25 of the Most Outrageous Traffic Laws by State

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Rapeepong Puttakumwong / Moment / Getty Images

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Have you ever seen a strange sign hanging in a store window that made you wonder what happened to cause a need for the sign in the first place? Signs like, "No alpacas allowed on the tables after 3 p.m.?" Well, some state driving laws are the very same thing! Some state driving laws are so outlandish that you'll have to read about them to believe them. 

One of the U.S. states forbids those over the age of 88 from driving a motorcycle, and another has outlawed the ice cream man. While some of these laws have been on the books since books were created and driving was a new concept, others are based on some sort of rational thought. Across the country, there are enough strange laws to fill up the state of Texas, but we'll stick to the rules of the road for now. You'll want to know them before decide to change your clothes in your car in Delaware! 

Many of the rules should seem like common sense, but some of them make no sense at all! Before you get in trouble for sticking your head out the sunroof or getting a hug while driving, make sure you know what kind of state you're dealing with. We think you'll agree that they are thought-provoking rules. Or will you? 

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