust your senses, you can use this nifty product that will do the trick and find the center of the stud every time.


If you want to move your tomato garden indoors for the winter, you can use this item. What is it?

You'll need a bit more than just a grow tent to move outdoor plants indoors, but a grow tent will help greatly. It's much easier to control heat, humidity and lighting in a small tent versus a large room.


When your appliance and power outlet are in separate rooms, one of these might come in handy. What is it?

Your home's electrical outlets are strategically spaced throughout your house to prevent power surges. You can't suck 10,000 watts out of the wall in the same room without tripping the circuit, but you can use an extension cord and space out your power usage.


This device makes it easy to see who's at your door while you're anywhere in the world. What is it?

The Internet of Things and smart homes are the trend of the 21st century, and smart doorbells are taking off. Smart doorbells are doorbells with built-in security features like cameras and speakers that allow homeowners to access the device anywhere in the world.


After a hammer, this is one of the most popular tools in the world. What is it?

If you don't have a single tool in your home, you can always start with a drill. A screw and drill will always secure an item better than a hammer and nail, and power drills can be used with many attachments like wrenches and drill bits, not just screwdrivers.


If you want to mount something to drywall, you'll need to use these items first. What are they?

Not all walls have wall studs. If you can't mount into a wall stud, you need to first drill wall anchors into the wall. When you mount your item, you'll need to drill directly into the wall anchors. This ensures your mounted item is sturdy.


A thermometer is a good way to measure the temperature of a room. What tool is used to measure humidity levels?

Anybody with an indoor garden knows controlling relative humidity is just as important as controlling temperature. Dry environments stunt growth and damp environments cause mold and rot. You need a hygrometer to know how much water is in your air.


One of these might come in handy when you have extra guests over. What is this?

Home Depot sells air mattresses of all shapes and sizes. Some mattresses have built-in air pumps and others require an independent pump. Some can support just a few hundred pounds and some can support 1,000.


The pulp of this plant is often used in skincare. What plant is this?

Home Depot has a wide array of real and fake plants. What plants are in stock will depend on where you're located, but aloe vera is one of the most popular house plants across the country. It's affordable, easy to grow, and offers a natural source of aloe that can be used for many purposes.


This is the perfect tool to use when you need to seal a crack. What is it?

Some caulk tubes are designed so you don't need a caulking gun to get the caulk out. Other tubes require a caulk gun. If you're Hercules, you can probably squeeze the caulk out of the tube by hand, but it's not efficient.


If your greenhouse is overly humid, your plants might rot. What's the name of this device that might help the problem?

Dehumidifiers remove humidity from the air by cooling the air down or by absorbing moisture. It sounds complicated but it works. If you have a really dry green room, it might stunt your plants, so you'll need to add a humidifier instead, which does the opposite of a dehumidifier.


Bat guano is a good way to add phosphorus to your soil and plants. When you need to add nitrogen, you can use this. What is it?

Fertilizers are sold with "NPK" values listed on them. N stands for nitrogen, P stands for phosphorus and K stands for potassium. Nutrients like bat guano are high in phosphorus and are good for the late stages of the plant cycle. Castings are high in nitrogen and work great in a vegetative state.


If you want to control your lighting from your smartphone, you can purchase this system. what is it?

Smart lighting, like smart doorbells, are devices one can wirelessly control from a remote location. Smart lighting will give you full control over all aspects of your lighting. You can dim to whatever strength you want, and should never have to flip a light switch again.


There are many types of grills on the market. What's this one that requires coals and lighter fluid to get started?

There are many types of grills on the market like electric, propane and wood, but the charcoal grill is a classic. For grillers who want a more wood-smoked cooking experience, flavored wood chips can easily be added to any charcoal grill.


If you want to erect a mailbox, fence or light post on your yard, you might have to use this tool. What is it?

There are several shovels on the market and they all have different purposes. You can't dig a hole with a snow shovel and you can't shovel snow with a spade. A post hole digger is perfect for digging a hole for a post. The tool is two shovels that are connected by a joint.


What color paint is this?

Maya blue was a distinct bright blue made by the Ancient Mayans. It was created through such mysterious means it has rarely been replicated. Those who try to replicate it end up making a slightly different version, like this blue paint called Mayan Treasure.


If you plan to install trees or large bushes in your yard, you might have to rent one of these vehicles. What is this?

Home Depot rents out almost any piece of equipment you can think of. A new mini-excavator will cost about $30,000, so if you have a project you can bang out in a day, renting it for a couple-hundred bucks is well worth it. The store also offers delivery services.


This item may be a cool addition to any backyard. What is it?

You can always build your own fire pit, but if you're unsure of the safety specifics of fire, you should consider buying one. Fire pits are built with safety as a priority. If you follow instructions, you can be sure a fire pit purchased from Home Depot will work perfectly.


If you want to remove all the dirt, grime, mold and mud from your walkway, you'll need one of these. What is it?

Pressure washers are gas or electric. The gas-powered machines are usually more powerful. Both types are extremely powerful and are strong enough to sweep away any stubborn debris you want to remove.


Some popular hammers are the claw hammer, the ball-peen hammer and the stonemason's hammer. What kind of hammer is this?

Sledgehammers are large hammers designed to spread force over a wide area. If you've ever played the high-striker game at the carnival or smashed stuff in a wrecking room, you've probably used a sledgehammer.


Whether you want a real or fake one, you'll find a wide selection of these come holiday time. What is it?

You can't buy a Christmas tree without having a Christmas tree stand, and Home Depot has plenty of those too. There's nothing like the fresh smell of pine, but if you prefer fake Christmas trees, Home Depot also has those.


This is an essential gardening tool when measuring a soil's potential for hydrogen. What is it called?

A pH pen can measure the pH of water or soil, and pH literally stands for "potential hydrogen." A neutral pH is around 7. A pH of 1 is a very acidic solution, and a pH of 10 is a basic solution. Baking soda is basic. Lemon juice is acidic.


If your mattress is a bit too firm, you can use a memory foam one of these to soften things up. What is this?

These are ideal for college dorm rooms. It's unlikely you'll bring your own mattress to college, so this can easily be placed on top of your college mattress for a softer sleep. Mattress toppers come in all shapes and sizes.


If you forget to lock the door when you leave the house, you can lock it from anywhere in the world with this item. What is it?

With a smart lock on your door, you can lock your house from a remote device anywhere you are. You can also unlock it with a code instead of a key, which adds an extra layer of security because the lock can't be picked.


What kind of wrench is this?

Almost any object that leverages torque to turn an object is a wrench, so there are dozens of wrenches on the market. A pipe wrench is a heavy-duty adjustable wrench capable of gripping into pipes of all shapes and sizes.


One of these machines can help generate enough energy to get you through all your projects. What is it?

Whether you want a small stove-top espresso maker or an advanced commercial machine that can brew a dozen cups in a single touch, you'll find it at Home Depot. The prices will range from about $15 to $1,500.


If you don't want to hammer your nails, you can use one of these instead. What is it?

If you're hanging a painting on the wall, you can opt for a manual hammer and nail. A nail gun is one of the more dangerous tools and is usually reserved for large projects like building a house. These things pack a ton of power and can shoot 100 nails per minute.


Do you know this product that can be used to add fake texture to any surface?

Whether you want to give your living room an exposed-brick look or add bamboo walls to your kitchen, you can find a wallpaper that works. It offers an easy way to add texture to any wall. You can also get untextured wallpaper.


What kind of bathtub is this?

Whether you want an alcove tub or a whirlpool, you'll find plenty of options at Home Depot. The freestanding clawfoot tubs are on the more expensive side, but they aren't as expensive as a whirlpool. Alcove tubs are ideal to double as a shower.


Do you know this item that should always be used when working with power tools or chemicals?

The difference between safety glasses and goggles is that goggles enclose the entire area around your eye and glasses don't. Glasses leave unprotected space on the side of your eyes. It's best to use protective eye, ear, hand and feet gear when working with tools.


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