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I feared in my heart that history would not be rewritten, that no matter how many battles we would win, victory would remain out of reach. - Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser 

Throughout four exciting and wild seasons, Outlander Claire Fraser, along with her husband, Jamie Fraser, their family, friends, and confidants, must ​raise rebellions, survive battles, and navigate the tricky, challenging world of a time she is not from. A traveler from the future, Claire is forced to keep secrets of what is to come, while aiding a rising rebellion she can only hope will succeed this time around. 

A war nurse accustomed to modern medicine, Claire walks a fine line between miracle worker and dangerous witch, at least according to those around her. Claire may be little more than a skilled botanist and inventor, but magic in this world is very, very real, and some wish to use it for dangerous, terrible reasons. Even men without magic have the power to harm that will ring out in the history books Claire's first husband was so fond of, and Claire, Jamie, and their forged-family must find a way to protect the people, countries and ideologies they care about most. 

Love may be enough to weather the distance between centuries, but is it enough to keep them alive? Put your Outlander knowledge to the test today! 

During World War II, what role does Claire play in the war efforts?

Claire's experiences and knowledge as a nurse on the front lines during World War II make her particularly capable of managing the challenging, dangerous world of the past and send her on the path to becoming a doctor.


In the first episode of season one, what new hobby has captured Claire's attention?

Claire's interest in botany is little more than a hobby when the series starts out, but when she is thrown back into time, it becomes a saving grace — literally. Claire uses her knowledge of medicine and herbs to help many people in the past.


Who first rescues Claire from Blackjack Randall?

When Claire first falls back in time, she finds herself surrounded by English soldiers, one of whom is Black Jack Randall, a sadistic and dangerous ancestor of her first husband, Frank. Although a stranger at the time, is she whisked away by Murtagh and saved.


Clan Mackenzie lives in a castle by what name?

Castle Leoch is one of the first places that Claire has visited in both the 1940s and 1740s. She is taken there not long after falling through the stones, and it is at Castle Leoch where she starts to get to known Jamie, her future husband.


The word Sassenach translates to "English" or _________.

The word Sassenach is largely derogatory and meant to comment on a person being an outsider. When Jamie Fraser uses it with Claire, however, it is a familiar term of endearment — and also the title of the series!


What is Jamie's full name?

Jamie's full name is a testament to his families and clans. During times when he needs to hide his identity, Jamie ends up going by other names so he can avoid detection from the authorities.


When Claire first arrives in 1743, what name does she go by?

When she first arrives in 1743, Claire has a run-in with Blackjack Randall. She knows she cannot use her married name, as it will draw his attention. She introduces herself by her maiden name, which leads to another form of suspicion thanks to her pronunciation.


Geillis Duncan accused of being a _________.

Geillis is another time traveler, but she is willing to use human sacrifices, and she does some very dark things in both timelines. Along with Claire, she is accused of being a witch.


When Claire and Jamie are living in Paris, where does Claire work?

While Jamie and Claire are working to help the rebellion, Claire also helps as a healer at the L'Hôpital des Anges. She impresses the nuns when she is willing to touch blood and urine and ultimately befriends Mother Hildegard.


Before Jamie hires Fergus, he changes his name from what French name?

When Jamie and Claire are living in Paris, Jamie hires Fergus on to be a pickpocket and runner for him. He says the boy needs a real name, so he gives him the Scottish name Fergus, which is a foundational step toward bringing him into their family for good.


Why does Claire beg Jamie not to duel Blackjack Randall?

There are many reasons why Jamie should stay away from Blackjack Randall, but until a later reveal, Claire is worried that killing him too early will change history and cause her future husband, Frank, to never be born. Jamie and Blackjack ultimately duel, and it leads to a lot more trouble.


Claire initially has no plans to leave the 1700s, but she ultimately returns to the future during the Battle of Culloden because ___________.

Claire has every intention of dying at the Battle of Culloden with Jamie and the men she has come to love as her own countrymen, but she finds out she is pregnant not long before the battle, and Jamie is able to convince her to return to her time because of it.


When Claire first returns to the modern day, what is the first question she asks a helpful traveler?

After a short internal monologue, a traveler stops to help Claire. The very first question she asks him is, "What year is it?" He replies that it's 1948. Then she asks him about Culloden.


How does Jamie survive the Battle of Culloden?

Jamie saved a young John Grey's life long before they became friends at Ardsmuir Prison. John's brother, Commander Grey, is leading the soldiers who are killing any battle survivors. Recognizing that Jamie saved his brother's life, Commander Grey gets him to safety to even the debt.


Craigh Na Dun is the name of what important location in the Outlander series?

Craigh Na Dun is the stone circle where Claire first goes back in time and later returns. She is not the only time traveler to go through those stones, and it is not the only location through which to travel.


In order to go through the stones, what does a traveler need?

It takes Claire a long time to realize that gemstones are required to travel through time. When she first goes through the stones, she notices a gem on her ring is missing, but the connection doesn't come until later.


During times of trouble or distress, Claire uses which of the following trademark statements?

As a member of the war effort during World War II, Claire finds solace in both profanity and the name of U.S. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The statement sounded like nonsense to people in the past.


Jamie befriends a character we have already met while at Ardsmuir Prison. Who is he?

While their initial relationship gets off to a rocky start, Jamie and John Grey become very important friends and confidants to each other. Jamie ultimately entrusts the care of his son to John.


While Claire is back in the future, who does Jamie marry?

Jamie believes Claire is never coming back and, largely to please his concerned family, takes up with Laoghaire. When Claire does return, she nullifies the validity of the marriage, but Laoghaire's demands set the next season's events into motion.


Who is Jamie's son?

Jamie's son William is the result of a liaison with Geneva Dunsany that no one can ever learn about. Jamie is able to stay close to the boy's side early as a stable master, but eventually John Grey comes to father the boy, after his mother and legal father's deaths.


In Paris, what type of work does Master Raymond do?

Master Raymond becomes a friend of Claire's after she storms into his shop and demands to know who bought bitter cascara from him. He helps to protect her by creating a mythical reputation for her as La Dame Blanche


Master Raymond gives Claire a white crystal which is said to ____________.

While living in Paris, Claire and Jamie are working to help the rebellion, but it often means playing both sides and holding up appearances. Claire wears the crystal at a dinner with Comte St. Germaine to elicit a reaction.


Claire never had any plans to return to Jamie's time, until the late 1960s. What prompted her decision?

After Frank passes away in the 1960s, Roger Wakefield finds definitive proof that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden in a pamphlet printed in 1765 that quotes a poem by Robert Burns, who would have only been 6 years old at the time. It takes a while, but Claire decides to journey back.


"Je suis prest" translates into _____________.

Je suis prest is the family motto for Clan Fraser of Lovat, Jamie's family on his father's side. The motto rings true with Jamie who always finds himself on another mission or adventure.


When Claire returns to Jamie from 1968 to 1766, she finds he now works _________.

Claire is able to find Jamie again thanks to records of his old articles and pamphlets. Not only is he printing regular newspapers, but he also has secret seditious papers in his shop.


Jamie's nephew Ian is kidnapped while performing what task?

Jamie needs funds to secure his freedom from Laoghaire after Claire's return, and he sends Ian out to the seals' island to retrieve them. Ian finds them but is kidnapped from the island, prompting Claire and Jamie to follow him to the Caribbean.


When a desperate ship captain begs for a surgeon, Claire agrees to help and finds the ship has a virulent pandemic of ____________.

Claire agrees to go aboard and help, but the captain is so desperate to save his men, he kidnaps Claire and sails away. Since she has been inoculated, Claire is safe from the disease, but the loss of human life is overwhelming, and she is being kept prisoner.


Who is Roger not related to (either by adoption or blood)?

Roger is first introduced a young child when Claire and Frank visit Scotland. He is the reverend's adopted son, taken in after his parents were killed in the war. We later learn he is the result of a union between Geillis and Dougal.


Brianna and Frank, her adopted father, share what interest?

Brianna has a strong relationship with her father, Frank, and is hurt and angry when she finds out he is not her biological father. Frank raised her as his own, and they shared many interests, most importantly — history.


Jamie reunites with Murtagh in America when he finds Murtagh working as a ______________.

Jamie and Murtagh have been apart for years when Jamie's nephew Ian is overcharged by the local smith. Jamie goes to confront the smith, only to find his oldest friend. Murtagh, is also one of the resistance leaders in the town.


After whom is Brianna named?

Convinced she was never going to see Jamie again, Claire names their daughter — Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie — after both of his parents, Brianna for Brian, Jamie father, and Ellen for Jamie's mother.


Brianna was initially going to remain in the present while Claire traveled back in time. What prompted her to follow through the stones?

Brianna is conflicted and angry when she learns the truth about her parents but ultimately is willing to give Claire her blessing to return to Jamie and the past. Brianna has no plans to return to the past until she finds a newspaper article about their death and goes back to save them.


Which famous historical figure do Claire and Jamie meet at the theater in season four?

Claire and Jamie have a pleasant meeting with Martha and George Washington, but Claire is slightly awestruck and accidentally alludes to the famous cherry trees, a rare time-traveler slip-up.


After Claire kills Geillis, where are Claire and Jamie shipwrecked ?

Claire and Jamie are never quite out of the woods — or the eye of the storm. A terrible tempest at sea wrecks their ship and they nearly drown, but instead wash up on the shoes of Georgia, where their American expeditions begin.


In what state do Claire and Jamie set up Fraser's Ridge?

Although it would be challenging to find the exact location, Fraser's Ridge is located somewhere in North Carolina, keeping with history, where many Scottish settlers landed.


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