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Think you can get an A+ on this "10 Things I Hate About You" quiz? We certainly hope you don't get overwhelmed, underwhelmed or just plain whelmed! Show us how well you know this '90s classic.

When Patrick serenades Kat, what song does he sing?

Patrick performs "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" with the help of the marching band.


"There's a difference between like and love. Because I like my Skechers, but I love my _______ backpack." Can you fill in the blank?

Bianca explains the difference between like and love to Chastity with the above example.


Which actress plays Kat?

Julia Stiles plays Kat and Larisa Oleynik plays Bianca.


Cameron tutors Bianca in which subject?

Cameron takes it upon himself to learn French so that he has a reason to talk to Bianca.


Where does the movie take place?

You see the Space Needle in the opening shot. The movie also features other iconic Seattle locations, including Gas Works Park, the Fremont Troll and the Paramount Theatre.


What's Kat and Bianca's last name?

Their last name is Stratford.


Who plays Cameron?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Cameron. He's the new kid at school and instantly falls for Bianca.


Chastity asks, "I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" How does Bianca respond?

Bianca thinks you can be whelmed in Europe.


What sport does Kat play?

She's on the field in her soccer uniform when Patrick asks her out and when he performs "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" with the marching band.


Where does Kat want to go to college?

While Kat wants to go to Sarah Lawrence, her dad wants her to go to the University of Washington. He wants her to be a Husky like he is.


"Old rule out. New rule: Bianca can date __________." How does this quote end?

Mr. Stratford says this while pointing at Kat. He knows that Kat's attitude toward dating makes it unlikely that she will date anyone and therefore Bianca won't be allowed to!


Who does Bianca want to date at the start of the movie?

Joey Donner is a senior. While Bianca likes him, Kat can't stand him.


Which actress plays the guidance counselor?

Allison Janney plays Ms. Perky. She's the school guidance counselor and is writing an erotic romance novel on the side.


During the opening credits, what color is "10 Things I Hate About You" written in?

It's written in green and displayed over the Seattle skyline.


Who accidentally hits someone with an arrow?

While she's shooting an arrow, Joey distracts Bianca. Whoops!


What piece of their mother's jewelry does Kat find Bianca wearing?

Kat is upset when she sees Bianca wearing their mother's pearl necklace.


What's the name of the school in the movie?

They go to Padua High School.


Letters to Cleo performs which song at the end of the movie?

Letters to Cleo performs "I Want You to Want Me" on top of the high school at the end of the movie.


Which of these rumors was NOT spread about Patrick?

Lots of rumors fly around the school about the mysterious Patrick, but he isn't rumored to have pawned his grandma's wedding ring.


Since she overhears Ms. Perky writing an erotic romance novel, what word does Kat use to describe Reginald's member as she leaves?

When Kat leaves, she says, "I'll let you get back to Reginald's quivering member." As Ms. Perky returns to her book, she says, "Quivering member. I like that."


Though he mangles the name, what teen show does Mr. Stratford reference?

When Bianca tries to convince him to let her go out and be a normal teenager, Mr. Stratford says, "What's normal? Those d*** 'Dawson's River' kids sleeping in each other's beds and whatnot?"


What's the name of Kat's English teacher?

Mr. Morgan is her English teacher.


When Kat tells Patrick that he can't buy her a guitar every time he screws up, he says, "Yeah, I know. But then, you know, there's always drums, and bass, and maybe even one day a ________." How does this quote end?

Patrick uses the money he was paid to date Kat to buy her a guitar.


What does Kat do to get Patrick out of detention?

Kat resorts to EXTREME measures to distract the teacher in detention.


Who is Kat's best friend?

Mandella is Kat's best friend. She loves William Shakespeare.


What color underwear does Bianca find in Kat's room?

Bianca tells Cameron, "You don't buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it."


“The last party I went to was at __________. You want to talk about some fun? That’s a good time!” Can you fill in the blank?

Michael says this line while he and Cameron get ready for the party.


How many times does Bianca punch Joey at prom?

Bianca punches him twice and knees him once while saying, "That's for making my date bleed, that's for my sister and that's for me."


What's the first line in Kat's poem?

"I hate the way you talk to me and the way you cut your hair" is the first line.


What color is the guitar that Patrick buys Kat?

Kat's guitar is white.


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