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Pokemon first got its start in 1996 with the release of the very first game, "Pokemon Red and Green." Since then, the games have expanded, they've been enhanced and even remade. From catching them to trading and even battling with friends and other trainers, fans just can't get enough of the friendly pocket monsters. The games have been enjoyed by people of all ages and around the world, meaning that you can even connect with trainers from anywhere!

While the Pokemon franchise is best known for the main games that follow a story, there is so much more to enjoy in the world of Pokemon. If a story-driven game isn't your thing, then you can enjoy Pokemon in a puzzle game or even on your mobile phone. Pokemon has come a long way since its original release on the Game Boy! Luckily, many titles that were made to be played on past handhelds and consoles are being added to new Virtual Consoles, meaning that even if you didn't get a chance to play in the '90s, you can still enjoy these titles!

So, do you consider yourself to be the very best at identifying Pokemon games? There's no Pokedex to help you here! Get ready to battle by taking this quiz to see how much you really know the games!

Just like your average tabletop game, this is all about scoring, but it's also decked out with Pokemon. Do you know what it's called?

In the Pokemon franchise, there were two pinball games released. It's similar in nature to a regular pinball game, but you can also catch and evolve Pokemon as well. There are just two tables to choose from, however.


It's all about the combat in this action-packed game where Pokemon face off in battle against each other. What game is it?

For fans of Pokemon who love the battling aspect of the game, this is the one for you! Rather than turn-based combat as in the main games, it is much more in the moment. The Switch version of the game includes every single Pokemon from the previous games.


Solving mysteries with a talking Pokemon in Ryme City is what this game is all about. What is it called?

Before there was a movie, there was a successful game as well! The Detective Pikachu in the game had a different voice actor than the one in the movie. The movie was based on this awesome game that found itself to be highly favored by critics.


Another Pokemon match game, this one cannot be manipulated in any way, but only with blocks beside one another. What is it?

Pokemon puzzle games are plentiful, but all have something enjoyable about them. Ditto is an important piece in this puzzle, as it can be used in ways that other Pokemon cannot. In fact, playing your Ditto right can make you win faster than before!


Also taking place in the Kanto region, this game revolves around a journey with a starter Pokemon that the player does not choose. What is it?

If you're a Pikachu lover, then this was the game that you probably picked up when you were a kid. Instead of choosing from Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, the player receives a Pikachu, much like Ash did in the anime.


With an entirely new story, the game starts off the same with the player in Alola, with the same characters. Which of the following is it?

Rather than being a sequel, the "Ultra" games take place in the same way but with a different story than the originals. There were new ultra beasts that were created for the games that the player encountered near the very end.


Allowing for the world of Pokemon to come alive and into reality for trainers to take in their pocket was this game that is known as what?

In 2016, the Pokemon franchise went somewhere it had never been before. Using the AR on cellphones, Pokemon had found their way into the real world where players could catch, trade and battle their Pokemon. There's no telling what technology could bring to the franchise in the future!


The last of the games where you wake up as a Pokemon, you start the game in a quaint place called Serene Village. Which of the following games is it?

Of the six games in the "Mystery Dungeon" series, this one is the last one. One good part about waking up as a Pokemon is that you can choose from a small pool of them which one you would like to be. There's more to the Pokemon world than just battling and catching them!


A remake of one of the first main line games, this version added a new main starter Pokemon. Which of the following is it?

These two games were the first mainline Pokemon games to make their way to the Nintendo Switch. With them came the release of a fun accessory called the PokeBall Plus, which allowed you to carry your Pokemon with you inside a Poke Ball in real life. One day, Pokemon might be pretty close to being real!


Dealing with Shadow Pokemon and a criminal organization, the player works to take down the people who are spreading evil. What game of the following is this?

Known to come after the end of "Pokemon Colosseum," this game took it to new heights. Like a few of the other spin-off games, this one has a main character that the character plays as with a name. In this case, the playable character is known as Michael.


Groudon and Kyogre are the stars of these games that have enemies Team Magma or Team Aqua go up against the player. Can you name them?

Introducing a third generation of Pokemon to the universe, these games gave the player a choice between three adorable Pokemon known as Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip. While the franchise is notorious for only having the player's mother as part of the story, these were also the only main games where the player could see their father, as he was a gym leader in Petalburg City.


A game first played offline and on a table, it was then made into an online game as well. What is it known as?

As a kid, you probably spent many hours collecting and playing with Pokemon cards. In 2011, you may have found yourself switching over to playing online in your web browser! It can be played on many different devices nowadays, however!


After leaving Pallet Town, the player will tackle each gym working their way up to the Elite Four with the goal of becoming a Champion. Can you name this game?

As the first installment to the mainline Pokemon games, this one was released in 1996. The games took place in the Kanto region with the original 151 pocket monsters that everyone knows and loves. Who could forget the amazing characters like Professor Oak and his grandson?


A relaxing area filled with your Pokemon and run by a girl named Hayley on the Wii system, can you name this game?

"My Pokemon Ranch" was a game for the Wii, but also made connections to "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl." Life on the Pokemon Ranch is quiet and calm, with no battles to be found. It's a great place to kick back and enjoy the company of your Pokemon!


Turning into a Pokemon isn't out of the ordinary in this game where you work to lift a curse. What is it called?

There's nothing more mysterious than getting yourself turned into a Pokemon like you do in "Mystery Dungeon!" As the first title in this series, it was released on the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance, later coming to the Virtual Console for the Wii.


In this game, learning to keep and care for your Pokemon is the main objective. What is it?

In "Hey You, Pikachu," you find yourself receiving your very own Pikachu that you take care of and play with as you would with any virtual pet. The only catch is that you have to release your Pikachu after a year has passed.


Many aspiring photographers got their first skills from this game, which puts Pokemon in the focus of the lens. What game is it?

Working closely alongside Professor Oak, the player who plays as Todd is tasked with taking the finest pictures of the Pokemon around the region. Despite there being the original 151 Pokemon at the time, only around half were featured within the game.


Fiore's Pokemon are pets, meaning that there are no trainers other than the player who completes tasks with certain Pokemon. Do you know which of the following it is?

A world with pet Pokemon is a world that many people wished that they lived in. In Fiore, you would have had to travel to another region to catch a Pokemon and bring it back to live and enjoy a great life with you!


Building from the premise of the original games, these take place after them and find the main characters living in Aspertia City in Unova. What is the name of the game?

If you completed the story in the previous games, then these just added much more to the Unova region. One thing that trainers were excited about upon release was the added Pokemon that weren't available in "Black and White." As they say, "You gotta catch 'em all!"


Pokemon and puzzles merge together in this game where you're given a grid and numbers. Can you name it?

As with most other Pokemon games, type advantages are also present in this game, despite it being about completing puzzles. It's a Pokemon spin-off that anyone with a 3DS can play as it's free to start.


Under the guide of Professor Juniper, the player finds themselves against N while working toward becoming the champion of the Unova region. Which game is it?

The Unova region is home to the player who starts out in their hometown with two friends and rival trainers by their side. One unique thing about these games is the addition of the Pokemon Musicals that added even more fun.


With a journey through the Kalos region, a new fairy type is added to the game. Do you know the name of the game?

The beautiful Kalos region saw the introduction of many new characters, such as the four rival characters to the player. Did you know that these games are based on France? You can really see the resemblance on a trip to Lumoise City!


Pikachu finds itself on a race to find the parts that protect a certain area, thanks to information from Mew. Can you name the game?

The PokePark is a great place, but it unfortunately found itself quite vulnerable in this game. Playing as Pikachu, the player works with the other Pokemon in the park and battles as Pikachu when needed. It takes a lot in order to save this beautiful park!


Mario Kart meets Pokemon in this unique racing game. Can you name it?

Though it's called "Pokemon Dash," the Pokemon that you mainly race is Pikachu. Released for the Nintendo DS, Pikachu was controlled by using the stylus on the bottom touch screen. It could take a lot to master the art of the game!


When competing in the gym challenge in the Galar region, it's done in front of big crowds while you work to defeat the reigning champion. Can you name the game?

In "Sword and Shield," many new things were introduced to keep the game fresh. One example is the expansive Wild Area meant for catching all types of Pokemon and finding items scattered about. Regional forms also make a comeback, meaning you can catch Alolan and Galarian variants to your heart's content!


In this Pokemon puzzle, matching is required to try and beat the game. What is it?

In order to solve these puzzles, a good eye is required. Matching three Pokemon in the puzzle is good, but matching more can also give you some great rewards. It can even raise the chance that you'll be able to catch the Pokemon at the end of each game!


The main purpose of this game is to battle, but there are a few mini-games to try your hand at as well. Do you know which one it is?

Any trainer who loves Pokemon battles would have enjoyed this game quite a bit. Being released for the Nintendo 64, it revolved around tackling each cup and working your way up to the Kanto gym leaders and champions. In fact, you could bring over Pokemon from the Red, Blue and Yellow games as well!


Battling multiple Pokemon at once, working your way through dungeons is a huge part of this game. Which of the following is it?

With tiny Pokemon, battling becomes so much cuter! Except when you have to take on many Pokemon at once, of course. Taking on the Pokemon can mean becoming stronger in order to work your way through the game, even earning yourself new Pokemon to help you.


Traveling to different colosseums, the player must tackle each one or use the internet to battle online. What game is it?

As the name suggests, battling is a main feature of this Pokemon game. What made the battling so much more enjoyable was the function to play online with other trainers, whether they were your friends or a stranger around the world.


A remake of the third generation of the main games, this game adds some cool features including flying with Latios and Latias. Which of the following is it?

These remakes not only got new visuals on the 3DS, but also got a few new features to enhance them as well. In fact, there was even more to do in the game, even after completing the main story. Saving the Hoenn region is the last task you'll be faced with!


Taking place in the Johto region, the player must deal with Team Rocket and, near the end of the game, an old rival known as Red. Which of the games is it?

Professor Elm serves as a guide to the player in these games, released for the Game Boy in 2000. Did you know that these games were the beginning of the famous time system within the main games as well as the rare shinies?


Starting out in Sinnoh, players face Team Galactic and search for a red Gyarados. Do you know what game it is?

The two legendary Pokemon in these installments were known as Palkia and Dialga. These were the first of the main "Pokemon" games to come out for the Nintendo DS, but not the only ones. The Nintendo DS saw the release of many games before these as well with the 3DS Virtual Console.


In a tropical region, the player takes on the island challenge with the help of their rival, Hau. Can you name the game?

The Alola region really switched up the main Pokemon games. Instead of a gym challenge, trainers take part in the island challenge which is similar in nature. The islands were created by inspiration from tropical Hawaii.


This game is focused on quests and combat where you play as a character named Wes. Do you know what game it is?

Taking on a similar style to both the main games and "Pokemon Stadium," the game follows a main character as they make their way through towns and battles. To catch Pokemon in this game, you have to snag them from other trainers, something that can't be done in other main games.


A free game where you have Pokemon on an island and work to clear it, can you name which of the following it is?

All you can be is square in this fun game where you take your Pokemon on an adventure to beat all of the wild Pokemon on the island. It was released on the Nintendo Switch as well as on mobile, so you can take the game wherever you go!


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