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As "Pretty Woman" celebrates its 30th anniversary, why don't we take a look back and pay tribute to some of the funniest and wittiest quotes to have ever been said in this '90s film? Let's take a look back at a movie which was centered around wealthy businessman Edward Lewis (played by Richard Gere) and Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward (played by Julia Roberts). Who could ever forget their crazy and unconventional love story? 

This movie, which people have labeled as a "modern-day Cinderella story," is filled with unexpected twists and turns, zany one-liners unlike anything heard in other '90s films. It is packed with laughable moments that will have you falling out of your seat.

How well do you remember this movie? Do you recall when Edward said, "You and I are such similar creatures, Vivian. We both screw people for money," or when Vivian said, "I want the fairy tale"? Well, if you do, you'll have no problem getting through this quiz, and if you don't, this will be the perfect refresher course.

Test your knowledge to see how well you remember some of the lines from one of the greatest movie love stories of all time. When you're done, challenge a friend to see who was really paying attention.

"Oh, honey, you know what's happened? I got a runner in my __________!"

Vivian says this as she puts her long leg up on the bench near the elevator. An older couple looks on, baffled by the type of woman they have just seen.


"I told you not to pick up the _________."

Edward says this to Vivian, who he left in his suite for the day. She replies, "Then stop calling me!"


Edward: "What's your name?" Vivian: "___________."

Edward is more serious, while Vivian is trying to play the role. He's not too into it. He just wants to know her actual name.


"People put you down enough, you start to ___________."

Vivian says this to him to explain why she got into prostitution and Edward replies, "I think you are a very bright, very special woman.


"I'd like you to spend the ________ with me."

Edward says this to Vivian after she spent the night with him. He appears to enjoy her company and wants it a little longer, while he is in town.


"Big ________. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now!"

Vivian returns to the store that refused her service because of her appearance. She wanted to show them the transformation she had made and how much shopping she was doing at other stores.


Edward: "I never treated you like a ________." Vivian: "You just did."

Edward asks Vivian to join him and he back and he would pay for everything but he wouldn't be in a relationship with her. She wanted more and felt like he was just expecting to have the same agreement they currently had.


Elizabeth Stuckey: "She's wonderful! Where ever did you find her?" Edward: "976-________."

Edward says this to Philip's wife at the polo match. She is portrayed by actress Amy Yasbeck.


"You and I are such similar creatures, Vivian. We both screw people for __________."

Edward says this to Vivian, showing just how similar they actually are despite their different roles and lifestyle choices.


"You make $100 an hour and you have a _________ holding your boot up?"

Edward points out how she's so poorly dressed despite how much she's charging per hour. He's taken aback by how much money she wants for the week.


"Be still like vegetables. Lay like ________."

Vivian suggests that she and Edward 'veg out.' He's not used to this cause he's always on the go with work but she encourages him to take a moment to rest.


"It corners like it's on _________."

Edward learns this lingo from Vivian and then repeats it to Philip. Philip looks confused and concerned about his car.


About the opera, Vivian says, "It was so good, I almost _______!"

The old woman looks at Vivian rather confused. Edward replies, "She said she liked it better than 'Pirates of Penzance'."


"You know, you could ______ me now, and break the ice."

Vivian is looking around Edward's penthouse suite after she returned with him. He is not her typical suitor but she's ready for business.


"Wake up! Time to _____."

Edward says this to Vivian as he heads off to work. He leaves cash for her to go shopping for something suitable to wear to dinner and other outings with him.


"I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna _________."

Edward replies that after he pays her $3,000 he will let her go.


"He mortgaged everything he owns, right down to his _________, to secure a loan from the bank."

They're discussing James Morse, a man whose company Edward is trying to buy. Morse refuses to budge and eventually Edward and Morse join forces.


"Just how obscene an amount of cash are we talking about here? Profane or really _______?"

Edward tells the manager of the store that he is about to spend a lot of money there, so he better treat Vivian accordingly. The manager asks him to clarify just how much he'll be spending.


"I say who, I say ____, I say...WHO!"

Vivian learned this phrase from Kit who taught her the way of the streets. Vivian recalls this advice during a heated exchange she has with Edward.


Edward: "So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?" Vivian: "She __________."

These are the last lines of the film, spoken by Edward and Vivian as they kiss and presumably commit to a real relationship. The voice of a Hollywood radio man is then heard as the credits start to roll, "Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream?"


Vivian: "You're late." Edward: "You're ________." Vivian: "You're forgiven."

Vivian is waiting for Edward in the lounge of the hotel. She is dressed in a black cocktail dress waiting to join him for a business meeting.


Barney says to Edward, "It must be difficult to let go of something so _________."

Barney Thompson is portrayed by actor Hector Elizondo. He has also become very fond of Vivian and realized Edward let Vivian go so he lets him know his driver knows where she lives.


"Did I mention, my leg is 44 inches from hip to toe. So basically we are talking about 88 inches of therapy, wrapped around you for the bargain price of $______.

Vivian and Edward are in the bathtub together. She is behind him with her legs wrapped around him while they talk about his emotional baggage.


"You can't charge me for ________!"

Edward left the party with Philip's car and pulled over to get directions at a busy street corner and he came upon Vivian, a prostitute who at least knew her way around and wasn't about to help for free.


"I think we both know she's not my ______."

Edward says this to Barney after Vivian had identified herself as such. Edward follows up by saying, "And the reason I know that is that I'm an only child."


"Seven '_____'s since we left the polo match. Can I have another word?"

Edward is concerned that something is bothering Vivian but she isn't telling him. She then retorts with a curse word, calling him out for telling Stuckey that was a prostitute and making her feel uncomfortable.


"It's just that very few people ________ me."

Vivian has completely surprised Edward in the bathroom. He suspected her of using drugs, but she was only trying to floss her teeth.


"I appreciate this whole _______ thing you've got going on here, but let me give you a tip: I'm a sure thing."

Edward orders champagne and strawberries to the room and tries to get acquainted with Vivian. She assures him she doesn't require that much effort.


"I got red, I got green, I got yellow... I'm out of ________, but I do have one Gold Circle coin left... "

Vivian displays the variety of condoms she has available for protection. Edward is impressed, though not in a rush for any activity.


"Well, color me _______! There's a sofa in here for two."

Vivian shouts this as she walks into the elevator where -- to her surprise -- she finds a sofa... Well, it's more of a padded bench.


"I would have stayed for _______ thousand."

After negotiating for $3,000, Vivian confesses she would have stayed for $2,000. Edward says he would have paid $4,000.


"I can do anything I want to baby, I ain't _______."

This is Vivian's reply to Edward when he says she can't charge him for directions. She charges him $5 but takes the $20 when he doesn't have exact change.


Edward: "What makes you think I'm a lawyer?" Vivian: You have that sharp, ________ look about you."

When they first meet hie's wearing a suit and staying at the high-class Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel.


"Maybe you guys could, like, um you know get a house together and, like, buy some diamonds and a ______. I don't know."

Kit says this to Vivian to encourage her to try and work it out with Edward. While she is happy for Vivian, she can't help but be jealous because she 'gave' Vivian the chance to work Edward when his car pulled up instead of helping him herself.


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