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Christmas really is the "most wonderful time of the year," and Hallmark movies know how to make our spirits burn bright. With more than 135 holiday films in their lineup, it's almost possible to watch them every day from Halloween until New Year's Day. In this quiz, we're going to assume you've seen enough of them to spot the ones we made up. 

Hallmark movies come in all shapes and sizes! From films about holiday romance to movies about the love of animals and Christmas lights, there's a Countdown to Christmas movie that will fill even the most Grinch-y of souls with the holiday spirit. As you go through our titles, you'll be asked to decide if they are real or if we made them up. Hallmark is known for its zany film names, and you'll have to be clever to figure out which ones you can actually watch. 

If titles like "A Holly Jolly Holiday Ordeal" don't sound real to you, but you're unsure, take your best guess. By now, the holiday spirit is coursing through your veins, and it will help you make the right call. Out of 35 titles, roughly half will be fakes. Do you think you'll be able to spot them? Or will you have a few movie marathons to plan this year?

Do you think "A Christmas Detour" is real or made up?

"A Christmas Detour" is real! Released in 2015, it tells the tale of two strangers who meet by accident and end up sharing more than the holidays. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, it's sure to spark your inner holiday spirit.


"A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas" sounds dreamy. It is a Hallmark movie, though?

"A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas" is one of Hallmark's 2019 releases. When her sister needs her help planning her wedding, Willow returns home to Virginia. She didn't expect to find love, but she did!


Do you think "Rudolph's Kisses" is a real or made up Hallmark movie?

We cannot be certain, but there may be a Christmas movie named "Rudolph's Kisses" at the North Pole. Hallmark has not made a movie of the same name, though. In fact, we couldn't find any Hallmark movies that involve Santa's reindeer.


Would you believe that Hallmark made a Christmas movie titled "Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe"?

You should believe it! In 2018, Hallmark added "Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe" to their lineup of holiday favorites. You'll have to watch it to find out if Lacey Chabert's Darcy Fitzwilliam finds love with Brendan Penny's Luke Bennett.


Would Elvis be able to watch the Hallmark movie titled "Christmas at Graceland," or did we make it up?

If Elvis were still living at Graceland, he would have loved Hallmark's "Christmas at Graceland." Starring Kellie Pickler as a working mom who reunites with a college flame, it proves that love can happen when you're not looking for it.


Does "A Meow-y Christmas" ring a bell?

Hallmark has never made a movie titled "A Meow-y Christmas," but cat owners everywhere would love it if they did. To get your Hallmark animal fix, you'll have to watch "A Dog Named Christmas."


Do you think that "The Mistletoe Inn" is a real Hallmark flick or a figment of our imagination?

Hallmark movies prove that love can strike at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected places. In "The Mistletoe Inn," a writer finds more than she imagined when she signed up for a workshop. Hallmark released the movie in 2017.


Would you say that "Switched for Christmas" is a real or made up title?

Reminiscent of life swapping movies like "Big" and "The Parent Trap," Hallmark's "Switched at Christmas" is real. Hallmark's favorite actress, Candace Cameron Bure, plays her own twin!


Can you figure out if "Holiday Engagement" is a real or made up Hallmark movie?

We're not suggesting that you follow the lead of the characters in "Holiday Engagement." But if you do hire someone to pretend to be your fiance this year, you'll learn a few things from this Hallmark movie.


Can you tune into Hallmark and watch "A Shoe Addict's Christmas"?

We didn't make this one up! "A Shoe Addict's Christmas" is a modern take on "A Christmas Carol." When retail clerk Noelle becomes trapped at work overnight, several Christmas ghosts teach her how to love the holidays.


Do you think you can actually watch a Hallmark movie named "Christmas Land"?

Starring Nikki DeLoach and Luke Macfarlane, "Christmas Land" portrays the moment sparks fly between an unlikely couple. You might even want to invest in your own Christmas tree farm after you watch it.


Are we guilty of making up a Hallmark movie named "Christmas in Evergreen," or not?

"Christmas in Evergreen" is one Hallmark movie that will bring out your romantic side! When a woman wants the love-filled holiday of her dreams, she wishes on a snowglobe. Things go well, but she gets something quite different than she imagined.


Do you think "Miss Christmas" is a real Hallmark film or something we made up?

Searching for the perfect Christmas tree can be a harrowing ordeal. It's an extra adventure in Hallmark's "Miss Christmas." Will the quest turn to love, or will a little boy be left without the tree of his dreams? You'll have to tune in to find out!


Yes or no? Can you really watch a Hallmark movie named "Journey Back to Christmas"?

Yes! "Journey Back to Christmas" is a time-traveling journey that sees a WWII nurse transported to the future. She travels to the year 2016 to reconnect with the real meaning of Christmas.


Will you be able to find "Love You Like Christmas" on Hallmark's list of movies?

If your holiday visions involve a town where Christmas is celebrated year round, Hallmark's "Love You Like Christmas" has you covered. It's enough to make your heart grow three sizes!


True or False? "Snow Bride" is a Hallmark film about a tabloid reporter.

Starring Katrina Law as a self-absorbed reporter, "Snow Bride" shows how the holiday spirit can better anyone. Accidentally invited to a party hosted by the subject of her gossip, she begins to question her life's motivations. It's a must-watch!


During Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas, can you watch a movie called "Welcome to Christmas"?

This one's real and about a town called Christmas. When a resort developer is sent to scout out the Colorado town, she falls in love with the community's charm. And naturally, there's a dashing town sheriff. Perhaps she'll fall in love with more than just the town!


Is it true or false that Hallmark airs a movie named "A Groom's Christmas"?

You won't find any Hallmark movies named "A Groom's Christmas" on the channel. The Countdown to Christmas marathon will be full of films like "A Bride for Christmas" and "Snow Bride," though.


Is it true or false that there's a Hallmark movie named "Born on Christmas"?

While there are plenty of Hallmark films that involve Christmas miracles, there's not a film named "Born on Christmas." Don't worry, though — the Hallmark Channel, Lifetime and Netflix are all airing Christmas films. You'll have no trouble finding one that you enjoy.


Is "Once Upon a Snowstorm" a real Hallmark holiday romance?

Hallmark has never made a film named "Once Upon A Snowstorm." They have made one called "Once Upon a Holiday," though. Filmed in 2015, it tells a royal tale of unexpected love in the big city.


Are you going to be able to watch "Christmas Whispers" this year?

You're not going to be able to watch a Hallmark movie named "Christmas Whispers" this year because we made it up. There are 136 Christmas films in Hallmark's library. You'll be able to find one you like!


Can you find "A Royal Winter" on Hallmark's lineup?

Let your mind travel to Europe this season when you watch Hallmark's 2017 movie, "A Royal Winter." A young woman looks for a holiday escape by spending the holidays traveling, but she finds a brand new life. It's a must-watch!


Do you think "A Christmastime Adventure" is real or made up?

There is an old movie named "A Christmas Adventure," but it's not a Hallmark film. Hallmark hasn't made a film titled "A Christmastime Adventure," either. Maybe we'll pitch it to them before they start filming for next year's countdown.


Would you be able to set the DVR to record Hallmark's "Christmas Aloha"?

You can't record "Christmas Aloha." We made it up; but you can watch a Hallmark film that was set in Hawaii. "A Summer to Remember" isn't a Christmas movie, but Catherine Bell and Cameron Mathison will make you believe in love again.


Did Hallmark make a movie named "A Christmas Forest"?

Hallmark has not yet made a film named "A Christmas Forest." Over 35 movies are set to air this year, so there's a good chance that you will find one that centers around picking out the best Christmas tree. We recommend "Miss Christmas."


"Alpine Holiday" is one of Hallmark's most loved Christmas movies. True or false?

It's false! Hallmark has not produced a film named "Alpine Holiday." If you're really hankering for a Hallmark movie about skiing, we recommend that you check out "Winter Dream" starring Kristy Swanson.


What about "A Holly Jolly Holiday"? Is it real or made up?

Most Hallmark Christmas films carry an element of holly and jolly, but they've never made a movie named "A Holly Jolly Holiday." There are more than 130 titles that can warm up your holiday spirit, though.


Did we make up a filmed named "Once Upon a Snowflake"?

With a catalog of films that date all the way back to the early 2000s. Hallmark has created dozens of classic films. You can watch a movie named "Once Upon a Holiday," but there's no film called "Once Upon a Snowflake."


How about "A Country Wedding at Christmastime"? Is it real or made up?

This one's fake, but if you like cowboys, country music and romance, Hallmark has a movie for you! When a country crooner is reunited with his high school flame, old feelings are rekindled in "A Country Wedding."


Can you watch a movie named "Santa's Magic" on this year's Countdown to Christmas?

Hallmark hasn't yet made a movie named "Santa's Magic," but all of their films will turn you into one of the season's biggest fans. Hallmark Christmas movies start showing in October. You have plenty of time to take in as many as your heart can handle.


Did we make up a Hallmark movie and call it "A Dog Named Christmas"?

We are innocent this time! "A Dog Named Christmas" is one of Hallmark's most-loved Christmas movies. If you haven't seen it, you'll feel warm and fuzzy when you see the relationship between a young boy and his Labrador retriever.


How about "Battle of the Bulbs"? Is it real, or did we make it up?

"Battle of the Bulbs" is a Hallmark movie that many neighbors can find relatable. Featuring a Christmas lighting rivalry that would make Clark Griswold proud, you're sure to get a giggle out of one of Hallmark's most hilarious films.


Did Hallmark produce a film named "Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe" in 2015?

"Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe" is not a real Hallmark film. You can, however, pull up a Hallmark movie named "Moonlight and Mistletoe" and watch as a woman returns home to her roots.


Can you find "My Christmas Wish" on the Hallmark Channel?

While you will not find "My Christmas Wish" on the Hallmark Channel because we made it up, you can find a movie named "A Christmas Wish." It has been a Hallmark favorite since 2011.


How about "A Cookie Cutter Christmas"? Is it a Hallmark movie or not?

Hallmark's "A Cookie Cutter Christmas" is real. You'll love watching as two teachers compete for the love of a single father and the school's cookie championship.


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