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If you're a huge "Game of Thrones" fan, you might not get Stark mixed up with Spark, but that doesn't mean you'll remember the first and last name of every character across Westeros and beyond. The names are so diverse, after all, that things can get a bit confusing when you start digging through some of the support characters who pop up here and there. That doesn't mean it won't be fun to give it your best shot, though.

Besides, one of the most significant aspects of "Game of Thrones" are the various characters encountered throughout the journey. Most of these characters have developed past and intriguing story arcs that will keep any viewer glued to the television for hours as they tear through episode after episode. You don't want to get too attached, of course, because that's when "Game of Thrones" breaks your heart by eliminating your favorite character in the most horrific way possible. 

Are you prepared to test your knowledge on all the names that have made "Game of Thrones" such an exciting show? From characters introduced in the first episode to characters that didn't appear until the final seasons, this quiz covers them all. 

When you're ready to give your mind a run for its money, get started on this quiz, and see if any of these name changes are enough to twist your brain into a knot.

Try to remember if it was Ty Law who drank a lot and knew things?

Tyrion Lannister was looked down on by his own family, who viewed his small stature as a weakness. Tyrion resented his father for this treatment, putting an arrow through his chest when he finally got the opportunity.


Are you familiar with the name Arya Stark?

Arya Stark never wanted to be like other girls, instead holding a deep desire to train as a warrior. Her father finally answered her request by getting her a teacher, but their lessons don't last long before events for the Starks took a turn for the worse.


Can you remember if it was Daenerys Targaryen who became the Mother of Dragons?

Daenerys Targaryen was sold by her brother to the leader of the Dothraki in exchange for their help in his return to Westeros. However, Daenerys ended up falling in love with the man she was sold to and eventually overcame her brother's hold of her.


The name of the Queen of the North is Sansa Stark, correct?

Sansa Stark began her story as a girl who wanted nothing more than to be the wife of a great king. Her story quickly turned south, however, after the death of her father at the hands of the man she wished to marry.


True or false: Few warriors were as tough as Judith of Tarth.

Brienne of Tarth was the only surviving heir of Lord Selwyn Tarth, who reigned over Evenfall Hall. However, she had no interest in marrying another lord and asserting her right to the castle. Instead, Brienne wanted to live the warrior's life.


Do you recall the name Petyr Baelish, once the Master of Coin?

No one could play a game of manipulation better than Petyr Baelish, who spent most of the series turning characters against one another. Baelish used this manipulation to start the War of the Five Kings, which he hoped he could use to obtain the Iron Throne for himself.


There's a sellsword named Bronn who works for gold. Is this true?

Bronn was first met in the series when he served as a champion in a trial by combat at the Eyrie for one of the Lannisters. Bronn won the fight and entered into the service of the Lannisters, who he served faithfully as long as they paid him in gold.


Is Guinevere the Red Woman who brings people back from the dead?

Melisandre preached constantly about the prince who was promised, believing it to be the lord she served before he was killed outside Winterfell. As she helped that lord obtain power, she committed wicked acts like burning his daughter alive as a sacrifice to their cause.


No one's as wicked as Ramsay Bolton, right?

Ramsay Bolton gained a reputation as a tyrant who would flay his enemies alive to keep a tight grip over those who followed him. His methods forced the North to succumb to his control, turning against the Starks for the first time in centuries.


Did you watch enough "Game of Thrones" to know if Jon Black was the character who joined the Night's Watch?

Jon Snow joined the Night's Watch, which he quickly realized was nothing more than a band of criminals sent to the wall to live out their sentences. Jon refused to turn from his vows, however, and became the Lord Commander of the Watch.


Real or fake: Dark Worm is the commander of the Unsullied.

As a child, Grey Worm was forced into slavery where he was trained to become a member of the Unsullied, one of the deadliest fighting forces in the world. He has no memory of his life before this, though he does know he was originally from Summer Islands.


Will you be able to determine if this name is real of fake?: Sandor Clegane

As a child, Sandor Clegane had half of his face burned by his older brother, the Mountain. This event scarred Clegane for life, as he developed a deep fear of fire that forced him to flee from King's Landing during a battle where the city nearly fell.


Do you know if Theon Greyjoy was the one who betrayed the Starks and captured Winterfell?

Few characters in "Game of Thrones" have as complicated a story arc as Theon Greyjoy, the ward of the lord of Winterfell. In the series, Theon goes from being a prideful warrior to a resentful traitor only to finally redeem himself by sacrificing his life for the family who raised him.


Does the name Joseph Baratheon, the second Baratheon to take the Iron Throne, ring a bell?

Spoiled and arrogant, Joffrey Baratheon used his rights as king to commit horrendous acts to those around him. Joffrey should never have been king, though, because his actual father wasn't the former Baratheon king.


Are you familiar with the Master of Whisperers, Lord Varys?

Lord Varys' primary objective was always to protect the realm at all cost. While most participants in the game sought the Iron Throne at the expense of the common people, Varys was the only one who operated in an effort to protect those powerless subjects.


Was Jacob Mormont the exiled lord from Westeros?

Jorah Mormont got the deadly disease known as greyscale after being attacked by Stone Men while passing through Old Valyria. The disease almost took his life before he found a cure and became the first person to be completely healed of the illness.


Was Stannis Baratheon the oldest of the Baratheon brothers?

Even when his brother sat on the Iron Throne, Stannis Baratheon always believed he — not his brother — should have been king since he was the elder of the Baratheon brothers. To his dying breath, Stannis never gave up on this belief, fighting until the very end to become king of Westeros.


Were you a big enough "Game of Thrones" fan to recall the name James Lannister?

Jamie Lannister allowed his arrogance and desire to prove himself as something more than a "king slayer" to control his life. However, he was humbled after his sword fighting hand was cut off, diminishing his skills substantially.


See if you can remember if Daario Naharis was a lieutenant in the Second Sons?

When the Mother of Dragons traveled to Westeros to gain the Iron Throne, she left Daario Naharis behind in Meereen to keep the peace. Despite his love for her, Daario obeyed her wishes and remained in Meereen.


Is Ygritte the redheaded wildling who tries to take Castle Black?

When the army of the Free Folk attacked the wall, Ygritte was part of a party who sneaked over the wall and launched an assault on Castle Black. They got into the castle, but Ygritte was killed during the ensuing fight.


How well do you know the name Gendry Baratheon?

Gendry Baratheon grew up in Flea Bottom, the slums of King's Landing, where he became an apprentice of a blacksmith. His stint as an apprentice paid off when it came time to battle the army of the Night King, as he was one of the primary weapon builders before the battle.


Alfred Stark travels to King's Landing where he's beheaded for standing against the new king. Is this true?

Eddard Stark, or Ned for short, was known as a man of honor, relying heavily on his vows to guide him in life. After the execution of his father and brother in King's Landing, Ned helped start a war that ended the reign of a tyrant and brought a new king to the Iron Throne.


True or false: Modor is the character who can only say his name.

A loyal stable worker for House Stark, Hodor accompanied Bran Stark north of the wall to meet the Three-Eyed Raven. When the Army of the Dead finds Bran, Hodor was responsible for holding the door that kept them back long enough for Bran to escape.


Will you be able to determine if this name is real or fake?: Euron Greyjoy

After assembling one of the deadliest navy fleets in the known world, Euron Greyjoy dominated the seas of Westeros, causing havoc anywhere he went. He even used his fleet to kill one of the dragons belonging to the Mother of Dragons, an act that was repaid in time.


Ubbe Martell is the Red Viper of Dorne, right?

After the death of his sister, Oberyn Martell was determined to get revenge for her death against the men who were involved in the act. However, he let his determination get the best of him in a fight with one of her murderers, the Mountain, resulting in his own death.


The Mountain was none other than Gregor Clegane, right?

Gregor Clegane was killed in a dual with a warrior from House Martell, but he was brought back through unnatural methods. After his resurrection, he appeared as a hideous beast with decaying skin who usually hid his face behind his helmet.


Can you remember if Davos Seaworth was the former smuggler turned knight?

Decent with a sword, Davos Seaworth was more known for his negotiation skills than for his ability to fight. One of his most important negotiations was with the Iron Bank of Bravos, who he talked into funding his lord's war against the Lannisters.


Does this name ring a bell?: Tormund Smallbane

Tormund Giantsbane was one of the fiercest warriors among the Free Folk north of the wall. To protect his people, he fought against the Night's Watch before eventually joining them to fight the Army of the Dead.


Can you recall if Margaret Tyrell is the one who tried to marry her way into royalty?

Margaery Tyrell fell victim to the High Sparrow after giving a false testimony in a trial against her brother. She was arrested for the testimony and imprisoned beneath the Sept of Baelor. She was only freed after repenting her sins and turning to the faith.


Do you know if Eric Dondarrion was the warrior brought back multiple times from the dead?

In an effort to stand up against the Lannisters, Beric Dondarrion became the leader of a guerrilla group known as the Brotherhood Without Banners. Their first focus was to drive the Lannisters out of the Riverlands, but they then turned to protecting those who couldn't protect themselves.


Was Khal Drago the leader of the Dothraki when the series began?

After giving into a request from his foreign wife, Khal Drago was challenged to a fight by one of his soldiers, who believed Drago had grown weak. Drago defeated him in battle, but he later died from his wound after it got infected.


Are you familiar with Samual Tarly who becomes the Maester of the Six Kingdoms?

From his earliest days in the Night's Watch, Samwell Tarly was clearly not cut out to be a sword wielding warrior, as he struggled to gain the respect of his peers. However, he was very much known for his wit, which was the main reason he was sent to train with the maesters at the Citadel.


Were you a supporter of Lana Mormont, the Lady of Bear Island?

As the other lords of the North argued over the wildlings and other disagreements following the battle with the Boltons, it was Lyanna Mormont who spoke up for House Stark. She remained a staunch supporter until she was killed during the battle against the Army of the Dead.


Do you recognize the name Eddison Tollett?

Better known as Ed, Eddison Tollett was a loyal member of the Night's Watch. After the execution of the men who betrayed the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Ed was named the new commander and eventually led his forces to defend Winterfell in the Battle of Winterfell.


Was it Cersei Lancaster who was determined to have her children sit on the Iron Throne?

Taught to be cunning by her father, Cersei Lannister knew well how to play the game required to win the Iron Throne. During her life, she saw two of her sons sit on the throne before finally taking the throne herself.


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