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They were our "Friends." The ones we watched starting and quitting jobs, moving in and out of apartments (Pivot!) and navigating relationships — good, bad and downright weird — in New York City. We only had them for 10 seasons, but what a decade it was! Ross and Rachel dated ... and then broke up ... and then dated ... and then broke up ... and then had a baby! Monica and Chandler finally figured out they were each other's lobsters, concluding the series with babies of their own. "Friends" resident lovable weirdo, Phoebe Buffay, got her own "happily ever after," and Joey, well, Joey got the self-titled spin-off.

With 236 episodes during its 10-year run and many years since to think back on our favorites, have you ever found yourself saying, "Hey, remember that one with ...?" Did you know that's how all "Friends" episodes were identified? There was "The One Where Joey Speaks French," "The One With the Home Study," even "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby." Two hundred thirty-six episodes that share a unique, but similar naming convention.

But, hey, what are "friends" for if we don't let you try to guess some of the episodes' titles? That's what you're here for, right? See if you can fill in the blanks on these "Friends" episode titles. "Your job's a joke, you're broke/Your love life's D.O.A.," to quote The Rembrandts, so what do you have to lose? Let's see what you've got!

Ross' "plus-one" at a New Year's Eve party in "The One With The ________" was Marcel. What's missing from the title?

Ross' exotic party guest was Marcel, a monkey, and the word missing from the title of this 1994 episode. Marcel was a capuchin monkey that appears regularly during the show's first season.


"The One With All The _______" pitted the girls against the guys in a winner-takes-all card game. What world completes the episode's title?

A friendly game of poker turns into an all-out competition between the ladies and the men, with Rachel, Monica and Phoebe losing spectacularly. The final game, though, left people wondering: Did Ross lose on purpose?


Monica makes a new friend in this episode, but it's someone who stole her identity. What word is missing here: "The One With The ______ Monica?"

We've heard of fake friends, but never becoming friends with someone who steals your identity! In this episode, Monica befriends "fake Monica," an identity thief with a charming personality.


Somebody in the group discovers they are the object of affection for another group member in the first season episode, "The One Where ________ Finds Out." Which name needs to be added?

Rachel finds out in this episode, while Ross is traveling to China, that he is in love with her. She rushes to meet him at the airport only to discover — uh-oh — Ross returning with a new (non-Rachel) girlfriend.


Joey and Chandler leave a baby in a very inopportune place in "The One With The Baby On The _______." What word fills the blank and tells us where the baby was left?

It wasn't just any baby; it was Ross' son, Ben, who got left on a public bus by babysitters Joey and Chandler. They eventually find the baby but must pick from two similar-looking children in a comical ending.


Prom season brings back out all of the emotions in "The One With The Prom ________." Which word completes the title?

The gang is watching a prom video from years gone by when Rachel catches sight of a sweet gesture by Ross. Touched by his actions, Rachel crosses the room and plants a kiss on him.


The friends fashion a way to check on Ugly Naked Guy in "The One With The Giant _________ Device." What word does this title need?

After Phoebe thinks she's killed off Ugly Naked Guy, the crew (led by Joey) construct a poking device so they can check on him from afar. To their great relief, they discover he is alive and well.


The word missing from this episode title, "The One Where Ross & Rachel Take A ______," was a significant one for the couple's relationship. Which of these is it?

"We were on a break!" is one of the hallmark phrases of Ross and Rachel's relationship on "Friends." In this episode, Rachel suggests a break in the couple's relationship, which provides plenty of fodder for later episodes.


This episode is most remembered for one cast member urinating on another. What word belongs in "The One With The ___________?"

After Monica gets stung by a jellyfish, Chandler jumps in as a friend and urinates on the sting to bring her relief. On a side note, don't try that at home; physicians claim urination is not the key to jellyfish sting relief.


Joey hands out punishment to Chandler in "The One With Chandler In A _______." What word is needed here?

It's a box! Joey puts Chandler in a box as punishment after discovering that he kissed Kathy. All of this goes down as the crew is gathering for the Thanksgiving holiday at Monica's.


The girls are wedding-obsessed in "The One With All The Wedding _________." Which wedding item is it?

After trying on Emily's wedding gown at the dress shop, Monica and Phoebe find themselves moving around the apartment doing household chores, each wearing wedding gowns. There's not much funnier than someone doing the dishes dressed for nuptials.


"The One With All The _____________" has the gang reminiscing about difficult special occasions in the past over turkey. Which word needs to be added?

Complaints from Ross about his "worst Thanksgiving ever" get the gang thinking back on their equally bad Thanksgivings. It's also the episode where Monica puts a turkey on her head and dances around.


Rachel takes up a new habit in "The One Where Rachel _______" to better fit in at work. Which word would you plug in here?

In an attempt to get closer to her boss, Rachel takes up smoking so she can join the others on their smoke break. The new habit eventually fails, but not before she finds out her boss and co-worker are planning a girls' trip together.


Phoebe has an unorthodox method of exercising in "The One Where Phoebe _______." Which word goes here?

Rachel attempts to jog with Phoebe until she discovers that Phoebe's "run like nobody's watching" style of jogging is attention-getting in all the wrong ways. Later, she tries it for herself and discovers how liberating it is.


"The One With The _______ Partners" finds Ross and Joey sharing a particular activity together. Do you know what it is?

After falling asleep together while watching television, the duo decides it's worth trying a second time since they enjoyed it the first time around. Unfortunately, the rest of the friends spy the two nap partners in their repeat nap attempt.


Someone has big news (a pregnancy!) on "The One After _________." What's missing here?

When a pregnancy test turns up after Monica and Chandler tie the knot, Phoebe covers for the real pregnant one — Rachel. Rachel thanks her friend for helping her keep the secret ... albeit temporarily.


Rachel has just had her baby in this episode, "The One Where No One __________." But things are about to get much weirder between her and Joey. What word is missing?

You'd never think a misunderstanding could lead to a proposal, but that's precisely what goes down in this episode. Rachel ends up engaged to Joey momentarily, but Phoebe thinks Ross is the one who popped the question.


Ross discovers his baby likes a Sir Mix-A-Lot tunes in "The One With Ross' _____________ Song." What kind of song is it?

Is Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" inappropriate to sing to a baby? We'll let you decide, but in this episode, Ross discovers that Emma giggles every time she hears it. So, he proceeds to sing it — a lot.


In "The One With Ross' __________," we see a different side (or color) of Ross. What word completes the title?

After admiring his sister, Monica's, spray tan, Ross opts to get one himself, with disastrous results. He finds that he's sprayed his front side twice, resulting in a darker-than-normal presentation.


Monica takes Joey with her to confront a critic in "The One With The _________ Class." What belongs in the blank?

As a chef, Monica takes offense to a particularly bad review of her cooking and seeks to change the critic's mind in a cooking class. The only problem is, Joey outperforms his friend during the class. Oops!


There's one thing Chandler hasn't been able to do since childhood. What word reveals it in "The One Where Chandler Can't ________?"

Joey, Phoebe and Monica discover that Chandler can't cry in this episode and make their own attempts to elicit emotion out of him. By the end of the show, however, Chandler can't stop crying.


"The One With Ross' _________" has the paleontologist glowing. What word do we need here?

Ross' attempts at whitening his teeth go overboard just before a date. He makes every effort not to display his teeth during his date, but is eventually found out when confronted with a black light.


Ross and Rachel wake up to discover they've gotten married in "The One After ________." Do you know what fills in the blank?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ... unless, of course, you're on "Friends." Ross and Rachel wake up after a drunken night spent together to discover that they've tied the knot.


Phoebe takes the law into her own hands in "The One With The ________." What is missing from the title?

All bets are off when Phoebe comes in possession of a police badge, using it as an opportunity to right wrongdoings ... such as chastising a woman for stubbing out a cigarette on a tree. You got to love Phoebe!


Phoebe tries to seduce Chandler in "The One Where ___________ Finds Out." What is the missing part of the title?

After Phoebe and Rachel discover that Monica and Chandler are seeing each other, they set up an elaborate ruse to make Chandler uncomfortable. Flirting and hilarity ensue until the word is finally out (except to Ross).


Joey's telethon appearance brings out Phoebe's hatred of this network in "The One Where Phoebe Hates _______." Which is it?

Who knew that Phoebe could carry a grudge for so long? Phoebe reveals she hates PBS in this episode because a letter she wrote to "Sesame Street" as a child never received a response.


Ross tries to impress his current girlfriend by participating in a team sport. Which one is it in "The One With All The _________?"

Ross has never played rugby and, let's be honest, he isn't really the athletic type, but that doesn't stop him from trying it in an effort to impress his girlfriend, Emily. It ends as you might expect — with Ross in pain.


Phoebe discovers she's pregnant in "The One With The ___________." What word is missing here?

After agreeing to become a surrogate for her half-brother and his wife, this is the episode where Phoebe officially takes a pregnancy test. The positive result is met with jubilation.


"The One Where They're Going To _________" has the guys realizing they're not as wild and crazy as they once were. Which of these words fills the blank?

When an old friend turns up and offers to take Joey and Chandler out to party, the guys are stoked. That is, until they realize they're not quite the party animals they once might have been.


Phoebe is convinced her mother's spirit inhabits a particular animal in "The One With The _________." Which one is it?

When a cat takes a liking to Phoebe in this episode, she starts to believe that the cat is more than it appears to be. In fact, Phoebe shares that she thinks her mother's spirit inhabits the furry feline.


Rachel convinces Ross' girlfriend to shave her head in "The One At The ________." Can you complete the episode title?

The crew is at the beach when Rachel, in a fit of jealousy, convinces Ross' girlfriend to shave her head. Ross is mad when he discovers Rachel is behind the new 'do, but lightens up when he discovers why.


Rachel's relationship with Central Perk takes an interesting turn in "The One Where Rachel ________." What word is needed here?

Rachel finally hangs up her apron in this episode after realizing how much she truly detests her job. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, though, since she spends some time worrying about finding a new gig.


Phoebe is distressed by the death of a childhood icon in "The One Where ________ Dies." Can you fill in the blank?

Phoebe had never seen the end of "Old Yeller" and is distressed to learn that the dog dies in the end. In fact, many of the movies she watched in her childhood, she discovers, did not have pleasant endings.


"The One With The ___________" finds Ross being challenged by Phoebe and Joey after the feeding of his son. What's missing here?

After both Phoebe and Joey try a taste of breast milk, Ross makes an attempt, but ultimately falls short. The subject comes up because Ross' ex, Carol, is breastfeeding their son in front of the gang.


"The One With The ___________" is also the one that finds Chandler stranded in a "model" situation. What word is needed?

"The One With The Blackout" has Chandler stranded in an ATM vestibule with supermodel Jill Goodacre while the rest of the gang waits out the power outage at Monica's apartment. In the end, she even kisses him!


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